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Pack Meeting #198

Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting!

 Meeting Notes

  • Date: November 1, 2018
  • Shukie leads the meeting with Skydancer, Nightshade and Rune attending
  • Ranked wolves moved to Subordinate
  • Nightshade requests to join the pack and Rune requests to rejoin the pack as Pledge



    @Shukie @Skydancer
    Nightshade, Rune


    Pack Meeting Log Begins



    Open Floor

    * Shukie had spent the last several days scouting the trails, mountain sides and teh heartlands. It was time to check in within the clearing and see who was about and obtain any news she might be unaware of from past week or so. Her path would take her along the edge of the ancient forest along it’s western boundary. The snowfall over the past few days made it easier to spot new tracks though in some areas where the sun still beat down relentlessly, the snow had melted off for the most part while in other areas where the shade never quite went away, the terrain was on the icy side. The breeze caused small drifts here and there of a few inches to maybe a scant foot looking more like boulders than drifts. In short order she would cross the stream upon the western side of the clearing and then ascend Beta Place (knoll upon the west side of clearing at den site 2) and look about, checking for both fresh and older scents of her pack mates as her gaze took in what was offered her.

    * skydancer lies just within the western tree line frame resting between some bushes and curled about herself as she dozes lightly after a small meal her scent once again quite present within the clearing as well as on part of the western border after almost moon absence

    * Nightshade a chilly breeze has touched her ears which has pulled her out of her sleep. Awake and curious she stood up to shake her pelt warmth and clean.

    * Shukie shifted her frame and would call out in a howl that would carry a good ways to alert any near or at least within hearing distance to assemble

    * skydancer shifts ever so slightly in her sleep trying to find a more comfortable position when a howl rips right through her dreams causing her eyes to fly open but doesn’t otherwise move listening. after a moment she realizes nothing wrong but apparently there might be a meeting of some sort though why the delta’s calling it ad not the atraya.. and at such an odd angle. slowly uncurling her frame she slips out from under the bushes she uses as a resting place and looks toward the Rock a puzzled expression on her features before starting to make her way up along the tree line searching for the younger fae and wondering what’s up.

    Nightshade ears perked up when a howl in distance has been catched up, this was a familiar howl. she walked her way to where the call of the beta was been heard

    * Rune ( has joined #WolfSpirits

    * Rune ‘s level of optimism was relatively low after returning to the Pack’s Territory, but much higher than it had been during her travels. The scorched, bald patches in the earth and skeletal trees rising to meet the approaching winter’s gray skies concerned the russian fae. Her assessment of the herbs yielded results that weren’t horrible, except the damage that had been done around the Lake of Solace, and she was hoping that with her [17:51] * Rune Rajika’s combined efforts this season would be enough. Perking her ears to a familiar howl, the white and russet fae rises to her paws and begins a lope towards the Clearing from the west, recalling the last time she had heard Shukie’s call and ignored it out of caution. Patches of snow crunched beneath Rune’s paws as they hid under the shadows of branches and dying grasses.

    * Shukie watched as movements of a few of the pack caught her eye, spotting newer wolf, Nightshade. Rune would be coming from behind Beta Place though she might pick up the fae’s approach, the lighter paw motions of skydancer would not yet be heard tho if she turned she’d perhaps spot the fae.

    * Nightshade now closing up the Den2, she spotted a wolf waiting for the rest of the pack. If she weren’t wrong and her eyes did not tricked her, she could see that is was the betawolf. Stiff and dirty she shaked her frame once more and moved faster to the place. to alert the rest that she was almost there, a howl was heard from her to the rest.

    * Rune was not far from the Clearing when she heard the Beta’s call, and could see the thinning and eventual break in the trees ahead of her. Letting out two chuffs, so as not to startle any wolves she may approach from behind, pace slowing and ears swiveling as she approaches the end of the trees. To her surprise, wolves were gathering around the den where Atraya and Faolan’s the pups spent their earlier days. Her tail wags when she se

    * Rune Shukie and Skydancer, the latter of the pair she had not aid eyes on for a long while, but copper and amber eyes narrow at the sight of another stranger.

