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Story line Continues | March 22nd, 2019

The pack has settled somewhere in the north to rest up before they move on. Calder seemingly made yet another appearance to the pack after tailing them for sometime.



RP Log Begins

* Ayaka too would have stuck close to the pack, watching their surroundings as well as the skies for any that should think of appropriating their kill, laying on the carcass’ opposite side from Kova. She perked then, turning to watch her sister gnaw on the goat’s horn, shifting restlessly. She wanted to get everyone up and moving, yet she held herself, careful to await the Beta’s decision.
* Fianna had slowly worn a small path from her resting place to the carcass, eating from it each day, and then taking a small walk around the area in a small circle, gradually wearing her own walking path so she could stretch and strengthen her ribs. Each day, though the ache stayed, the burning pain grew less until she felt she could move a bit more freely, without the hitch in her step. Careful still, she did not put her full
* Fianna weight on her left side, but only what she felt it could handle without stress.
* skydancer ears swivel slightly at the activity and lifts her head eyeing the sheeps remains before rising to all fours and wanders over mindfull of her gait.lowering her muzzle she sets to work on freeing a proper piece
* Kova would remain where she was gnawing happily on the piece of horn as she would wiggle her nose this way and that taking in it’s scent quietly before looking around her. She would see Ayaka and smile, chuffing to her “Hello sister”
<Calder> He would have been tailing the pack sense they departed and by now, would be resting in a small cave just below the northern passage. He was familiar with the little nooks in which he can seek temporary shelter from the elements and wandering eyes. His elongated snout snapped open before closing sharply with a yawn. Amber hues with a blazing gaze peered around before finally pressing his paws »»
<Calder> »» to the stone and retreating from the sanctuary.
* Ayaka dipped her muzzle taking a small piece of goat scrap in her maw and gulping it down before smiling at Kova tilting her head. “Hello Kova.” She shifted. “I begin to feel restless..” she admitted, “I think we must move on soon. This wide open plateau worries me, as does staying in one place for too long in a land not our own.” She pawed at a clump of snow, smashing it, before scooping some into her mouth and letting it
* Ayaka melt, thirsty. She rose and stretched, shaking snow from her white pelt. “I think I’ll do a bit of scouting..” she said, needing to move
* Fianna stood at the top of a small rise just off to the pack’s left. She figured the least she could do was station herself where she could see a long way. She could watch, be wary. Scenting the cold air, she tucked her tail around her paws more closely, keeping a shiver at bay as she thought of Atraya, of Faolan, of Rook. Where were they now? Were they okay? Did they yet live?
* Kova would continue to chew on the piece of horn before pausing to speak “Aye, as am I. I hope that perhaps tonight we will move again – or sometime this afternoon.” she offered to her with a slow wave of her tail. “Oh? Would you like some company?”
* Noxion ( has joined #WolfSpirits
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* Ayaka reached her nose to nuzzle Kova. “Of course sis. I always love your company.” She would turn to glance up the knoll toward Fianna, heading that way to stop ear the fae. “Will you stay near the kill, Fianna and watch over it? We are going scouting and will return soon.” When Fianna would answer she would nose the fae and move toward the north, hoping to see what their upcoming paths had to offer. Wouldn’t hurt to break
* Ayaka trail early anyway, provided it didn’t snow hard again before they left.
* Fianna would nod in agreement to Ayaka, nosing Kova as well if the fae was with her, trying not to look too worried as thoughts of the alphess still hung heavy on her shoulders, the scent of the scrap of fur, Calder and her mother’s scents both, causing a residual quaver in her muscles which she had to focus to settle.
* Kova swung her tail happily behind her before she would look to the horn piece and frown. Oh! She had an idea! She would pick it up and walk towards Fianna and smile, nosing her back in return “Watch this for me?” she would wait for the fae’s response before she would follow after Ayaka.
<Calder> After retreating from the sanctuary of the small cave he would start off up the northern pass once more. There was not much to hide behind but he would make due with what he had. Keeping to the stone nd boulders, he would skip from one to the other effortlessly as he continued along the path made by the pack.
* Fianna would eye the bone, then Kova, then the bone before dipping her head to grab it up. “Ofsh coursh.” She said, wagging, a slight light in her eyes.
* Kova swung her tail and smiled, nosing Fianna once more in thanks to her! She would then quickly move after Ayaka with the intent on finding out if anyone had trailed them or not, or, more importantly if anyone else was within the boundaries to the north.
