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Role Play Notes | May 2nd, 2019

The pack had remained within the confines of the north for sometime and finally the pack started off further north, to follow the instructions given by Calder to head to the Mykeer where it was told their missing Alphess was.  A new male wolf had come upon the pack by the name of Kyseran. Nightshade had also managed to catch up with the pack and now joins them in their temporary move.




    @ApacheWolf @Atraya @Ayaka @Kajika @Kova @skydancer @Shukie
    %Fianna %Kwa`ani +Darth


    RP Log Begins

    * Kova would be resting no doubt near all the other wolves as the day would progress upon lowering behind the tall mountains to give way to night. She would be anxiously pacing this way and that along the small shoreline of timber pines, barely sapleings, as she would look over the horizon now in thought. She would huff quietly before she proceeded along her small route.
    * Ayaka ‘s breath puffed out before her in the waning light, her silver eyes cutting the gloom easily for the time being as she sought each form along the snowy bank of rhe beautiful pool of water. Counting them. Making sure all were present and accounted for. She had gone on a patrole around the lake, but had not ventured farther, knowing that now it was best to stay close to the pack. Spotting Kova pehaps, she would chuff quietly, tail swaying gently as she walked
    * Kova would shift her hues across the horizon as she would look towards the movement of another. She swung her tail seeing her sister, Ayaka, and offered forth a gentle chuff in greeting “Ayaka, hello!” her nose came to brush along hers gently.
    * Fianna woke slowly, as if her mind were resisting what her body already knew. It was time to wake. A widr yawn split her muzzle and she stretched her paws out before her, making tracks in the snow until she slowly pushed to all fours and shook her pelt. Only then did she feel a spark of wakefulness within her mind. Lapping at the nearby waters, Fianna ran a tongue along her muzzle, feeling a slight pinching of hunger within her frame, but little ache from her late injury. Perhaps it was nearly healed? Glancing around then, Fianna tried to spot who else might be present.
    * Ayaka perked up a bit at her sister’s tones and urged her paws to take her toward the fae. Once she had closed the distance, Ayaka nuzzled along Kova’s ruff, nipping softly at a few hairs playfully with a soft gru, shoulder bumping along her sister’s frame. It was good to have her here. “Good evening sis. Shall we rouse the others?” She glanced around as she spoke, wondering if any were already awake, spotting Fianna as the fae seemed to be stirring. “Have you seen any sign of Shukie, Kwaani, or even Calder?” She asked softly
    * Kajika was sitting up where he was lying underneath the tree that he found to be the most comfortable from the first few nights that he had been here. It was a nice enough place considering everything else and it was quiet here. Maybe to quiet but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something he wasn’t used to; being confined to a smaller area such as this for good and the Pack’s own safety. He heard the sounds of greetings nearby and turned his head to see that others were out and about, returning from what must have been a trip around the lake or just nearby. He didn’t move just yet, but listened just a moment longer before sitting back, shaking away the chill in his fur and ended up shaking some snow off of the tree’s lowest branches.
    * Kova would nose Ayaka once more before she would settle herself on her haunches. “Aye, let’s keep moving!” she said ruuuuing and bumping gently into her as well, playfully of course. “I’ve not seen either nor smelt them… though the tracks do linger here and there…” she admitted after scouting on her own for a small spell.
    * Darth would awaken to the sight of a few of the other pack members moving about, and would turn his head to see who all was up. He spotted the group leaders and then looked down around his position, and didn’t notice where his friend Nightshade was. He looked around, but figured she may be around some of the other wolves. He got up and shook out the bits of snow from his pelt before stretching out his legs to see what the others. He got up and shook out the bits of snow from his pelt before stretching out his legs to see what the others were up to.
    * skydancer stirs slightly as she wakes up though she doesn’t move quite yet. first she swiveling her ears a bit listening for signs of trouble though the soft words wprds drifftinf towards her suggest not and she sits up
    * Fianna took note of the fierce fae spirit sisters conversing nearby, tilting her head as she watched them playfully bump each other, a twinge of longling running through her. Her family was all off… traipsing through who knew where, hurt, or worse. She missed them, and the missing caused an ache within her chest. With a sigh, she moved her gaze on, spotting Kajika, Darth, and skydancer as she settled onto her haunches for the moment, content to stay where she was unless told to do otherwise. Her hues scanned the nearby trees and mountain, and she wondered quietly if Calder was watching them even now. Was mama okay?
    * skydancer p stretching when somewhere half way up before turning her attention towards the others and fives agentle chuff in greeting to those who are awakr before shifting her attention towards the rest of the forest to ensure herself everything is as it should be.
    * Ayaka nodded, hoping the two fae’s were okay on their own. “I haven’t either. Lets hope they find us soon.” She too had seen various tracks in the snows. Turning toward the others then, she chuffed back to skydancer, then gave a bit of a louder chuff/bark to rouse any others and hopefullu draw them closer.
