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Role Play Notes | May 13th, 2019

The pack had remained within the confines of the north for sometime and finally the pack started off further north, to follow the instructions given by Calder to head to the Mykeer where it was told their missing Alphess was.  A new male wolf had come upon the pack by the name of Kyseran. Nightshade had also managed to catch up with the pack and now joins them in their temporary move.




    @ApacheWolf @Atraya @Ayaka @Kajika @Kova @skydancer @Shukie
    %Fianna %Kwa`ani 
    Calder Okkezzon


    RP Log Begins

    9:48 PM 5/13/2019

    * Ayaka uncurled from where she’d been laying near the southern tip of a large amd beautiful pool of water. The pack was currently high up the mountain now, for they had made their way up several slopes, past valleys and plateaus, to here, whereaver here was. She had kept a vigilant watch, sleeping little, and only patroling nearby, around the pool and large boulders. Now, her silver hues swept the landscape as she tried to see
    * Ayaka who all was nearby, counting the pack. Her paws shifted, the snows cold, though her fur insulated her from the worst of it. Her white pelt blended in well enough, and her ears swiveled occasionally to catch each sound they could.
    * Kova would be resting just to the east of the pack’s little gathering place as her head remained upon her paws. She let loose an elongated huff and sigh as she would look upon a small butterfly fluttering about in the given wind. Though the vally below them and the surrounding area was teeming with life, green grasses and wild flowers, there was still some snow that clung to this northern area. »»
    <Kova> »» Spring hadn’t had a chance to touch this portion of the landscape yet. She hung her head about before she pressed her paws into the earth and rose quickly – shaking out her body.
    * Fianna was at the northernmost tip of the pool, her honey amber hues lifted to the mountain ahead. Behind her, her russet fur with browns and creamy underbelly was reflected on the pool’s unrippling surface. She wasn’t aware for the moment, of any other stirring though her nose told her they were there. She sat still and silent, as if, if she were quiet enough, she might find or hear some clue of her mother’s whereabouts.
    * Kova as she stirred from her half slumber she would shake her pelt out once more to remove what fatigue clung there before offering forth a gentle chuff to those who where awake. They hadn’t moved yet, but, she recalled the detailed ‘meeting place’ Calder had setup for Fianna and wondered if that would come to fruition. They needed to keep moving regardless.
    * Okkezzon Was quite intrigued by the sudden scents that appeared from nowhere. For a moment he was lounging on his side, a carcass, that was recent, a few meters away. Its mangled corpse spiraled over thick tree roots. A few licks to his nose was all it took to scent them out. A pack made mostly of females, which to him wasn’t uncommon or common at all. He was a rogue after all. A dangerous nobody that had a sudden interest
    <Atraya> ** As Okkezzon would find the world around him was cold in the north and as well, depending on his current path, he might find that even up in this seemingly unforgiving yet beautiful piece of landscape there where tracks that would lead even further north. Upon investigation, it would seem as though a small group of wolves where moving through. **
    * Ayaka quietly rose to all fours, tail hanging by her back legs. The season had mostly passed, though perhaps it still lingered a bit. She felt calm, despite the need to find their alphess, her pelt not so itchy and restless now. Lapping at the waters she quenched her thirst, then moved toward her spirit sister, having taken note of Kova nearby. As she approached, she chuffed softly, glancing around as she did so. If this was
    * Ayaka the place Calder had mentioned to Fianna, he had a strange way of meeting, for they had yet to see him. Though, perhaps he’d gotten tired of waiting for them. She wondered if they’d be able to find Atraya without the mysterious wolf’s help.
    * Fianna felt sure this was the place. It had two bouldes, as the brute had said, like her ears on either side of the pool. Rising slowly she stretched, moving forward toward the north a bit more, then stopping to glance back to where she could see Ayaka and Kova, before heading a bit north again. She didn’t go very far, though she wanted to keep going until she found that she was seeking. She had buried a chipmunk there, from
    * Fianna when it had happened to venture to close to her waiting jaws, a morsel of a bite really, but now she snapped it up, enjoying the crunch of ita bones between her jaws.
    * Okkezzon With nothing better to do, the brute planned on following them. Okkezzon was never too curious by nature, but with boredom increasing, he found nothing else better to do. His limbs curled under him, he forced his frame up from his side. Light amber orbs blinked back the bright lighting. Chills ran down his spine as his pads soaked in coldness.
    * Kova her tail swung ever so slowly behind her when she saw Ayaka approach. She to felt the ebb and calm of the seasons near change, perhaps in a few weeks even, but there was still a slight restlessness about her. She would come up to close the distance between herself and Ayaka, nuzzling her warmly ‘Hello Ayaka, how are you!’ she said in a low yet excited tone. Had Darth and Nightshade »»
    <Kova> »» caught up with the group she wondered. An ear turned to the Alpha’s daughter, Fianna, and she offered a warm greeting to her as well before returning her gaze to Ayaka.
