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Pack Meeting #189

Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting!

 Meeting Notes

  • Date: September 15th, 2017
  • Meeting had to start a little early due to Alpha’s IRL schedule
  • Kwa`Ani requests to join the pack



    @ApacheWolf @Atraya @Ayaka @Faolan @Kova @Kuroi @Shukie @Skydancer
    Kwa`ani Fianna Nalani


    Pack Meeting Log Begins



    * Atraya would shift her tail high behind her as she made her way towards the direction of the alpha’s rock as she chuffed to all who where around. It had been far to long since their last meeting and now seemed good as any now that there seemed to be several about. She would promptly dip her head to those in greeting so as not to ‘ignore’ them before she lifted her muzzle skyward, howling for a gathering.
    <Rook> growled and nipped up into the air after the one that stole his attention. There was nothing but scraps on his fish anyway, but he wasn’t concerned with that. It would be somewhere near mid-bark that he heard a familiar howl. Mama!! His quest would be made all the easier with her finding him…or would it be him finding her if he came to her howl? He’d likely take the  credit. With that he would abandon the fishing venture and make like a baby and feet on out! Thanks, shorty! I will remember that slimeys aren’t all that bad.
    * nalani head comes up just as she reaches the last boulder head tilted a fraction and ears perked at the distant howl, it seems important . she launches into a all out run jumping rightt of the big boulder and inacross the field and backintothe forest making her way toward her mother as quickly as she can.
    * Ayaka would lift her head and turn it to where Atraya stood atop the alpha rock. Apparently a meeting was in order, and her ears pricked to the howl. With a glance to Shukie, Kova, and quick nosing to Kwa’ani she turned and made her way to stand before the rock, then settled onto her haunches, silvern hues upturned.
    * Kwa`ani repsonded to her mother’s howls with one of her own before moving to take a place a bit of distance away, tail wagging as she lowered her head when her mother might look her way.
    * Shukie would nose her sister’s scruff then turned back towards the alpha rock at Atraya’s howl to assemble, dipping her head respectfully before standing beside the stone. “Greetings Alpha!” her voice would clearly show her relief at seeing the fae for it had been quite some time.
    * Kova perked her ears towards the direction of the howl and saw that it belonged to Atraya. Oh! One of the alpha’s! She swayed her tail happily behind her and quickly got to all fours and made her way to the rock before she promptly sat and nosed Ayaka who no doubt was next to her by now.
    * Skydancer head comes up, a meeting? or a hunt? either way. she has to hurry breaking into a lope she heads for the path she´s establishes the first year she´d been expecting the salmon run only two brief year prior. ´come this way.¨she encourages the yearling though wether he´ll react in his exitement she doesn´t know even as she stretches her frame to as fast as it will go in the confines of the forest.

