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Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting!

 Meeting Notes

  • Date: March 14th, 2019
  • Shukie leads the pack meeting
  • Kwa`ani is promoted to Assessment
  • It’s announced that assessments will now receive the % symbol while in the channels
  • The pack discusses their temporary (or maybe final) move out of the territory to seek more fruitful hunting grounds as well as missing members


    @Atraya @Kova @Ayaka @Faolan @Shukie @skydancer @Kajika
    +Fianna _Kwa`ani


    Pack Meeting Log Begins


    * Shukie had been to the kill site and tho she was not happy that an outider had provided their first real meal in so time, they needed the substinance, especially Fianna. It was time to put a plan of action into play be it the right or wrong one, it was time to find their alphas. She didn’t ascend the alpha rock instead climbed atop Beta Place on the western side of the clearing and would
    * Shukie howl long and loud to gather the troups
    * Kova wouldn’t have moved far from the carcass that was discovered by the pack a few nights ago, and, as it was would have kept guard over it but not endulged with it yet. She was very hungry but she no doubt would’ve waited for Shukie’s say. An ear perked towards the direction of the south, towards the clearing. She heard a howl and the tone belonged to her sister. She would be quick to her paws but gave a single glance over her shoulder to the woods to the north. Finding nothing unusual there she proceeded now with a quickened pace now to the clearing and to the place of gathering.
    * skydancer perks her ears as she turns her attention towards the beta’s location and without another look a the carcass, which she hasn’t touch so far, starts trotting toward the clearing.
    * Fianna , after lounging around near the kill until it had been picked clean, had slowly taken herself back to the clearing where she’d returned to her usual spot against the base of the alpha rock. She’d left the small tuft of mama’s fur there, buried neath the snow nestled against the rock, and when she lay there she could smell it a small amount, though it was getting less and less strong. Now, as Shukie called from a spot
    * Fianna to the west, she would perk, blink, then slowly rise, turning to snap at an itch on her left side. With a bit of a sigh, she moved toward the Beta’s location, one slow padfall after another, her honey amber hues watching those around her as they gathered
    * Kwa`ani was lounging forelornly at the lake of solace, her mind upon the black brute, their current benefactor and ooooo *licks lips in thought* only her train of thought was so Rudely interrupted by motormouth’s howl. She recognized the summonz of the Beta begrudingly rising to return to the clearing
    * Ayaka , having had a full belly for once in a long while, had continued keeping vigil of the hunting grounds as well as various paths between it and the clearing. Now she would be just entering the clearing from east, head up and alert, catching Shukie’s howl in time to divert her paws from the stream, toward the west where she came alongside Fianna as the fae was making her slow progress to settle near Shukie.
    * Kova ‘s tail shifted slowly behind her as she would make her way back towards the direction of the clearing at a swift and eager pace. There was purpose behind her paw’s and would have been at the carcass guarding it (Whatever was left of it if anything) until otherwise and so, with the call to a gathering she’d forsake her post and only hoped the would be “mystery” wolf would show up again to ask some burning questions. Eventually she would break through the timber pines and enter into the clearing proper where she would take her seat respectively beside her sister Ayaka while Shukie conducted the meeting.
    * Kwa`ani glanced towards the alpha rock not seeing Shukie at first atop BP, stopping once she saw the beta settling back upon her haunches watching the others trickle in.
    * Kajika had thought of all sorts of ways to describe the other male, but it likely that it wouldn’t align with all of the descriptions Shukie might hear from the females of the pack that seemed to have fallen under his spell. In fact, he was likely the only one who would underexaggerate the male’s appearance if anything. But he was overcome with a fatigue where he thought he wasn’t going to be tired and ended up falling asleep right there in the middle of the Clearing. He hadn’t gone far since then, only to the stream for a drink and settled there to rest. Now that he heard the sound of a howl nearby, he lifted his head up and turned to the sound and before it faded, he would already be getting to his paws to make his way over.
    * skydancer pausing briefly she checks the snowy field in front of her before continuing along her chosen path toward shukie her ears swiveling alertly even as she allows her gaze to check along the northern treeline half expecting trouble to come poking it’s nose in. as she reaches the beta she dips her muzzle in greeting even as she picks a spot to sit.