    * Okkezzon He didn’t seem to mind, he was used to this terrain. He found this place a month after leaving his old pack, the reasons unclear, but to Okkezzon they were justified. The brute took residence here for roughly two months, he knew his way around, possibly better than the wolves. For he’s never seen them around here when he came up from the blue. Okkezzon was on the move, now trailing after them with perked attenti
    * Ayaka nuzzled along Kova’s ruff for a few moments, catching any new scents upon Kova’s pelt if there were any. She perked when Kova would chuff to Fianna, who was around the pool a ways, flicking an ear as she listened. Still unaware of Okkezzon on their trail, Ayaka smiled at Kova. “I am well sis. I do wonder of Calder will appear though, since he hasn’t yet… perhaps we should move on soon. It would be best if we had his
    * Ayaka help, whatever its worth, to cross his territory, but with or without it we must go on soon I think.” She offered her thoughts. Darth and nightshade’s scents would seem to be around the area, which settled her mind somewhat though she hadn’t yet seen them.
    <Kova> “I am not sure, honestly. I’m not sure about all of this but all I know is that I feel this might be ‘right’ in the direction to our Alphess at least..’ she huffed in passing thought before she lowered down on her haunches beside Ayaka, licking along her muzzle in a softness that she held for her. She missed Shukie and all the others as well. “I agree, we need to keep moving. It seems »»
    <Kova> »» like we keep getting stuck in these rutts.”
    <Atraya> ** Okkezzon would find that the tracks didn’t deviate much at all and there seemed to be at least 5 wolves? Maybe another that did infact move off from the ‘usual’ path and wander off. What tracks did he end up following? If it was infact the pack’s tracks he would find that they would continue to lead north **
    * Okkezzon was near enough, perhaps a bit too near. He could see their fresh tracking, he sniffed a few paw prints and then settled to his limbs. Okkezzon’s scared underbelly unwillingly welcomed the soothing cold to his usually burning scars. The brute twisted his ears back focusing his attention on their scents, he sniffed the air, his head tilted to the sky. Without seeing them he smelt others off aways. He lowered his h
    <Ayaka> [(Cut: He lowered his h-)]
    * Okkezzon He lowered his head in a calm manner and relaxed in his thoughts as he watched what he could in the distance.
    * Okkezzon They were heading north, Okkezzon couldn’t help but wonder what was in the north? A barren wasteland that nipped unguarded parts of your body. Okkezzon knew that firsthand, finding out the worst way possible. The north had nothing warm or welcoming to offer. Though his curiosity outweighed the horrid memories Okkezzon left in the north.
    * Fianna glanced up as she heard Kova’s greeting, meeting the wolfess’ gaze across the pool before settling down again near the eastern boulder. She didn’t feel quite herself these days, antsy and restless as she was, even though her ribs were doing well now. She settled and began grooming her pelt, the rough tongue setting the mussed hairs back in place.
    * Ayaka agreed with Kova as well, the direction felt right. “I only hope she is okay..” Aya mused softly to the sky and to Kova, her silvery hues scanning the area. For the time being it would seem the winds were in Okkezzon’s favor, for she didn’t seem alerted to his presence, if he was nearby.
    * Kova her tail shifted slowly behind her in idle thought before she nosed Ayaka lightly “Perhaps we can keep going this evening, or in the coming day?” she suggested with light tones. “I have a feeling she’s alright, but, what worries me is what’s keeping her?”
    * Ayaka agreed with Kova as well, the direction felt right. “I only hope she is okay..” Aya mused softly to the sky and to Kova, her silvery hues scanning the area. For the time being it would seem the winds were in Okkezzon’s favor, for she didn’t seem alerted to his presence, if he was nearby.(rp for Okk)
    * Ayaka nodded to Kova. “Yes, I agree… tonight or tomorrow, whether Calder shows or not.” She glanced across to Fianna and sighed softly, “this hasn’t been easy for Fia. First her father and brother disappear, then her mother, and even Kwa seems missing for now. She seems a bit distant these days.”
    * Kova gave a nod to Ayaka “Aye, likewise.” she said nuzzling her once more before rising. She looked in Fianna’s direction before she leaned in to Ayaka, whispering “What of Calder..? Any sign?”
    * Ayaka shook her head, the scent of the male lifting in her memory before flitting away again. “No, but for tracks a ways back that led off… I think he is here… biding his time for some reason.” She scanned the area, “perhaps even watching, though it frustrates me to think so.” She looked at Kova again, “you seen anything lately?”