    * Atraya the world would be dark and growing darker still with the falling ebb of the sun’s grasp across the landscape, or so, it would be assumed by this time. Then again… time seemed all but lost as darkness consumed her frame entirely. There was little to no wind in the area in which she had been held, and there was a slight foggyness to her frame as her eyes flickered this way and that in an attempt to open.
    * Kova shifted her hues towards the horizon once more before she would take note of all the others stirring from their rested place. She let loose a breath in thought before swinging her tail about her “Seems like most are awake.” she said in passing now turning to look at the wolves gathered. Her ear turned towards the direction of the clearing before she would shake out her pelt and nod “They will find us!” It was there she too would chuff to the rest and hoped they would gather.
    * Darth would hear Ayaka’s call and make his way over; watching as the others make there way over, there were a couple of wolves he would watch out for in particular. He looked around for his friends Kajika and Nightshade. When he didn’t see Nightshade, he would start to worry; he would approach the leaders before chuffing to them and bowing his head in respect.
    * Ayaka nodded at Fianna and brushed her nose along the younger fae’s cheek lightly in greeting whenever she would be near enough. “Yes. We should move on now.” Ayaka lifted her gaze to the others then as well, “if you all are ready, any who are not present now will follow our trail and scent, but we cannot tary longer.” She looked to Kova a moment, then added, “I think we should travel in about the same lineup as we did
    * Ayaka before, unless someone has an objection. Kajika up front with me, Fia and Darth in the middle, watching each side, kova and skydancer bringing up the rear.
    * skydancer shiftsp
    * skydancer at the louder chuff she swivels one ear back to indicate she’s noticed the call and if it had been one of the Lead wolfs she mifht have reacted at that moment as it is she finishes her check on the suuroundings , a mere few heartbeats before rising to alfours and padding over.’i don’t mind to much’ she replies after a few moments to think.’but I’d prefere to scout ahead. if trouble shows I’m much more manouveravle on the sn
    * Kova when the others began to gather, she would dip her head and offer a gentle chuff ingreeting “We should keep moving. We’ve rested far to long in an unfamiliar place. If you all are ready, let us move again.” her hues light and she would turn to Fianna’s inquiry. She would nod her head firmly. “Aye, let us go find your mother” her tones would be subtle but very strong. ” If we’re »»
    <Kova> »» all ready..?” she turned her hues to the gathered now to confirm it.
    * Darth stepped forward and again bowed his head towards Ayaka and Kova. “With your permission, I would like go stay here until my sister and Nightshade are able to continue the journey. I can try to offer them protection as we move to catch up.” He said, nervous to what the leaders would say to him.
    * Kajika framing his ears forward to hear Ayaka gathering up the group to continue moving again as he made his way over with his tail wagging behind him. He chuffed out a greeting which sounded loud and was surprisingly clear with the absence of the bundle that he always carried around from his jaws. From his features, it didn’t look like he had forgotten it, but rather it was something that he was leaving behind on purpose. “I’m ready to go if you all are,” he affirmed confidently.
    * Ayaka glanced to skydancer for a moment. Good scouts were also useful behind and to the sides as much as up front, but all the same it would be useful to have a small frame up ahead to noticr things before they were noticed, if possible. “If you wish.” She nodded to skydancer, agreeing it was a fine idea. Then she glanced to Darth. “Personally, I would prefer the lack stayed together as much as possible. As far as I know, nightshade has not been seen for some days now and we need all the wolves we can get. But if it is truly your wish I won’t try to stop you..” she glanced to the others then and dipped her head to Kajika. “Very well!” She was excited to move on, and would move on to the north!
    * Fianna only nodded to both Kova and skydancer. “Ready.” She murmured and hopped up to all fours to take her place. As she did so she would nose Darth and Kajika in greeting, then glance to Darth. “Be careful… if you stay.” Concern glinted in her gaze for she agreed with Ayaka, but it was his own choice.
    * Kova would have stopped to look at Darth before nodding quietly to Ayaka. She would nod in agreement “I agree with Ayaka.” she would turn towards Darth “Dont be to long, we’re slim on numbers as is… and there is still a missing wolf..” she turned to Ayaka and would nose her quickly before she would then turn and start to lope off towards the north! Onward bound finally!
    * Kajika nosed Fianna back in greeting, taking in the scent of the collective and the accent that they all carried with them for what seemed like the first time. His tail gave an extra little wag as he took his place in the column as before.
    * Darth would look to Ayaka; and nod his head before thinking for a moment. He had just played with Nightshade a few days ago. He listened as Kova spoke and bowed his head to the pair. “We will be back with the group in short order. I promise.” He said. “Do take care though and be careful.” He would continue by saying.
    * skydancer dips her slightly at ayaka’s words and when the larger fea moves northward she takes of intending to rush across the snow, instead the snows being prettgmich broken up by the pack even if most of it is on the way out the first bit still makes her look like a little puppy bouncing through water orso with her banner going every which wich way to help her keep her balance, ofcourse. unconcerned with what she looks like she may.