    * Shukie knew it would seem odd to gather the wolves at other than the alpha rock but that was atraya and fao’s place, not hers even with technically acting in alpha role. She nodded to those present giving it a few moments for wolves to arrive and settle in at BP. “Greetings and thanks for heeding the call. We have much to discuss and decide upon this night. First though, Kwa`ani please step forward”
    * Kova when she reached the gathering of wolves she would come to the Beta’s spot and settled down on her haunches. Curious hues would befall all those gathered and she gave a warm welcome and greeting for all who where present where of family and pack. She swung her tail gently across the snow before she would look to her sister and then to Kwa`ani. She perked her ears forward with an eagerness that would betray the flutter in her frame. A subdue she had to force.
    * Fianna would attempt to lean over and nose Kwa`ani as she neared, hoping her littermate would sit beside her, only to hear the fae’s name called out. She tilted her head in curiosity, watching to see what would transpire. It felt… wrong for Atraya to not be here, and as she sat, she felt the ache in her chest grow a bit. She missed those of her family who were not present.
    * Kwa`ani worried she’d done something wrong when she was called forth, rising slowly tho with each step she would stand taller, stopped before Shukie. “Yes, my Beta?” lowering her head briefly in respect before looking back to the fae. She’d not been around much aside from a few brief check-ins, otherwise keeping vigil for the hunk, glancing back for a supportive glance to her sister for the briefest  of seconds.
    * Ayaka would catch Kova’s gaze, nosing her sister fondly as she sat beside before looking toward Kwa`ani, measuring both her and Fianna, with how much they’d grown and learned in the last year. They were adults of their own accord now.
    * Fianna would look to Kajika as he neared the group too, looking perhaps a bit sleepy? Giving him a nod of greeting.
    * Kajika arrived as others did and settled in as Kwa`ani was called to come forward and then back to Shukie as Kwa did so. A slight motion from the corner of his eye was enough for him to see Fianna nodding in his direction and he smiled and nodded and wagged his tail in response. In spite of all that was happening around them, this moment seemed to outweigh a lot of the other things
    * Kajika going on as he »»
    <Kajika> »» would wait to hear Shukie speak. «end
    * Shukie perked when she caught scent of her sister, eyes seeking out the fae giving her a brief nod. “Kwa’ani, you are born of the alphas Atraya and Faolan. You have come and gone. Have you decided to make this your home and take this pack as your family and continue your journey to becoming pack?” her tones were even, almost monotone to impart the seriousness of the fae’s decision to be made.” She decided not to be long winded for a change, there was many important things to get too yet.
    * Kova brushed her tail across the snow when Ayaka nosed her and she would offer a fond nuzzle back in return before her hues fell towards the grown up fae’s. She would remember when they where born and caring for them. Providing the large meals for their little bellies when they could stomach the meat. She sighed with contentment but as well, pain, knowing that Atraya nor Faolan where present. Perhaps a foresight for what was to come in their future? Regardless she would watch with admiration in her eyes for Shukie as well as the Alpha’s daughter. She often wondered what happened to the Alpha’s son, Rook. She was fond of him as well. Perhaps it was the season that stirred that chapter of memory in her own little book but for now she kept concentrated on the meeting and now, the progression of Kwa`ani. She was happy to see the fae continue on to joining her mothers pack.
    * Kwa`ani let out the breath she’d been holding worrying she’d done something wrong, her ears perking tipping foward. “Yes, Shukie. I am born of WolfSpirits and in all ways I wish to continue to becoming pack, A WolfSpirit member.” Again she sought her sister’s eyes for a brief moment and dipped her head to Shukie.
    <Calder> The little token would be left with great care and thought to the well being of those within the pack of WolfSpirits. Despite the clear trespassing into their realm, perhaps it was for good intentions. Maybe he was a soft hearted male who just wanted to make sure they didn’t starve. Some, he noticed, could have used several meals. In the very thralls of darkness and concealment of the northerly woods Calder would be standing upon a fairly sized boulder over looking the hunting grounds and beyond. The howl perhaps coaxed him out of his resting place to have a listen to the winds.
    * Shukie looked to the pack before speaking to Kwa`ani again, “Is there anyone that feels Kwa`ani is not ready to become assessment?”
    * Kova would look towards her sister before she stood up and gave a stomp of her paw lightly, then a slow shake of her head before uttering in a light yet serious tone “No objection” she seated herself slowly upon her haunches.