    * Kova nodded in thought “Hermph.” she wrinkled her nose for good measure. She would shake her head at Ayaka’s last question “Nothing but I was planning on trying to hunt something for the pack?” she said now looking up “Need to keep our strength for the next move.”
    * Okkezzon Sniffed down a few discouraging thoughts as he lifted to his paws, trotting alongside the pack’s tracks that were carelessly left behind. For now, he didn’t know how far he’d trail behind them. Okkezzon slowed to a cautious walk, each step was hesitated as the wolf’s scents grew stronger yet he didn’t see anyone. The brute came to a complete stop, nose twitching, ears swirling. He only moved minutes after gla
    <Aya[dinner]> ((Cut: minutes after gla – ))
    * Okkezzon He only moved minutes after glancing around ensuring his safety.
    * Fianna kept her distance from the others for the most part, but she was obviously alert, her head swiveling to see the landscape around her. As she lay there, she wondered where Calder was, and why he hadn’t come as he said he would. Annoyance flickered through her, but she kept it at bay for the most part, her tail twitching back and forth was the only movement she allowed herself for the time being. If she got up and
    * Fianna started wandering, perhaps she wouldn’t stop.
    * Kova she would look to Ayaka and then to the horizon in quiet thought. She let loose a gentle gruuuuing sound as she stretched her frame before shaking out her pelt. “I think i’m going to scout for something to eat.” she said with a lightened tone.
    * Ayaka nodded, tail flicking. “I’ll join you!” She murmured, “if you don’t mind?” After a pause she rethought the idea.. “or maybe someone should stay here to keep watch.”
    * skydancer rests quietly her head resting between her front paws eyes looking out across the lake every so often as her thoughts wander off into the past. however ayakas words draw her attention for brief moment. “I can keep watch. you need some time to just relax” she speaks up barely lifting her head. she had noticed things. maybe not everything but enough to know the other needs abit of from watching out for themm all
    * Kajika stirred from where he was resting. He hadn’t moved much since they had arrived here, instead he went through several bouts of heavy sleeping and otherwise just watching their surroundings. It was quiet here and he liked it, but it was almost enough to lull him to sleep more than necessary. Now restless however, he stretched out his paws in front of him and the sounds of conversation reached his ears but it wasn’t clear enough to make out from where he was. Eager to check in on his packmates and quench his thirst, he pushed himself up to his paws and made his way over first to the lake’s surface where he peered into the water for a moment before lowering his head tolap at the cool water. But the night that they had arrived was slipping from his memory, but from what he could remember, they were suppose to meet Calder somewhere. A lake as large and prominent as this one seemed to be a good spot as any. He thought to himself as he turned back to trot over to where everyone was settled, chuffing to announce his presence and would nose anyone who was awake if they were close enough. »»
    * Fianna was still perched near the eastern boulder, her back to it, tail wrapped as she kept her own small watch, not only for Calder, but for her mother as well, though she knew it was no doubt in vain. She heard the rustle of movement and the sounds of conversation, yet she did not stir more than the flick of an ear
    <Calder> The winds would hold the promise of the season’s waft still in some what order but time was of the essence for the wildlife in this part of the woods. The winter still held most of it’s grasp to this landscape and so, his tracks wouldn’t be to terribly hard to find nor see. Settled upon one of the stones that over looked the frozen creek, his eyes focused on the only path that lead up to that »»
    <Calder> »» particular place. There… he would be seated in wait.
    * Ayaka perks as skydancer’s voice slips into the silence after her own question and she she shoots a warm gaze the fae’s way. “Hello sky. Thanks, seems like food might be a good idea.”
    * Kova would offer a knowing smile and a paw to the air before Ayaka “of course not! Come along” she grinned and pawed the air once more before she would make her way towards the direction of the north east. It was a some what open area that allowed them some insight into what may or may not linger. She herself hadn’t traversed beyond that just yet.
    * Fianna hears the snatches of conversation between Kova and Ayaka, skydancer’s voice joining theirs as well. She turned to see the two sister fae’s branch off from the pack, her brow furrowing a moment. Her stomach growled as she thought of what they might bring down, yet, she wished only to move onward. Standing up, she shook her pelt and glanced around again, moving northward slowly as she rounded the pool
    * Okkezzon was becoming careless, the brute was lowered behind dead bushes. There were silhouettes in the distance. The wolves he had been trailing, so far he could only see two. The winds had been in his favor, though he didn’t know how long until his luck ran out and he was found.
    * Okkezzon The thought did little to disturb him however, he believed he could take the two wolves if it came down to it.
    * Fianna murrs and gruu’s at Kova and as her sister led the way she happily fell into a place just behind, glad to let someone else lead this time. She tilted her nose to the winds, already instinctively seeking and sifting each scent for possible game. “Lets keeo in mind Shukie’s warning. We wouldn’t want to bring the ire of Calder’s supposed pack upon us. Small game only?” She called as they moved.