    The world around them continued to remain cold and locked within the jaws of winter. It seemed not much changed here just yet for spring was just barely able to get it’s grip on the landscape. Only a few small tree’s managed to shed themselves entirely from snow. The wolves would find the air crisp and refreshing as they pressed along the path to the Mykeer. There was no sign of Calder or any others for the most part throughout their journey and only a few sign of life here and there seemed to present itself to them. After leaving the small clearing and sanctuary they once more would find themselves scaling the mountains again. Switchbacks would meander left and right up the hillside but it looked as though it wasn’t very steep nor a long climb to the next opening. Tree’s would continue to litter the path and not deviate from the thickness of their usual clearing either. There was a sense of familiarity here. As the wolves would cross around a small bend they would find themselves greeted by the sound of falling water from great heights. It would be a sight like no other and perhaps even take their breath away. Their eyes would cast long upon a beautiful fjord. It seemed almost unearthly to be here.

    * Fianna would be mindful of the instruction given her, and remained in the middle of the pack, though at times she wished to urge her paws on faster, to break into a lope, to eat up the distance between herself and the mountain ahead, feeling it as a barrier between herself and Atraya. Where was Calder? And where was the meeting place he had spoken of? As their trip continued on up another sloping mountainside, she would be glad her injury was doing so well, for it barely pained her now, though she could tell it was weak should she not be careful. For the most part, Fianna watched the countryside pass with wide eyes, her honey eyed gaze sweeping her surroundings. She took note of the tracks they passed, sweeping her frame against trees and boulderd as they moved by, feeling that she wanted the others to know anyone to know, that she had passed this way, that she would find her mother.
    * Kova would continue along the chosen path, her hues fallen to the horizon as she would look upon the beautiful landscape that would be illuminated by the moon’s light. It was indeed a sight to behold at the hands of darkness so she could only imagine what it would look like in the day time. She couldn’t help but admire the sound of falling water into large pools, it reminded her a lot of the hidden falls and some part… home. She would have kept her pace some what to the back so she could keep an eye behind them as they moved with the pace they had.
    * Ayaka too had made certain to leave a trail as clearly as possible for Darth and nightshade, rubbing her own frame where she could and leaving tracks in the snow. As they crested another mountainside, her sides panting lightly from the switchbacks, she blinked several times in awe at the sight before them, the sanctuary of cliffy falls and what looked to be a deep pool of water. She glanced over at the others as she neared the beautiful scene and murmured allowed, though of Kajika was the closest nearest her only he migbt have heard. “It’s beautiful. Familiar in some ways too..” the reminder of home made her miss the territory, but they had moved on, and maybe they wouls find something equally wonderful to call home again.
    * Fianna surveyed the beautiful and truly breathtaking scene before her as she slowed to a momentary stop, her gaze going to the tops of the falls, to the pools below. The sound was peaceful, soothing, and she felt rejuvenated just by being still there for a few moments. Hope kindled brighter. Perhaps, perhaps Atraya was yet alive. Was this the place Calder had told her of? At the thought, she recalled the way he had touched her nose, his scent, and she shook herself slightly, moving closer to the others. Would he be angry she had not come alone? “Kova, Ayaka,…we may be close to where Calder asked me to meet him.” She said.. though she wasn’t entirely sure.
    * skydancer keeping ahead of the rest of the pack with a good enough margin so that any attack on her or trouble she spots gives enough waring to the others as she goes up the switch back had been a challenge and she has a mild increase in her right front to show for it. quite adept at coping with that after all these winters her gait doesn’t show any of the additional discomfort.
    * Kova her ears drew forward to Fianna’s words as she tilted her head but would look about them in quiet thought. “Hmmm… it could be? He was specific, yet, not so much…” she said in passing as her pace wouldn’t slow. She wanted to get as much ground as possible on their journey. They didn’t have any more time to spare she felt. Or maybe that was the listfulness she felt in the past weeks.