* Ayaka would start off to the north, starting breaking a trail between two snow covered hills, before turning to loop back around to the south of the pack’s current location. It would take some time, and as they both moved, she would speak in soft tones, conversationally with her sister fae. “Have you ever found new territory with wolfspirits?” She asked, “did they move before I became part of the pack?” Her old pack had moved
* Ayaka quiet a bit, in fact, wolfspirits had been the only pack she’d come across that remained so relatively staionary. But then, they had found a place worthy of such. Many packs had to follow the herds, as they did now.
* Fianna would watch the two sisters trit away, the small bone tucked in her maw, tail hanging till, listening vigilantly for several long moments before she moved downhill to settle closer to the carcass, then settled the bone between her paws, unable to resist a bit of scritch scratching of her own teeth. Oh she’d watch it closely, of course.
* Kova followed after Ayaka before offering “They hadn’t moved not that I recall. Shukie and I only came to this pack three or so years ago.” she tried to remember if that was accurate or not, most likely longer. “But I have heard stories that the founding alpha, Kovo, had moved the pack once before to the territory we’re currently at.”
* Ayaka tilted her head toward Kova, even as her eyes scanned the uneven plateau. Ahead, further north, it seemed they’d have to climb even higher before dropping down into the valley, once they reached the downslope they’d have to be carefull with switchbacks, so as not to go plunging downward, all ending up with broken ribs such as Fianna had. Leaving the trail north, Ayaka curved around now south, making a wide circle around
* Ayaka the pack as she bounded through the snow, falling still every so often to watch and listen. It seemed, for the most part, that they were alone. No doubt they hadn’t yet crossed into Calder’s packs territory. Just thinking of the roguish brute made Ayaka stop and snap at her fur a bit, nosing Kova as well. “Those travels would be interesting to hear about..” she finally ventured to comment in return to her sister.
* Fianna still lay, crunching away at the bone Kova had asked her to watch, beside her the carcass of the dallsheep was nearly frozen, well preserved in the cold of the mountain range. It still had sevral good hunks of meat on it, for the others had been careful to leave some for all.
* Darth would wake up and stretch his legs out before rolling back to his stomach to stand up. He shook the snow from his pelt and looked around. He would crunch through the snow as he started to move around, if he could see Ayaka and Kova, he would chuff a greeting in their direction as he swiveled his ears, listening for any sounds that may be heard.
<Calder> Would continue to move up the slope until the wind of wolves seemed to pause him in his tracks. He would tilt his head in a favorable direction as it would offer to him the scents he had sought out for. He grinned and swung his tail about before moving along the chosen path. If the wolves rested in the open he’d surely come upon them.
* Fianna would look to see Darth begin to stir. Ayaka and Kova were too far on the outskirts to be seen for the time being, perhaps beyond a hill. But she was there, and would stop her bone gnawing long enough to offer a quiet friendly chuff to the brute, standing carefully. “Hello Darth. Have some food. Kova, Ayaka, and Skydancer killed a dallsheep. It’ll help boost everyone before we move on..” she passed on the information,
* Fianna settling beside the carcass as she looked south, lifting her nose to the winds. If their scent carried to Calder, his own would for the time being be masked from them. Was his frame visible against the snows yet? She would carefully stretch, testing her muscles against the injury as wellbas the cold.
* Kova would continue t ofollow after Ayaka quietly offering conversation. She was happy to do so, she hadn’t had a good one in a while. “I would love to share about them! Shukie and I saw a lot during our travels. Especially the water that smells funny and salty. The creatures there are much different than here.”
* Ayaka would perk at her sister’s words, turning to glance her way as she hopped up onto a rock next to a large pine tree before halting to look out over the vantage she’d found. Below just to the north, the small pack was nestled up against a copse of trees, for shelter and cover both, though they had not gone completely into the small copse. She could see a few forms moving about, and their scents had cast long to her.
* Ayaka From this vantage, she swept her gaze east, west, and further south as well. If Calder was moving along their previous trail, Ayaka’s alert gaze would no doubt pick up on his black form soon enough.