    * Ayaka murrs and gruu’s at Kova and as her sister led the way she happily fell into a place just behind, glad to let someone else lead this time. She tilted her nose to the winds, already instinctively seeking and sifting each scent for possible game. “Lets keeo in mind Shukie’s warning. We wouldn’t want to bring the ire of Calder’s supposed pack upon us. Small game only?” She called as they moved.(derrrr)
    * skydancer gives a little wag with her banner as her lifts her head to look toward ayaka. “no problem.” she replies. “just get me a snack alright” she says not expecting them to be able to get enough for that. as the little stuff sometime takes nearly as much to catch as it delivers. sitting up coincidenttly just as kajika arrives and she touches his fur briefly in response even while looking after the two fea going out for some fun.
    * Fianna lifted her nose this way and that as she moved northward until she reached the very northern bank of the pool. Had she caught a strange scent? And unfamiliar wolf? The wisp of it had been brief and faint, yet it gave her pause.. perhaps she had only imagined it. Heightening her awareness she watched those on the other side of the pool, taking not of Kajika as he neared skydancer. She shivvered slightly, feeling
    * Fianna restless, antsy, and out of sorts. Glancing north away from the pool, she branched off that way a few paces, golden eyes trying to see what was to come. Then, her eyes caught sight of tracks leading ahead, and moving forward, she dropped her nose to scent them. The knowledge of who they belonged to slipped into her mind and she glanced back again, then north a ways, seeming undecided
    * Kova she would nose Ayaka once more, excited to finally be moving at least in a good direction she thought! “Aye.. I thought I saw some marmots near those boulder nestings over there… maybe we can look?”
    * Ayaka nodded once, tongue lolling a bit in anticipation, ears erect amd swiveling as she looked this way and that, nose twitching. She kept close to Kova for a while, then whenever they would approach the rocks, she would branch off a bit downwind to broaden the search. Keeping tabs on Kova all the while, she moved up to the rocks carefully, eyes scanning the tops where the last rays of the sun might have been slipping down.
    * Okkezzon released a puff of air, his light amber hues watched the steam leave his snout. The brute’s head was rested on his crossed paws. His frame was visibly relaxed. The pack ahead seemed to be settled for the time being. Okkezzon released another tireless breath and flicked his ears, the strangely thin twigs reached out to poke him.
    <Calder> Would have no doubt held a quiet domain within the residing northern path the pack took, and, if a new male found himself within those confines he wouldn’t be ‘alone’ for to much longer. Perhaps it was that smell of another that suddenly stirred his senses elsewhere. If Fianna was reaching to go to the north, would she run into him finally? Would she be … alone?
    * Kova the north held promise to some riches as far as animals where concerned and this high up, the fat marmots didn’t think the wiser of any other ‘predators’ that where lingering about and as the light of day was still clinging on to the mountain edges, they where still visible in the dieing rays. It was there she noticed those fat, plump bodies getting a last meal before turning in for the »»
    <Kova> »» night. She hunkered herself down only slightly before looking to Ayaka and grinning. “There.” she whispered.
    <Calder> Would have no doubt held a quiet domain within the residing northern path the pack took, and, if a new male found himself within those confines he wouldn’t be ‘alone’ for to much longer. Perhaps it was that smell of another that suddenly stirred his senses elsewhere. If Fianna was reaching to go to the north, would she run into him finally? Would she be … alone? ( repost for Okkezzon )
    * Fianna had a spark of excitement lighting her silvery hues, and she though she kept her body still, it coiled through her muscles as well. She nodded to Kova, noticing the plump bodies as well, hunkering lower as she turned to reach the fattest one from the south, she knew Kova well enough not to need to speak aloud, knowing her sister would no doubt strategically place herself as well.
    <Fianna> (Oh geez)
    * Ayaka had a spark of excitement lighting her silvery hues, and she though she kept her body still, it coiled through her muscles as well. She nodded to Kova, noticing the plump bodies as well, hunkering lower as she turned to reach the fattest one from the south, she knew Kova well enough not to need to speak aloud, knowing her sister would no doubt strategically place herself as well.
    * Kajika settled down besides Sky as he watched Fianna and Kova take off and would watch them for a moment before turning to Sky once more. “They look like they are off for an adventure, don’t they?” He mused, “Hopefully they will watch out for each other; I’m sure they will as our surroundings are enough to remind them that they aren’t within the confines and safety of home. But
    * Kajika how are you this evening? It certainly isn’t hard to stay hydrated here, but I hardly found myself making the short journey to the water’s surface.”