    * Kajika nodded to Ayaka’s comment on the beauty of where they now found themselves. It wasn’t a sight that he had seen frequently, yet it seemed familiar all the same. The waterfall surely thundering off in distance, the height of the tall rock structures on the side almost seemed to assure safety to him. He could tell that others were leaving what they could for those that would follow  behind, so he would also be sure to leave large enough pawprints in the snow that couldn’t be missed without dragging his paws too much. The distance below seemed to be a nice one but one he didn’t want to greet unreadily, so he made sure to make quick glances at where he placed his paws. “The smell is also something that adds to the sense of familiarity,” he spoke out loud. Most of his  journeys he kept low to the more flat terrain, but there were points that couldn’t be crossed without making a trip up the without making a trip up the side of a mountain or two. Then it was Fianna’s piping up that they might be getting closer that brought him back from his thoughts of previous journeys experienced and his tail almost went stiff as he glanced about the different levels of rock above them. Since  he wasn’t there for their meeting with Calder recently, he was wary of what “close to where they were suppose to meet Calder” meant, and the scent of the male seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as they continued that he almost expected to see the dark fur just at the end of his vision.
    * skydancer hackles come up almost instinctively as she recognizes calders scent upon the trail going around the lake and she growls low within her chest banner going level with her spine a signal to anyone her that somethings up.even if the other actions are instinctive her stopping dead in her tracks is not and she takes additional time to scan the area ahead as well as either of her flanks her banner waving sprightly as she loves growls
    * Ayaka thought on Fianna’s words, nodding slightly even as she remained vigilant. If she could see skydancer she would watch the fae for any sign something had alerted her to another’s presence. As it was, Ayaka could smell Calder, yet her silver hues had yet to pick him out. She let loose a low warning rumble from deep within her chest. “No games..” she muttered aloud, in case the brute could hear them. “Our alphess’ life is at stake and I will not play.” Whether or not he had heard she would continue north, knowing the pack needed to keep moving, despite the beauty and peace of their current backdrop.

    The world around them would continue to remain dark for a moment longer until the sky began to become iluminated with various colors of blue, green, purple and even a hint of red. The northern lights where very strong here it would seem. The pack would notice the resounding smell of prey would no doubt linger in abundance to the pack of wolves. The trail that would be well placed by Calder would continue to be headed to the north and beyond the fjord. If the pack continued on, there would be a well placed path for them to follow that would once more switch back up towards the mountains again, but this time it wasn’t as sharp and held a more ‘straight and narrow’ path. It was up to the pack how far they’d go.

    * Kova her hues fell towards the horizon and the thought of the other wolves now assaulted her mind. She let loose a low growl but then stiffened it. Where they finally in another territory? “Herm…” she said in passing thought to Fianna’s own words. “Perhaps so, or, perhaps he meant the boulders ‘where’ the mountains? As the boulders around here seem fairly non-existent? Besides… this is more open, a better chance at seeing someone come?” she would say to Fianna seemingly moving closer to her.
    * Fianna considered, continuing on after Ayaka who seemed to be pressing onward to the north, following Calder’s scent almost. It was as if the scent taunted her, reminded her of his words. “Alone.” She shivered slightly, picking up her pace subcontiously as Kova moved nearby. “He seemed to mean exactly what he said though..” she murmured, “this isn’t a pool either, its too large.” She huffed slightly, glancing at the path ahead, and then around at the darkness, before lifting her gaze to the lights that began adorning the skies. The idea of going on alone almost frightened her, but would it be for the best? For the pack? She harbored these thoughts despite Shukie’s words, yet her training as pack and her duty to obey the command of her elder’s held her back for a while longer. His could merely be a trick, meant to weaken them even more, despite his seeming thoughtfullness thus far. If he really wanted to be helpful, why the games?
    * Kova as she continud to move alongside Fianna she would nose the fae lightly before she offered in words even while her hues gazed up to the bright skies over head that was basking in beautiful colors of all sorts. She took a deep breath before she opened her jaws and spoke in a more hushed tone to address Fianna. “I feel we’re near to this place Calder had spoke of…” she would then lift  her head up to allow her voice to be projected “Aye… I feel we’re not close enough yet.” her tones no doubt lathered with concern for their alpha’s and now her beta and young Kwa`ani. What happened to them?