* Ayaka grinned at Kova, “what sorts of animals? I’ve heard of the great white bears, and I think you’ve spoken of a few others before..” she imagined the place even as she continued her vigil
* Darth would hear the soft chuff come from behind him and turn to see Fianna. He began to move toward her and see the carcass of the sheep as she settled down beside it. “Thank you.” He said before he would feel his hunger grow in his stomach. He would approach the frozen sheep and tear a small piece off for himself. He would nod to the young wolf. He set the piece down, and looked to Fianna. “How are you feeling today?” He asked tilt
<Darth> Cut: …He set the piece down, and looked to Fianna. “How are you feeling today?” He asked tilting his head to the fae END
* Kova she would look ahead and offer a smile “There where these animals that where really loud, and fat! They smelled of the sea and of salt. They where very slow…” she offered a low gruuuu “They where easy to catch however, they where fiesty!”
<Calder> Would continue to make his way towards the direction of the gathering of wolves. He would stop short, however, and dared not to get to close. He had settled himself behind a boulder and peered over it just to make sure he wasn’t in the way or hoped he wasn’t. He’d sit there for the moment and wait.
* Fianna slid down to lay on her belly, her ribs growing tired of movement for the time being. She offered a shrug to Darth, watching him eat some. “I’m doing alright, healing still.” She grew tired of everyone asking all the time, but then, she knew they meant well, so she offered a smile before lapping up some snow, needing the liquid to melt and slide down her throat
* Darth would watch Fianna take up another mouthful of snow and listened; “What? no; I was asking why are you eating the snow?” He asked, still not understanding what she was doing. “I’ve never seen a wolf eat snow before.” He said, tilting his head.
* Fianna ‘s eyes brightened in understanding. “Oh. Well… it melts in your mouth. Up here there aren’t any flowing streams so we have to eat snow to quench our thirst.” She had never had the experience of knowing something someone else did not, and she tried to be kind about it, even as she couldn’t help but feel slightly good at being able to help someone else.
* Ayaka continued listening, “they sound very tasty indeed.” She licked her chops at the idea. “I don’t see anything really..” she commented. “Perhaps lets head back?” With that she would take the direct route downhill, heading back toward the gathering of woofs.
* Darth would nod in understand; “Oh, that makes sense.” He said; before taking a small mouthful of snow into his mouth and feeling it melt in his mouth before swallowing the cool water.
<Calder> Continued to watch from a distance for a moment longer before rising up and slowly making his way forward. There wasn’t much to hide behind now and he would likely not really bother to conceal his frame either. The dark voluptuous male would stride towards the two wolves Fianna and Darth. His eyes no doubt on the male for a longer moment but then refixed upon the other.
* Fianna nodded, watching Darth partake of the frozen water. “It takes a long time, but, its worth it if nothing else is available.” She smiled, tail brushing the snows behind her, oblivious to Calders approach until he was well visible. Perhaps it was the sound of his pawsteps crunching over frozen snows that first alerted her and she rose, thinking it to be Ayaka and Kova returning, her honey amber eyes curious to what they
* Fianna might have found. But then her hues fell on the muscular form of the large ebony brute, Calder, and she inadvertently gulped before her tail rose along with her head and ears. Though she was no longer in her own territory, she couldn’t show weakness. She stood, her stance belying the injury of her ribs, neither did she show aggression. “Calder…” she said, intrigue lacing her tones as she watched him closely.
* Darth seeing the brute approach, stopped eating for a moment and stood. He had not met this wolf yet and didn’t recognize him from the territory. As Fianna stood and called him by name, he stood beside her; still not knowing what this wolf wanted. He had heard the name before, but couldn’t really place who or where he had heard it, and didn’t know if he was friend or foe, so he took no chances and let Fianna instruct his actions; never ta
* Kova she would look ahead and offer a smile “There where these animals that where really loud, and fat! They smelled of the sea and of salt. They where very slow…” she offered a low gruuuu “They where easy to catch however, they where fiesty!” (repost)
<Calder> As he approached the pair he smiled with pearly whites. “Hello daughter of the Alpha’s” he’d slowly bow his head and rise before giving a passing nod to Darth. He returned his deep amber gaze back to Fianna and smiled “I see that you’ve taken up my advise…. how does it feel to not belong in your own lands?” there was a sharpness to his tone but as well, one that welcomed the fae »»
<Calder> »» into unknown territory as well. However… was it really unknown?