    * Kova swung her tail and smiled before she would nod towards the marmots and there would wait for a moment. She indicated she’d be moving “around” the boulders and hunkered herself down. She opened her mouth and made “chomp chomp” motions as if she would say – I will catch them if you toss them my way! –
    * Fianna had but to continue on and she knew she could find him, his tracks were there, his scent was there. A link to her mother. Her pack had not moved in some days, and Fianna knew they would leave without speaking to Calder if they had to. So, heart thudding slightly at her decision, she continued north, her form small and inconsequential, even as she continued. They would stop her if they knew, and the pack was not ready
    * Fianna to move on. Perhaps she could do this thing for them.
    <Calder> As Fianna would make her way along the path to the north, further then the others, she would find that there would be a particular set of tracks that lead up and over a snowy knoll. There wasn’t much to see as the hill was in the way so in order to see beyond it she’d have to crest it. Would she decide to go on without the others?
    * Okkezzon A rumbling grr brought Okkezzon to lift his head, his heart raced perhaps a thousand miles, or that’s how it felt. He thought it was a growl, just beside him, but when he saw no one there he leaned back in question.
    * Okkezzon Okkezzon was still alert until the deep rumble came again. He licked over his snout and realized it wasn’t a wolf that had growled, it was his stomach demanding food.
    <Atraya> ** Okkezzon would find the smell and scent of a few more wolves now make it’s way to his nose as others stirred. Two fae’s seemed to have departed the group, while a few others remained resting. **
    * Okkezzon shifted, slightly rising to his paws, he was bent just enough not to be seen accidentally. The two silhouettes were still there, and as he sniffed for reassurance he found more scents that unnerved him instinctively. His rumbling stomach was a must, as of now his needs came first.
    * Okkezzon pondered the idea of venturing from his hiding spot and looking for a snack.
    * Fianna had made up her mind, so when she had to decide to crest the small hill and follow the solitary tracks, she didn’t hesitate long, her paws finding purchase on the crusty snowy earth, though she tried to keep them silent, placing them on rocks wherever possible. In the growing dimness she moved a slightly slower pace, mostly to be able to spot anything amiss. All the while she listened to the sounds of the night,
    * Fianna relying on them, and her nose, to tell her when another creature was near. And though she was going against the delta’s orders now, she had learned alot from the fae. She knew, perhaps, this decision was far from wise, yet it was a path her heart must take nonetheless
    <Calder> Stark amber hues would narrow against the dying of light to look upon the halo’ed figure of another who crested the hill and appeared to him now at the fringe. He would prickle his coat ever so slightly but when the scent of whom it belonged came to his senses he would rise with grace, and maybe beauty, to offer a low baratoned chuff in the fae’s direction. Oh good… she looked to be alone. »»
    <Calder> »» Finally… she made it. “Well well…” he said in a low tone.
    * Okkezzon rose to his full height, not in the least concerned that the wolves would spot him. What could they do? Hold him until the others came back? It was absurd to feel slightly discouraged by his actions. Okkezzon slowly walked from his hiding place and began to look for something small, which would obviously prove challenging.
    <Atraya> Okkezzon would find that there was still wolves there and near to him but so far it seemed like none of them had really noticed him just yet. Perhaps Kajika would? Or skydancer?
    * Fianna came to a stop as soon as she heard Calder’s rich tones, his voice rolling over her like honey. “I have come, as you wanted. My pack will worry if I am gone long.” She said, ears flicking. He would know she was alone, most likely and she wasn’t here to play games. “I wish to find my mother, as does my pack. Why did you want me alone?” Straight to the point. Yes sir, he would give her answers this time. She could no
    * Fianna longer see her pack for they were on the other side of the hill. “Calder, please.. you’ve seen her. You know where she is.” An image of her mothers fur shot through her again, tumbling to rest at her paws and a shiver ran over her multihued pelt.
    <Calder> The last rays of the dying day would halo his own frame and jet black coat wavered about gentle like as he now gracefully dropped from a boulder and landed in the snow, walking along the edge of the frozen pool until he started to cut across. Nails ‘clicked’ against frozen water as he closed the distance fairly quickly. He didn’t even slip up once. “So you decided to come against your »»
    <Calder> »» families…. better judgment.” he would shift his paws across the snow a bit , drawing a small line in the white powder. “Right to it, I see.” he chuckled but would walk alongside her, brushing his shoulder along the fae’s “So… what do you think of these lands?”
    * Ayaka ‘s maw opened in a silent laugh just before she sprang, sending te marmot tumbling off the rock in a panic, her own body took its place in time for her to stare over the edge of it to where Kova lay in wait. Just then she caught scent of Okkezzon? The new scent of a male nearby completely arrested her attention from the hunt at hand, and she leapt off the rock, eyes searching for the the brute from whom the scent came,
    * Ayaka a warning growl issuing from her maw
    * Okkezzon With the cold biting his nose and his insides turning hungrily he couldn’t focus on much. All he could think about was the carcass he had left behind. Okkezzon was willing enough to trot back, have a few peaceful bites and trail after the pack again, he doubted they would move.