    * Shukie was surprised but then again not at so few wolves present for all the pups were missing tonight along with most every pack member, sighing deeply hoping their numbers increased as winter progressed or even fewer would likely be here come spring. Her howl was not quite so long nor loud knowing her voice would carry from the height of the knoll. She was not one that liked waiting tho she knew she needed to give others time to arrive and howled again signaling the start of the meeting. inwardly thinking this would be her first solo meeting as Beta. Her head snapped around, ears pitching at the russian accented greetings and would respond in kind. As the other’s made their way near she began, “With the Alpha’s away upon their duties, I will be holding the meeting tonight.” As her gaze would land upon Rune, “Welcome back, Rune” her tail would wag briefly before awaiting others to settle.

    * Nightshade arrived finally at the place for where Shukie awaited and chuffed her a greet “Hello Shukie, sorry for the wait. I’m here”. She sat down and moved her head gently to the ground as a greeting to the beta. Also hearing her speaking about the meeting made her curious and a bit nervous about her place in the pack, her ears perked and listened to what was been told. A other wolf was also spotted by her eyes, this one was  new to her.

    * Rune “Hello Shukie,” she responds to the Beta upon the knoll, ” Skydancer” she dips her head and sits back on her haunches beside the scout. Turning her muzzle towards Shukie, Rune waits for the black fae to begin the meeting and her eyes dart to the strange wolf every so often.

    * skydancer ears perk as she hears the differently accented voice and chuffs a response after only hesitating for the short moment she needs to identify the owner of that voice, not many around with that way of speaking. “hey rune.” she calls out out only to detect the slight tension and quickly moves in between the two fae just in case nightshade decides to try and do something, unhealthy. how are you” she starts to asks when shukie voice draws her attention her ears drawing forward and giving the younger wolf most of her attention part of it still on the fae now hopefully on either side of her.

    * Shukie would dip her head to Nightshade greeting in return and then skydancer and Rune. “To lead off with things, With the pack being so small currently all the ranks will be dropped as we will all need to handle all duties. As the pack grows again, re-instituting ranks will be reconsidered at that time.” *gazes to the few present to see if there are any questions.

    * Nightshade nods as understatement to the words of Shukie, ” Is there a chance that old member will return to the pack?” was she asking with curiosity. As she looked to her other side, she noticed that sky had sneaked up between her and the strange wolf who has been called rune. “Hi sky and Rune” she dipped her head to greet them. “I’m new to the meeting event”. Nervous she looked around and back to the beta.

    * Rune tilts her head, curious as to what the new fae was speaking of.  Which old member? Keeping a respectful but comfortable distance from Skydancer, the russian fae leaning towards the stranger with her nose twitching ever so slightly. Where the fae had come from, Rune could not tell based on her smell but she returns her attention to Shukie to await a response.

    * skydancer ears flick back slightly at the younger wolfs information as it tells her something about the state the pack is in right now. more then anything else she’s been able to establish so far.. at nightshade question she turns her attention to the newer wolf and though herself knows the answer to that question shukie’s the one in charge so she takes care to keep er muzzle shut.

    * Shukie nodded to Nightshade taking the question as a general one and not of a specific wolf, “Aye, sometimes older members do return after being gone awhile, sometimes not.” glancing to the other two wolves present. After a pause glancing to first Nightshade and then Rune as if in invitation, “If anyone has any requests to make or comments, questions, please speak up.” She noticed skydancer’s motions indications she wanted to respond smiling inwardly that the fae didn’t. 🙂 She did have a couple of other things though minor.

    * Rune figured her request or inquiry to be out of context at the moment and decides to wait as Shukie may bring up the topic on her mind. Beside her, Skydancer’s posture shifts forwards as if to add to Shukie’s response. The russet and white fae had not yet caught the stranger’s name yet and her ears were poised to catch it.

    * Nightshade smiled and stepped forward to speak up her desire ” I have a request ” she chuffed. ” I like to join the pack ”

    * Rune tilts her head curiously at the new fae’s request, hers being the same. Eyes drifting up to meet Shukie’s, Rune rises to her paws and takes a step forward to indicate a similar interest but fully prepares to return to her seated post beside Skydancer. Having been absent for an extended period of time, Rune recognized that she would have to rejoin the pack as a Pledge and while having previously held a rank, the name was not important and her skills just as useful to the pack without the title.