* kamaitachi woke up to voices. It seemed some of the pack was up. Opening her eyes and shaking the snow from her fur as she stood up, she looked around. She spotted her brother taking with 2 other cars she wasn’t sure if ahe had met yet or not. With a chuff, she padded towards them
* Ayaka nodded excitedly to Kova’s words. “They sound delicious! I travelled very near the coastland, but never tried any of those creatures myself, but Salmon, ohh, so delicious. ” she would begin to head down the hill back toward the cluster of wolves, unaware for the moment of Calder’s appearance
<Kova> “They where! They had a lot of fat!” she licked her lupin lips as she crested over a small knoll to over look further into the northern lands. The wind would kick up what remained of the snow which hazed her view some “There’s so much to show you along the rivers of salt! Perhaps one day we can travel there? However there are bears there ,large ones, that are all white.”
* Fianna held very still, watchful, even though she found her limbs wanting to leap and roll and posture, the male’s very essence seeming to ask for such. She held still, she was an alpha’s daughter, she would comport herself as such. Tilting her head in acknowledgement of Calder’s words she nodded. “Yes. We search for my mother, as you have said, we must pass through your lands..” she paused. “Will you offer us safe assurance
* Fianna of travel?” She asked the question, hope springing in her heart. Maybe she was still naieve, maybe not, but she would ask all the same.
* Fianna paused, unsure how to answer the male’s own question. “It feels as you would expect.” She finally said, her own words perhaps sharpening slightly. She didn’t like being toyed with, even if she found him intriguing.
<Calder> Would smile all the same as he began to make a few steps closer towards Fianna, his nose twitched this way and that as he furiously tried to pick a part the scents but there would be no mistaking the ones that stood out the most to him. When she offered her words of rebuttle he couldn’t help but chuckle, a low and deep harmonious laugh. “Ah ha ha! Yes…. well you are close to my lands. »»
<Calder> »» Just a few more miles northwards and you will be within them. If the lady would allow… may I have the opprtunity to show them to you? As a good sign of my… assurance.” he paid no mind to anyone around him now, not even any one who approached. His deep amber eyes holding fast to Fiannas, eager for her response.
* Darth would notice his sister approaching with a chuff; he directed her with his head to stay behind them; all with a look in his eyes of uncertainty. He then turned his attention back to the stranger and listened as he and Fianna spoke. Waiting for some kind of relevance to be heard; he got a bad feeling from the wolf before him, and looked to Fianna to see what she would say or do
<Darth> ‘Fianna, We can not spare you. If you wish to go, please allow someone to go with you.” He said in a whisper to the fae, knowing that it would be safer for the young fae.
* kamaitachi moved to her brothers side “what’s going on? Who is that wolf?” She said quietly to her brother. She got a bad vibe and found herself saying “don’t trust him. He’s bad” she would tell her brother sinking into the snow
<`Raven> <Larka> *woke up stiff and sore. Her paw ached but relief when it wasn’t bleeding anymore. Standing up slowly she shook herself as she stared around her. She noticed a group of the pack around a strange brute and tail high she padded silently towards them wondering what was going on.
* Fianna was deeply tempted, everything within her wanted to know more about this mysterious brute, as well as find her mother as soon as possible. Buut,… she flicked an ear toward Darth but didn’t look his way. Deep down she knew it was a siren call, for now at least. She would remain loyal to her pack, and to the things which her parents and elders had taught her. Stepping forward to meet Caldet halfway, she met his stare
* Fianna with her own, equally riveted upon him as she tried to match his tones. “I will acompany you… when the rest of my pack does so as well. You are welcome to stay, and speak with the Beta, for she will make the call of when we go.” Were her words wise? She didn’t feel in it her heart for she longed to follow, to see what his words had to offer in ernest. Her paws, however, stilled.
<Fianna> (Calder*)
* Fianna grinned at the idea. “Of course we should. I would love to see where you grew up.” She said, moving slowly through the deeper snow near the bottom of the hill. “Perhaps once we have settled, or found our alpha’s once again.” She nosed Kova, happy to be spending time with jer sister again.
* Ayaka grinned at the idea. “Of course we should. I would love to see where you grew up.” She said, moving slowly through the deeper snow near the bottom of the hill. “Perhaps once we have settled, or found our alpha’s once again.” She nosed Kova, happy to be spending time with jer sister again.
<Calder> gave a smile as he dipped his head towards Fianna “Very well. I will wait for you to the far north about two miles in the direction of North. You will find me near a spring and two boulders that stand on either side much like the ears on that golden crown of yours” he said with a smile before offering a rather brazen and bold move of reaching over to brush the tip of his nose to her own. »»
<Calder> »» Maybe it was his way to let the others know he’s met the fae.