    * Fianna watching Calder advance, her own honey gold eyes unblinking. She kept herself loose, wary, her tail lifted even though she was in his lands. “They are cold, they are rugged, they are unforgiving and barren. Yet…” she paused, her tone going from sever to soft, “for all that, they have an icy beauty. Especially the lights that dance so often in the sky here, their radience reflected in the pool below.” Her voice held a
    * Fianna slight reverence. But she wouldn’t be distracted for long. “About my mother…”
    * Fianna ‘s pelt shivered slightly as Calder’s frame brushed along it, and it took a lot of her willpower to continue standing still. She couldn’t decide whether she felt more afraid, more determined, or more excited to be near the intriguing brute once again. (Add)
    <skydancer> o that for.. ah right .even so she isnt about to let fiamna wander off to far with calder potentialy close by.
    * Kajika was waiting for a reply from Sky about how she was doing, but when she seemed to be alert about something, his ears too would turn back and then swivel around to see what she was tipped off from. His eyes looked around and it took a moment, but his eyes trained on a figure moving beyond some bushes and for a moment, he thought it was Ayaka or Kova returning, but it was just one and his fur prickled when he thought that it might be Calder and then it was gone. Had he imagined it? Now he was too alert to let it pass for nothing and would continue to watch the spot like a bird of prey, silently watching and looking just around the area he thought he saw something. Sky was already aware of it and looking in the same direction, so there was no need to tell her.
    * Okkezzon was perhaps distracted by his thoughts, he sensed nothing out of the usual as he dragged his paws over the snow. With his brown pelt against the ghostly terrain, he could be spotted quite a ways. At times being here he cursed his pelt, it was the cause of many missed hunts. Without others, he had to turn to stealth for hunting.
    * Kajika crouched when he saw movement in the same vicinity again. He sniffed the air, but even that gave him no answers as to who that was who appeared to have been watching them for who knows how long. In answering Sky’s question, his attention never left the fleeting figure in case he lost sight of them. “I don’t know about Fianna and Calder right now, but if he was just watching us, there is no telling where they are going back to or if they were intentionally spying on us to see what information they could ween from being this close. But just the boldness,” he remarked with a slight tilt of his head, “it almost reminds me of Calder’s own demeanor. I say we follow him though, if Ayaka and Kova are somewhere else together and Fianna got away then there is nothing we can do for them right now.” With that solid resolution, he started at a brisk prowl after them. He wasn’t sure what choice Sky would make, but something in him stirred when the thought of Calder came to mind and perhaps this other figure was looking to see who he could lure back with him; he would just have to surprise them with his own presence instead. »»
    * Kova the little fat chunky animals would pop up and down from the boulders and she couldn’t help but feel excited for a potential meal. She lapped her tongue about her muzzle and waited for Ayaka’s que. When she lept from her holding place at their sancuary end, she would find herself waiting for the lassst possible moment, unaware of a new male wolf meandering about their group, she would leap »»
    <Kova> »» at one of the oncomming marmots and snap her jaws around one in hopes to break it’s neck! This no doubt would look much like a buffet to a wolf. She would hope to catch it in her jaws!
    <Calder> grinned as he would slowly walk around her before pausing just towards her left side. He glanced up for a breif moment and smiled “Ah yes… the lights. I was hoping you’d notice.” there was a coyness to his tone but still, the softer baratones would come through all the same. “… and for your mother. She’s still there.” he murmured now forsaking the gaze to the sky and looking back »»
    <Calder> »» upon Fianna’s own hues. He grinned once more “You know… your mother always spoke a great deal about her children. About her legacy. About your pack’s legacy…. have you given it any thought?”
    * Okkezzon It was decided, the brute would have to venture back to his carcass that had a 50/50 chance of it still being there. Okkezzon broke into a sudden trot, his attention glued ahead. He knew the chance of the pack no longer being here and the farther he trotted the more he could care less if he lost them.
    * Okkezzon For him the pack was a time passing entertainment he planned to watch afar. Though they were proving less and less entertaining as they headed further north.
    <Atraya> ** Okkezzon would find that once the sun fell behind the tall northern mountains, some even towering taller than the Rogha’s from the pack’s normal territory, that the chill in the air would become more of a nip. Especially if there was a slight wind but fortunately for him there was a calm night upon them, so it may be more comfortable then usual. High above the sky the beautiful ribbions of »»
    <Atraya> »» colors would start to illuminate the darkness as the northern lights began to dance high above them **
    * skydancer glances at where fianna had disappeared to before movimg allong kajika thechoice not mattering s much as the fct that a choice is made and it has fallen on the stranger. with himbreaking into a trot she moves into a lope to try and close the distance not wadting breath she needs to cope with the snow intent on cutting of the strangers path if she can.