    * Nightshade due the announcement of the beta, the black young wolf forgot that she hasn’t introduced her to the white wolf. “Hello, sorry for my lack of kindness

    * skydancer shifts her attention from the newer fae back to shukie to see how the other will responds to the request though she has little doubt to the response. it’s alway’s the same after all and it’s not as if they can affort to turn anyone down at this point anyway. sitting onto her hindpaws she takes note of rune stepping forward as well and gives a single light swish with her banner across the snow. not a bad thing two at once.

    * Shukie tilted her head as she watched hesitancy in Rune then gave Nightshade her attention, “Rise and come forward, Nightshade.” Once the fae was before her she gave her full attention to the fae, “You are sure you wish to join the pack, give your loyalty to the WolfSpirits and are prepared to follow our ways and rules?” pausing she looked out briefly then rested her eyes upon Nightshade again, “The Alpha’s and I shall expect you to learn and uphold our ways, and as your progress you will be considered for further advancement. As Rune moved forward she nodded with a slight smile. “This is a bond of family, of honor and to uphold our oaths. Are you willing to do so, Nightshade?” She turned then to Rune, “Rune, you are returning to us and we are glad to see you once again. Are you ready to begin the journey again to becoming a WolfSpirit? Pleding yourself to our family once again?” She did not go as in depth with Rune for the fae was already familiar. “Each of you, as you show through deeds and dedication to the pack and it’s wellbeing will advance at your own individual pace.” Looking first to Rune to respond and then Nightshade.

    * Rune pads forwards to stand beside Nightshade and to soak in Shukie’s words, glad to be home. “I am ready to embark on this journey and to dedicate myself to this family once more.” Dipping her russet head to the Beta she looks over to Nightshade for her response.

    * Nightshade walked to Shukie and respond ” Yes. I give my full loyalty to the pack and I respect the rules and guidelines. I will give my word on that. I might be young and foolish but I have the will to learn.”

    * Nightshade explained ” I have never met a pack, i used to be a lonewolf. But this.. this feels like family. Forgive me for my goofy things and mistakes I might make in future.  But do not forget I’m eager to learn maybe not that fast.. please have patience.  I will help where i can help. I will lean my strength in tasks to stand by. I’m tired of wandering alone. Now I want to be one with others.  I’M nightshade.  A blackwolf. Kind. Loyal. ” and she dipped her head to the ground.

    * Shukie nodded to both faes, “Time shall tell if your words are true. Should you find over time that the WolfSpirits is not the right pack for you, simply let myself or the alpha’s know. This is a time for all of us to learn of the other to ensure we are the right pack for you and you right for the pack.” smiling now she gazed again to each, “Should you decide this is not the right pack even once a member, simply let us know.” As Nightshade spoke she nodded again, “Mistakes are expected and would be surprised that none are made for we all, everyone, make mistakes as that is part of life. It’s if we learn from them that matters.” her tones had softened on the last part. “Are you both willing to accept me as your Beta and Atraya and Faolan as your Alphas?”

    * skydancer watches on her ears swiveing slightly as she listens to the familiar exchange of vows though the words may differ slightly from time to time the basic meaning remains unchanged. at the beta bit though her ears perk that’s first she hears of though there was that howling for a meeting a while ago that she’d been unable to attent. putting the thought aside for the moment she pay’s attentio to both faes responses to the all important question.

    * Rune ‘s tail sways softly and well below the level of her spine and her ears swivel to a slightly submissive position before she looks to Shukie. “To see Faolan and Atraya as my Alphas and you as my Beta would be my honor and I am grateful to be given this opportunity.” Dipping her head to Shukie and giving a soft, wolven smile.

    * Nightshade lowered her small frame to the ground to respect and honor with the answer ” I accept you as my beta and Faolan and Atraya as my alphas.  I’m a wolf of actions, I do not speak simply words which can be proven. When I’m not able to be active I’ll let it know. Lead and guide me through,” as she pleed to the question of Shukie.