    * Fianna shook her head emphatically, as if the question were directed soley at her. She knew without doubt her sister had the heart of wolfspirit, of an alpha’s daughter.
    * Ayaka would almost grin at Kova’s courtly display, but kept a more serene face instead. She too shook her own head as she met Shukie ‘s gaze momentarily. She saw no reason why the alpha’s daughter should not advance. She looked forward to it!
    * skydancer looks a bit suprised at the question but then shakes her head. ‘no objections.” she replies
    * Kajika would sit silently but couldn’t think of a reason as to why Kwa`ani shouldn’t be advanced to Assessment. In fact, he couldn’t think of a reason for anyone to be held back as a pledge at this given moment. As he saw others shake their head, his tail swayed faster than his head moved when repeating the action of the others.
    * Shukie took the time to get affirmation from all pack for this as Kwa`ani was the alpha’s pup and she did not want to show favortism, infact, the opposite. “Kwa’ani, let your heart and spirit guide you always and in doing so you will find yourself as a full member not only through blood but through action. I will expect more of you because you are of the alpha’s bloodline.” She was not  alpha, thus she desired the pack’s approval tho she would promote the fae. “I welcome you as Assessment to WolfSpirits, Kwa`ani. You may introduce yourself as such.” As her vocals ended she tapped her paws multiple times, a wide smile now forming as her tail swayed.
    * Kova when Kwa`ani would be announced as an assessment to the pack she couldn’t help but offer a soft howling bark to the winds for the Alpha’s daughter’s advancement. She was so glad to now see both of them so far in their journey. She was happy for the fae and would no doubt take Shukie’s words into thought as well. Would Fianna be tested in the same manner she wondered but for now she was proud and excited for the newest advanced member of their home.
    * Fianna would be quick to rise to all fours, though the exuberant movement sent a complaint through her ribs, and stomp her paws as she barked out a congratulations to her sisters, tail wagging and eyes gleaming. It was good to have advancements, during hard times such as this it offered an extra happiness in the otherwise gloomy stress.
    * Kwa`ani flattened her ears back at the additional expectations of the beta then dipped her head even as her ears flicked forward, “Thank you Shukie.” SHe could hold it back no longer and sprang to her paws with a loud howl of excitement as she made her way back to her sister “I’m an assessythingy sis!” remembering back to when they were pups. In time she would settle and give the Beta her attention  again, the smile not leaving her face.
    * Ayaka would smile and chuff out a happy bark as well as stomp her own paws in excitement of the occasion. She chuckled a bit as the excited younger fae gradually settled once more.
    <Calder> This presence almost commanded the wilderness to hold it’s breath in awe of such a… specimen? His coat still maintained to it’s healthy natural sheen which was a good sign to his prime. Taking a step forward on the boulder he would extend an ear out to listen and to get a better understanding for the calls, howls, and yips to the wind that would offer perspective and insight into what was going on beyond his actual hearing. He was after all a fair distance away but that would change fairly soon he just needed to time it right. Yes… time it right. With the other male, Kajika, presenting himself there was much to deliberate on what he planned to do next. His intentions where of his own and there was no clarity to what that actually was save for perhaps the inconvenience of time in the season, or, was it?
    * Kajika wasn’t the first one to pick up the celebratory howling and paw stamping against the snow and throwing in a few barks followed by a series of short howls that took a moment to die down again.
    * Shukie let things settle abit then continued the meeting, “As Nightshade, Rune and Rook have been absent or not active they will need to repledge again should they desire to join.” She paused then continued, “We have decisions to make on who, how and when we shall search for and find our missing alphas.” pausing, “Does anyone have understanding of the goat’s placement and the its rocky
    * Shukie enclosure?” Calder’s presence was not yet detectable to those in the clearing. She wanted her alphas back and the sooner the better.
    * skydancer lifts her muzzle leting out strong congratualtory howl happy for the fea and trying to make hersef heard as far away as possible. while unaware yet of the brutes nearness she is still contemplaing which part of him to detach first if she ever gets the oppertunity to do so.
    * Kova would sway her tail slowly behind her at Fianna and Kwa`ani. She would be very fond of both the fae’s and proud to see how far they’ve come and how much they’ve grown. She perked her ears to Shukie and listened intently. There would be a visible frown at the mention of the Alpha’s son, Rook, but gave an understanding nod. She gave it a moment of thought “I can only assume it is the new male, Calder. His scent was the only near or around it when we first found it.”