* Darth would watch the exchange happen before him, no longer was he by the fae’s side as she had moved forward; and had to trust the fae to know what to do. As Calder reached forward, he watched carefully, ready to strike if he were to harm the fae at all; but until such time, he would remain standing in his spot, watching.
* Kova would dip her head to Ayaka and smile all the same “Shukie and I have some wild stories, that’s for sure. Especially when we made the long trek to get to WolfSpirits…” she said now thinking on her other Kyara. What had happened to her? She hadn’t seen her in sometime and that pang of worry washed over her.”Aye, I agree. I’m sure she’s alright… I hope that Faolan and Rook are as »»
<Kova> »» well…”
* Ayaka ‘s tongue lolled a bit from the hard work of moving through snow, nudging Kova some with her shoulder. “Perhaps once we are on the move, should you be near enough to me, you can tell me one of those wild stories.” She wondered what it would have been like to wander the grand world with naught but a sister at one’s side.
* Kova smiled once more and nodded in agreement “I certiantly will!” she said with a swing of her tail before nduging her shoulder along Ayaka’s softly. She looked ahead and found nothing of interest in their scouting. “Seems all is quiet out here… almost barren. It’s a wonder anyone would live out here?”
* Fianna easily commited the instruction to memory, knowing she would need to relay the information to Shukie when the Beta awoke or otherwise returned. For now though, she blinked as Calder’s nose brushed hers, his scent washing over her and seeming to settle upon her own fur. She allowed the contact, a strange thrill tingling along her skin as he did so, but she stilled herself before her tail would wag. She would not show
* Fianna any eagerness until his intentions were better known, until ‘he’ was better known. She owed as much to her mother, if she was yet alive. And her father. She stood up tall. “We will find you there.” She said with a nod, brushing her nose briefly along his cheek before he withdrew in an equally brazen move, adding her own scent to his pelt, perhaps to say she was not afraid, or perhaps it was more, perhaps she didn’t
* Fianna even know herself. Pulling back abruptly she raised her head again, flicking her gaze finally once to those nearby, Darth, and back, glad they were near, though she felt she was not in danger. Not now anyway. Her rib ached from standing as if she were not injured, but she gave no indication, rather watched Calder. “You will not need to wait long, for we are eager to reclaim my mother.”
* Fianna agreed, “it has a frigid beauty to it though, does it not?” She asked, almost reverently glancing over the cold landscape, where only few trees dared to grow, and rocky mountain tips were visible in the distance. “Things that can handle the cold, and that don’t need much vegetation..” she mused.. “or .. most things just roam through places like this and don’t stay long, like us.”
* Ayaka agreed, “it has a frigid beauty to it though, does it not?” She asked, almost reverently glancing over the cold landscape, where only few trees dared to grow, and rocky mountain tips were visible in the distance. “Things that can handle the cold, and that don’t need much vegetation..” she mused.. “or .. most things just roam through places like this and don’t stay long, like us.” (Annnd again. Sigh)
<Calder> Well didn’t that just melt his heart? There would be an undeniable gruuuuu’ing sound from the belly of his being at the returned brush of the fae’s nose. It tickled him blue, or black, as his fur whipped about in the listless wind. He flung his head back and once more baruuu’ed in victory of such affection returned and would tip toe dance around in a finely pointed circle before stopping. »»
<Calder> »» “Then I eagerly await your arrival m’dear…” it was there he shot a glance, no, a death stare at Darth while he spoke the next words. He didn’t seem to direct them to Larka or Kamai “… alone!” with another gruuuu he would skip his back heels and turn gracefully around (he couldn’t very well snowball the lady in the face now could he?) and start off further north and offered a flashy »»
<Calder> »» wave of his tail like a fan in his bitter sweet goodbye. The destination would be the meeting place he had designated.
* Darth would continue to watch the exchange between the strange brute and Fianna as it came to a close. With Clader’s death stare, he knew at that point that the brute was one not to be trusted. He sighed and almost growled as Calder began to head out, but maintained his composure the best he could. He then padded up to Fianna’s side and looked to her. “Are you okay?” He asked her with concern.
* Calder Quit (Quit: *with a little more skip to his step, he departs*)













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