    * Shukie smiled as she looked to skydancer, “With skydancer as witness, You each may introduce yourselves as Pledge of WolfSpirits when greeting and welcoming strangers or even to other pack.” Her tail swayed briefly before stilling again, “We each will have things to learn from the other.” In part her next statement was in regards to Rune’s return, “Time apart can often allow for personal growth and changes of how each is perceived and is perceived by others. I look forward to getting to know each of you and providing the training needed for you each to advance. No wolf advances at the same time, or it is rare that they do. Do not be put off if someone is pledged after and they become pack before you do as this is not uncommon.” Seeing each accept the requirements of a pledge, “I welcome you, Nightshade and Rune, Pledges of WolfSpirits!” With that she tapdanced upon the top of Beta Place, the rocky outcropping facing into the clearing.

    * Rune ‘s tail wagging picks up pace and she gives a quick bark and howl in dark, alto tones in delight.

    * skydancer ears quickly angle to either side remaining quiet during the exchange and at those words realizes a sligt issue just a tad sharper then before right nobody else there. at the moments the two are named pledges she lifts her muzzle and let’s out a congratulatory howl, which seems a little thin so on it’s lonesome. at that point though a brutes howl sounding like coming from the west answers and her ears drops. “does any of you know that voice?” she asks looking alittle worried as she doesn’t.

    * Nightshade smiled with a big grinn when the beta has give her now the official approval and welcomed her. ” it’s a honor to be a pledge of the Wolfspirits” as gives a gently nuzzle carefully to  Shukie. Her black fluffy tail wagged of joy and howled to the sky.

    * Shukie smiled, her off white fangs briefly visible in the darkness as her black furred lips shifted to expose them as she smiled. Once the two faes returned to their prior positions she would continue, “OOC item: I’m considering setting a new wolf each time to take the notes of the meetings so that Atraya or myself are not having to split attention to ensure logs are made of meetings. Prior to start of meetings one of us will designate who.” As the fae’s settled again she would continue, staring strangely at skydancer. “I hear nothing, are you going nutz, skydancer?” Her irritation showing for both not hearing anything distant and for the meeting being sidetracked, her eyes narrowing as her ears flattened then snapped upright, swiveling for any sounds, tail rising to full height

    * Rune returns to Skydancer but halts a reasonable distance away when her demeanor turns more anxious. Looking over her shoulder to Shukie’s response and similarly not having heard the howl the small fae had, the russian fae’s tongue passes over her russet muzzle apprehensively. “From which direction did you hear the howl?”

    * Shukie gazes about for signs or sounds of the stranger not having heard the tones herself. In hushed tones, “For now, the meeting will need to be suspended and the remaining items reviewed at a later meeting.” With a howl she would close the meeting even as she trudged down the side of the knoll until she was standing among the others

    * skydancer dips her muzzle slightly at the faes words then at the others sharp response. “maybe I’m just overly jumpy.” she replies. “but I thought I heard something coming from the westen border she replies eeping her gaze away from shukies and is sudenly far more interisted in those trees lining the clearing.

    * Rune noses Skydancer with some caution, taking into consideration she may be a little on edge. Turning to Shukie, she lightly noses the Beta’s scruff as well, making sure to move slowly so as not to startle either of them. Small strings in the back of her mind tugged with increasing tension as she neared the other wolves, but over time Rune had learned to ignore them.

    * Shukie reigned in her irritation and focused her attention to all things distant, scents upon the crisp winter breeze, the sounds or lack of sounds in any one direction. At Rune’s closeness she briefly smiled at seeing the fae initiate a close encounter and nosing. She would return the nosing with one of her own with a whispered, “Welcome home, Rune” the words fading as the position of her head changed as she continued to check for sounds she’d perhaps missed before. “We will need to establish routines for scouting, refreshing markers and checking in routinely until this intruder is found and or driven out depending on their intent.” her posture was one of protection, her demeanor very matter of fact on what needs to be done. “Take no chances and do not engage alone as we know nothing of this one and could be a straggling minion of gozer..errr.. the Crone.” after a pause, “Be careful and be safe. Something does not feel right. Let us check in with each other often and make the rest of the pack aware of the stranger.”

    No other topics where discussed and meeting was ended


    Meetings End


    Please fill out the role play times/days that work best for you!

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