    * Fianna would feel like doing ‘jazz paws’ for Kwa`ani but, her ribs hurt too much and she would settle for a quick lick to her sisters cheek before turning to become serious once more, head up and eyes trained on the Beta. She only knew what she’d seen, the goat left like an offering, complete with decorations. Calder certainly had style, she had to give him that. And an awefully nice scent. But then, so did Kajika, though she wasn’t about to tell him that.
    <Calder> Once another round of howls where silenced by the gobbling reverberation of the mountains behind him he would leap effortlessly from the cold stone and start to make his decent into the hunting grounds. It didn’t take him long to reach the little gift he provided and a lupine smile would curve along his lips upon seeing there was nothing left of it but remains. Good. He needed a particular few healthy and his offering would satisfy him greatly. With a little more kick to his step he would continue to strut himself matter-of-factly in the direction to the vast opening the pack used as their place of mutual gathering. Unearthly amber hues picked a part the surroundings as he took note of everything. He was a well seasoned wolf who did a lot of traveling so needed to be particular in his memory. The promise of the fae’s seemed to coax his pace at an even, drum beating one.
    * Kajika listened to Shukie as she started to address them again and thought of the wolves mentioned that he hadn’t crossed paths with in a while. But his attention was brought back from the thought of those three when he tilted his head slightly at the mention of the goat that had been discovered. “Goat?” From his tone alone, there was a bit of confusion but as Kova spoke of Calder’s  scent being all over it, he knew just about all that he would need to know of the scent he could pick up on a couple of days ago. He huffed a little bit but his mood didn’t change because of the previous festivities of the evening but he did turn both of his ears forward to catch every other detail. For once, he seemed at a loss and didn’t really have any questions about it at the moment so he returned his attention back to Shukie’s previous statement about who should and should not go in search of their missing Alphas.
    * Shukie saw no reason to delay, “As Atraya and I had discussed some time ago, we were contemplating relocating to where a better presence of prey. With that in mind I am going to propose we eitehr seek out this Calder mutt or begin our path past what he claims is his territory to locate our alpha fae. I can’t help but to think she is seeking her mate. Otherwise, I know not what would take her away.” Her tones were serious, looking at each wolf pointedly. The winds would not be in favor of the pack and bring the brute’s scent too them, the opposite…keeping it hidden thanks to the wiley wolf knowing how to use the winds direction to his advantage. “We can always reclaim our lands here should prey return. Otherwise, once we mark our boundaries fully, I propose preparing to depart within the next day.”
    <Kova> The obvious concern would be Fianna and her well being to be able to make a trek that far, or, even further. They had no idea where this Mykeer place was other than the vague directions that where given but she had a rough idea. She also knew that Fianna wouldn’t likely be caught idle in the clearing either and would probably insist on going, which in turn she would insist she not for fear she would exacerbate her injuries. “I am ready to move out as needed. The prey has been absent for far to long and there is promise of prey beyond our borders and out into the North. However…” she paused and finally stood to address her sister and Beta. “I worry Beta that the herds are now resting in anothers territory…. if that is the case… shall it be a fight for it?”
    * skydancer ears flatten briefly in chagrine at the mention of the goat. “If we can get more information from him, It would shorten our search considerably.” she say’s her tones suggesting how much she dislikes the option herself. “I’m not sure about that.” she response her tone respectfull.”she was only inentending to check on the borders to check on the intruders scent. the one we now know as calder and wanted to be back with a day orso” she adds
    * Ayaka nodded gravely to Shukie’s words, knowing it was a hard decision the Beta had to make. She felt her respect for her friend continue to grow with each time the fae showed her wisdom. It had been a good choice on the alpha’s part to set her in the position. After hearing Kova’s thoughts she found she agreed. If Calder, alpha or not, had a pack where the herds were, it would be far riskier to stay there to hunt. “Perhaps we could set up a territory outside of theirs. Herds roam, so that might work in our favor
    * Kwa`ani whined at shukie’s mentioning of leaving the lands and maye not returning again. She just did not want to accept that thought. She was seeing the packlands as home and not home being where her packmates were. In time she would realize this. “We’re going to find Calder?” she perked, his scent firmly implanted. As Kova mentioned fighting over another’s lands for prey.. that was as foreign a  concept as not seeing her parents or siblings again.” Her head shook and kept shaking from the internal thoughts. “I followed Calder and saw where he is coming in and out of our lands. He’s not really hiding his scent or pathways from what i can tell tho my experience in tracking is limited. I don’t know just where his lands being or end at.” Wow! The older wuffs sure seemed wise and wondered if  she would ever be that smart.