    * Fianna had been tempted to look up at the skies when Calder did, to catch glimpse of those beautiful lights that adorned the night, yet no, she kept her gaze on the wolf who circled her, trying to keep her limbs from shaking, both from nerves and adrenaline. The decision to come against the judgement of her pack had taken its toll, she was antsy, tail flicking several times behind her. A soft growl escaped her as Calder spoke
    * Fianna of her mother with such familiarity. “I know that… but how do you?” Her words were soft, even as her heart lifted to hear that her mother was still there. “The pack’s legacy is the burden of my mother and father, and they will continue it, and I must find them, to help them.” She moved suddenly in front of Calder, to halt his movement. She did not miss how the lights that began above played over his fur, making it
    * Fianna gleam. “What is your game, Calder?” She sounded tired, a note of longing touching her voice, a note of loneliness.
    <Calder> His deep amber hues would narrow only as if to show that he had paid close attention to her words and more so, what she had to say in response. He seemed to skirt entirely on the ‘reason’ for them being alone, but, perhaps it was in this very conversation it would be revealed. He would brush his shoulder along Fianna’s once more, perhaps even emitting his scent to hers so the others knew of »»
    <Calder> »» their meeting and to what extent. “The lands that you have been meandering through is no mere northerly route. I am, perhaps, surprised a little that your mother nor father mentioned anything of this place. Especially your mother. You see Fianna…” he took a daring and dominate step forward to be ‘eye and eye’ with Fianna. He’d be so close that his warm breath would whisp about across her »»
    <Calder> »» nose as his was close to touching her own. “I play no game, but simply that of living and to live. To continue forth a legacy that was once told to me a very very long time ago.” he would grin once more before he replied with much softer, dareing tones now. “… I’ve come to claim what has been promised to me.”
    * Ayaka wondered if perhaps her senses had played tricks on her, but the scent was there still, lingering, and so she leapt down to join Kova, nosing the fae quickly and licking her cheek. “Kova, I sense something is amiss.. the taste of the marmot blood on her tongue from where she had licked Kova did nothing to distract her. “A scent..” we should return to the others.
    * Okkezzon came to a sudden halt, he could hear the thundering paws behind him. His ears seemed plucked on his head, the right audit chipped as if it were gnawed on by a pup. The brutes light amber hues focused on the approaching wolves,
    * Okkezzon outnumber Okkezzon might’ve been but he was never one to run from a fight.
    * Kova as she would lick her own muzzle from the blood she would feel her frame tense as well. She flicked an ear and began to become aware of their surroundings all of a sudden. “Hmm….. faint.. but… yes?” she would wiggle her nose. Did she manage to pick up on Okkezzon’s trail? Or was it Fianna’s and Kajika’s? She turned her frame quickly now as she heard the sound of another she did not »»
    <Kova> »» recognize. Was it Okkezzon who approached? Or… another scent.
    * Okkezzon stood his ground, with the fleeting sun he would become harder yet easier to see in the darkness. His tail twitched as if it were unsure to lift or cower between his legs. Okkezzon forced it still in place his head held high. Defiance gleamed in his eyes, as well as years of endured pain.
    * Kajika would move straight and directly on the trail of the unknown wolf. When the wolf picked up the pace, he too sped up, unsure whether he knew he was being followed or not, but he wasn’t going to lose him. The lights overhead were beautiful as ever, but he didn’t have the time to observe them tonight. He weighed giving away the element of surprise, if he had it, against catching the wolf sooner than later, and the latter of the two won. But just as he was about to make any audible sound, the wolf spun around to face him and Skydancer. He stopped a good distance away and called out to them. “Who are you and why were you watching us?” He barked with more of a demanding voice than he was even used to; he certainly didn’t look like he was backing down and Kajika wouldn’t give up a moment of weakness. He sized up the wolf fully now that he had come to a stop but he didn’t recognize the fur and he only risked a quick glance but didn’t recognize his eyes.
    * Fianna was awash in Calder’s scent. It was everywhere now, coating her fur. She seemed riveted upon his words, soaking them up as her pelt did water. What had her mother failed to tell her? What was Calder promised and by who, by her parents? Struggling to swim through the story being unravelled, Fianna stood eye to eye with Calder, the scent and tone of his dominance not going unnoticed, yet, she did not drop her own tail
    * Fianna yet. Finally, after so long a moment it seemed she wouldn’t answer she spoke. “If it was promised you, then I am sure you will have it. If it was my parents who promised it to you, they would honor it. But you speak in riddles…” her tone dropped to a near growl. Her instinct was screaming at her to bow to him. Finally she spoke what she felt he was dancing around. “Calder.” His name felt odd on her tongue, heavy
    * Fianna with import. “If it is one of us you would lay claim to… if you would claim me, I would know why, and I would have your word that you and your pack would help my own, aid us in finding my mother.”