    As the wolves pressed on they would be met with no hesitation by the wilderness, wilds, nor animals therein. It seemed as if they where some how…excpected. The wildlife and world moved aside for the traveling wolves and still they where met with welcome rather then force. Calder’s scent would no doubt be stronger and stronger the more north they went and along the path they continued to follow. Up and up the mountain they would go until finally cresting over a natural ridge, it would once more flatten out almost unnaturally and greeting them would be a frozen pond with two large boulders on either side and a beautiful canvas of northern lights to greet them

    * skydancer continues along the path keeping a cautious eye out for not the brute even if the scent suggests that he is the likeliest to cause trouble but anything else as well it wont do to be caught in a trap pf some sort by allowing her senses to become trapped in one set expectation and get caught by another
    * Fianna ‘s breath was winded, for they had travelled miles now up the mountain, yet she felt all the same that a strange energy thrummed through her, that she could go on and on forever, if it meant finding her family. When at last they crested the ridge she stopped, chuffing quietly to the others. “This.. ” she paused and glanced around. “This is it.” Her voice was confident, though a strange wonder laced it as well. “He must be here somewhere.” As if on impulse she loped forward several long paces, until she was near the front of the group if possible, her posture tall and her eyes narrowed at the scene. It was… stunning. How had such a place been formed? Her heart thumped. Lifting her head she called, her voice low and urgent, unable to keep her voice silent, the nerves and season and hope and fear she would never see her family again all coiling and needing release.
    * Kova her eyes would fall upon Fianna and as she loped ahead she too woud follow, quickly closing the gap between herself and Ayaka as well skydancer. She would let loose a few chuffing barks but other then that, she kept her tones to herself. She knew not who lingered or what. She ushered a low nudge to Ayaka as well. “If he’s here…. he will make himself known.” she whispered against the cold night but she couldn’t help but feel the same wunderlust as the young fae. The season still holding it’s very last grip but no doubt soon enough, it too would be gone. What was Calder’s plan anyway, she thouhgt. Lure them here to this beautiful place and then what? For what? and why Fianna only.

    Fianna would find that nothing but the wind would offer a hushed whisper back in response to her calling. It was like a soothing hand caressing her in the dark. As if to some how offer “Do not worry little one… all will be revealed soon.” There was a sense of perhaps eyes, but maybe it was from the folklore of old where the ancestors danced and spun along the northern lights to forever watch over their family upon the earthen plain.

    * Ayaka would come upon the ridge, full of ethereal beauty, the pool, crystal clear yet black as ebony and reflecting the green light show above. When Fianna bounded near, perhaps a few paces ahead, she tensed, ready to leap after the fae but she stopped, only to announce their presence, she flicked her ears back but gave no reproach. She too could understand. “Yes. No doubt he will. Perhaps we should remain as close to each other as possible, yet still get a bit of rest now, for the coming day?” She nosed Kova, glancing to skydancer as well. She too would wonder at Calder’s plan, even as she wondered where Shukie was. Had it been her plan to approach this location from an alternate direction? Hopefully nothing had hindered them. “Be well..” she wished them softly upon the winds. Settling onto her haunches at the southern tip of the pool, she would wait.
    * Kova gave an agreeing nod to her sister Ayaka and would slowly lower herself onto her haunches and make herself more comfortable on the northern edge of the pool. It would no doubt ease her mind to ensure all possible ’rounded corners’ could be covered. She wanted no surprises save for her alpha’s return and her sisters as well Kwa`ani’s. Wishful thinking but for now she would no doubt fall victim to the beauty of this natural place and watch the night sky dance above them in it’s brilliance.
    * Fianna hadn’t expected an answer, and the winds… her companions from the time she was a pup, where the only voices she heard in response. They were her constant companions. Ever urging her to go places, to do things, to run faster, to be better, to be wiser. The winds held tales she had always longed to hear. As the others began to settle near the pool, Fianna would find herself too restless for the time being. She moved toward the boulder on the eastern side, settling her back to it, and lifted her eyes to the skies, feeling her restless energy slowly settle as the night drew on.

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