    * Fianna perhaps felt glances in her direction as Shukie mentioned leaving, whether any truly looked her way or not. She knew she was the weakest member of the pack right now, a liability as skydancer had said. A low whine left her muzze as she stood lifting her gaze to Shukie’s. “I will not slow the pack if I can help it. I know my injuries stem from my own choices, and I would not set the pack back in any way because of that. Pain will be my companion for a time, but if I am careful, I think no more harm will be done, even if I am slower..” her tones were both sorrowful and hopeful at the same time
    * Kajika took a second to think about what he had medicinal wise that he could bring with them. As Kova spoke of the herds being in another place entirely, he thought back to his first arrival here and could pretty much agree. The Hunting Grounds themselves were vastly open and when he had first arrived they had made their home there but since he has been here, their presence within the territory was  scarce. He would hope that a fight wouldn’t have to break out over their ‘control’ over the herds, but they would need to hunt more substantial things other than the small prey that were offered in the valley. He also knew that even though he wouldn’t be starting over with a new space or territory, time spent outside might reveal more herbs in growing conditions that he wouldn’t find within the territory, once the snow melted and Spring had thawed. It wasn’t going to be an easy journey, but he was sure that together they would make it.
    * Shukie listened patiently to everyone’s suggestions, her gaze going to Fianna. “Having Fianna stay behind is out of the question as she could not protect herself nor hunt sufficiently until she is healed.” An old saying crept into her mind which she repeated. “We are only as strong as our weakest member. If our path is slow and steady for her injuries, we will have less chance of missing
    * Shukie signs.” As everyone was only focusing on Atraya, she intended to broaden the search to include Faolan as well for if they could find his path. “We also need to seek any signs of Faolan, Rook and the other missing members. If we find one, we might find all.” Looking to Kwa`ani, “His trail is easily followed and he seems to come and go from the north.” Again she looked to each wolf present, “Does anyone disagree with all of us departing as a pack?”
    <Calder> With the recent snow finally melting his tracks would be easily discernible from all the others and that was ok. It seems his intention was to keep his presence well known for reasons. He would cross the vastness that was the pack’s hunting grounds and thought to himself how wonderful it must’ve been when all the herds occupied this entire space. He grinned with the knowledge he held based on that very subject and continued to cross the expanse until he reached the woods to the south headed to the clearing. He saw the usual path every wolf who was left to this pack used to go in and out and simply seated himself there at the very end of it. There he would simply wait with a quiet stoic expression.
    * Kova would give a slow nod of her head to everyone’s assessment of Shukie’s proposal. She thought over it carefully as well before speaking again allowing Shukie to offer her response in kind. She shared the same sentiments as her fellow family. “Aye, I have seen them go in and out of the large valley north of here. Perhaps there is another grazing space between this land and the next.” when Fianna would rise and speak she would offer a brief nuzzle to Fianna’s frame, one of reassurance to her that she surely would not be left behind no matter how slow she might be because of her injuries. She allowed another moment to pass and nod to her sisters words. Yes, they needed to go search for all their family. So many where missing. ‘I am ready and do not disagree with this decision’.
    * Kajika spoke his thoughts when he realized that he hadn’t said anything out loud. “I think we can move on to these supposed lands. If we wait, Calder might take his time in showing and there is no telling if we’ll be able to get any new information from him. If by the end of tomorrow with a no-show from our guest, then we should move on.” He glanced around as he heard similar standpoints on the matter.
    * Ayaka nodded to affirm that she agreed with the rest. “I think it is a chance we must take. Our pack needs to go where the food is, and home can be found wherever the pack is at.” That was something at least. It wasn’t so much a place, but a family.
    * Shukie nodded to everyone’s suggestions. “For now, I’ll close the meeting formally and we can continue to make plans and determine when to depart, like within the next day or two at the most, mostly another day for Fianna to get good rest. I propose we establish ourselves in the northern tip of the ancient forest between now and then. Gather what small prey we can between now and departure to go on full bellies as there will not be easy hunting especially as we cross another pack’s lands.”





    Meetings End


    Please fill out the role play times/days that work best for you!

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