    * Okkezzon Irritatingly enough, the brute fell silent. His eyes however spoke for himself as the narrowed on the speaking male. Though Okkezzon showed no signs of visible weakness, not a twitch of his ears, a dip in his tail, or a shiver of fear. What more was there to fear when one goes through what Okkezzon had to face?
    * Ayaka wasn’t able to identify the scent, causing her to think it was not Calders, but one of his pack? She picked up her pace, returning toward the pool, hoping to see the others there, but they seemed to have moved off, were they in view? The darkness made vision difficult. “Do you see Fianna anywhere?” She asked Kova, worry lacing her tones. Had this been the plan all along, to split them all up and steal the fae away?
    <Calder> Words and riddles they may sound to be, but truly there was meaning behind them. There was no hidden agenda then what was told to him by his own father long ago, something his grandfather had passed down in lineage and in lore. Something -he- was promised and would lay claim to when the time came. But what was so important he sought out this particular pack, or even fae’s? Or even her? It »»
    <Calder> »» seemed Fianna was the only female of the pack’s Alpha’s that was awake to persue, or was there another reason? Regardless he held stoaic to his wit and let’s face it; down right charm. “Ah ha ha!” he laughed before a low murmurring growl escaped his muzzle. It was not a response that harbored ill will or anger, but that of amusement and perhaps even deep admiration. The season was coming to »»
    <Calder> »» an end and there was much to be done before then. He had hoped to have progressed further then where he now stood with the fae but time was short and perhaps the persuit was afoot more aggressivly now. “Be mindful of your tones Alpha’s daughter for you roam in the wilds of another pack. I am the sire here. A right given to me by my father and grand father.” perhaps in the distance he could »»
    <Calder> »» hear the tones of mumurmred voices that didn’t belong to any of his ‘recruits’ and so, he turned and brushed his chin beneath Fianna’s before promptly nuzzling along her scruff while taking a step forward so that his chest touched her own. Maybe he was trying to woo her. Surely a fea would melt at a males physic so stature and tall, so proud and strong like his. “I will help you along the »»
    <Calder> »» way. You have my word. But you must do something for me…. when you finally reach your mother…. simply tell her this.” and almost as if to invade upon Fianna’s personal space he drew right close against her and leaned his muzzle so close to her ear that only she could hear his tempered, warm words “…. Moon Shadow has come to lay claim to what was taken so long ago….” and it was »»
    <Calder> »» there he would slip away from Fianna and turn upon deliberate paws back to the north from where he came. He paused however and looked over his shoulder and those dreamy amber hues would gleem with a hidden kindness therein. “If you even make it to the Mykeer, then we shall see if you are worth claiming as the lores have told.” and it was there he sauntered off.
    <Kova> “I … don’t” it was there her heart skipped. “Where did she go??” her hues now fell from the marmot and food to where she thought she saw Fianna resting but now, no longer. Her hues narrowed again and she felt the sudden need to put on a wolf hunt, if you where. She didn’t even see Kajika or skydancer either and the scent of the new male, Okkezzon, tickled her own senses.
    * Kajika kept his focus on the male as the two stared each other down. This wasn’t anywhere close to home, Kajika knew, but he was still going to defend what little blueprint his pack occupied while they stayed there temporally. Neither male seemed to move under the gaze of the other but Kajika saw no immediate reason to jump to violence first. If spying were a crime, he would be guilty, but other than that, he had done nothing. Just like Calder had. It almost seemed like a pattern, or maybe he was just connecting dots that weren’t really there. The thought of the other male brought even a low growl to his throat and he started to repeat himself. “You can at least answer who you are at least?” The air felt tense and chilled but Kajika found himself to be warm with the short run after this male, and he was well rested after their most recent trip to this location.
    * Fianna felt like she was melting, indeed Calder was an ocean and she didn’t know which way the land was, so she grabbed the only lifeline she could. Lowering head the slightest fraction at Calders tone and words, Fianna held still as he nuzzled her ruff, placing his scent nearly as firmly upon her as was possible. He was dripping with charm, strong and sure. Had her papa been like this when Atraya fell for him? A soft
    * Fianna whimper escaped her muzzle even as she held firm, listening to his words. Moon Shadow… she committed the name to memory. But there was no time for a response, before Calder melted away and she was left feeling almost as if he had stolen something from her. She stood for a long moment, watching the direction he had gone. Finally, when there was nothing left to do, she turned, her pawsteps heavy as they took her back
    * Fianna to almost certain punishment, yet she couldn’t bring herself to be sorry. It had been the right decision for she had learned more of her past, or perhaps, of her future.

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