    * Atraya when the wolves heard the call and gathered, she dipped her head and offered a wave of her tail. She was happy to see them indeed. As she would shift her paws before her she awaited for all to take their seats before she started. “Thank you all for heeding the call. It has been sometime since we’ve gathered as one, hasn’t it.” she offered in a passing question really before she proceeded. “First off I would like to start off by opening the floor as per usual. To invite any who desire to join the pack, to step forward and make this request.” she didn’t see her mate and knew not of where he was or where he had been. She glanced now over all the wolves and looked for any new among them.
    * Kuroi would feel the familiar sound of a howl near the Rock, and considering as well the number of scents of wolves that have been around today, the black wolf had already an idea of the reason behind that howl, and without wasting any second, he already go to the Alpha Rock.
    * Fianna ‘s ears twitched as mama’s call sounded in the distance. The echo of it in the leftover forest was more spurring to her already rushing paws. No one had told her she was a yearling now, with a supposed yearlings maturity level. No thoughts on decorum here, her sprinting took her the from the forest, momentum easily carrying her over the stream in the northern parts of the clearing, across the main expanse toward where mama and the others had gathered. A howl ripped from her throat and around her stick, dirt covering her pelt and her nose as she skidded finally to a halt near the base of the rock, shaking her pelt and dropping the soggy stick.
    <Rook>knew his way back! He was, afterall, a bit larger than Sky and wouldn’t be able to fit into all the nooks and crannies. All the same, he was sharp enough to pick out their scent trail and use that to make his way back in a hurry! He’d miss out on the beginning of the meeting, but at least he’d find mama.
    * Kova would remain seated, her hues fallen to the wolves who where present and perked her ears to the request. She herself saw no new wolves beyond the alpha’s brood. SHe was inwardely happy to see them. She listened now towards her alpha and to what would transpire.
    * Kwa`ani fidgited for a bit then would rise with a low dipping of her head to Atraya, her mumziemummer. ONce again she shook her frame then looked to Atraya. SHe was nervous but moved forward anyways. “I request to begin the journey of joining the pack” again she lowered her head as she waited for a response. Had she done that right she wondered internally.
    * Skydancer being no slower and certain part in fact might a little faster due to her smaller frame but if there is one thing she isn´t right now. it´s quiet creating quite a roucous, for her doing anyway she hurries along her chosen path though she knows that she might not make it in time, hopefully not a hunt strange as that might seem from her but she´d probably never make it in time.
    * Atraya continued to over look all the wolves present and saw her offpsring among them. She swung her tail and smiled warmly to them. She would then look to her daughter, Kwa`ani, who spoke up. Her eyes light and a brightness fell over her. She smiled and would dip her head, chuffing for her already one year old to step forward and present herself at the rock.
    <Rook> Leeeeemahn pleeeedge!!! His thoughts were a mixture of elation and dancing circus monkeys, whatever those were, as he kept up a quick run back towards the clearing. Would he be in time to watch his goober-ridden sister’s ascension to the ranks of the wayward lemons?
    * Fianna cocked her head as she watched Kwa’ani move forward as mama dipped her head. What was going on? She had missed the first words spoken, and a confused look would be on her face, but Kwa’ani words would begin to register. Her sister was trying to pledgify? She sat up straighter, watching another moment, wondering if she too could do so, yet unsure.
    * Shukie ‘s tail wagged excited to see the yearling voice her request, taking note of who was present and the late arrivals of which there were always some to straggle in.
    * nalani runs along what kinda seems like a path but she isn’t as familiar with this area as would like especialy now she has to get to the clearing in a hurry, atleast that’s where she thinks her mums call came from.
    * Ayaka looked excited as well as she watched Kwa’ani move forward. It would be fun to watch the pups advance through the ranks. She glanced to Fianna, who seemed to hesitate, then leaned over to nudge the young fae softly.
    * Skydancer continues to moves along at a steady pace making a sideway´s leap to evade trees and bushes and leaps across fallen branches in order to arrive as soon as possible.
    * Atraya her hues fell towards her son, Rook, who aappeared among the fold. Did he offer those words outloud? Or where they in his head? Either way she smiled to her son before she then looked towards her daughter. “Kwa`ani… I’ve watched you grow into the strong she-wolf you are today. You’ve learned a great deal and as such, you’ve fostered the growth and knowledge of all that’s been presented around you. I ask you now… Kwa`ani, are you ready to proceed in life’s journey’s to continue with your birth family? To join us and be a Wolfspirit?” she looked down to her with gentle hues.
    * Kwa`ani moved with a slow graceful stride to stand before the alpha rock and her mother, the Alphess. Her tail low, nearly tucked but not quite. She would tuck a front paw under her chest and give a slight bow before looking up again, the nerviousness evident in her expressions. As her mother spoke her head lifted and she stood tall and proud. “Born of the Alphas I am, a WolfSpirit in heart. I am ready to pledge to the pack of my birth and take the steps of this new journey.”
    <Rook>  would not be too far afield from Skydancer, dodging branch, scurrying through thickets. The depth of the forest was behind him now and the light of the clearing was ahead. He could hear voices and knew he was late for the start, but he made it into the clearing’s west, northwest entrance with a triumphant explosion of underbrush and fur!
    * Atraya remained seated there looking to her daughter with a warm smile to her offered words and pledge. “As a Pledge of Wolfspirits you will further dive deeper into your own personal feelings of what ‘home’ and where ‘home’ should and truly be. Are you willing and ready to uphold the ways of the pack to ensure your journey to reside with your home remain true and to it’s fullest?” would now be inwardly sad her mate wasn’t here to witness their first offspring offering to join the pack but knew he’d be equally as happy when he found out.
    * Fianna watched her sister wide eyed. Who was that, and where did her playmate go? How had her sister suddenly become a grownup? Fia hadn’t spent much time with any of her siblings recently, and now began to wonder if they had all grown up.
    * Kova would look towards Atraya and then towards Kwa`ani. Her tail began to wave quickly excited at the prospect of another joining their fold! Not only a regular wolf, but an Alpha’s daughter!
    * Fianna situated herself more surely on her haunches, leaning forward in rapt attention, her auds taking in both mama’s words as well Kwa’ani’s, excitement coursing through her. She looked on in pride, as her sister went through the ceremony of lemon pledgyship.
    * Skydancer rushe toward the forest edge and no matter the hurry she is in she digs her paws into the soft forest floor and slows to a brief stand still and takes a quick check of her surroundings then almost leaps out into the open and toward where the others have gathered slowing just enough not to create a enormous splash on entering the water and swims across then bounces out of the water shaking her smell frame and trots up to those gather slowing to a walk as she approaches the outer most wolves and walks toward her place well aware rooks presence along every padfall of her path.
    * Kwa`ani rolls her ears forward, “I am ready to learn what must be learned and become one with the pack and a WolfSpirit in all ways, mother.” errrr, “Alphess” her tail wagging a bit now, that her butt wiggled a bit from it.
    * nalani rushes through the forest almost getting stuck on a low hanging brance and impatiently pulling herself loose and rushes onward her ears back to protect them from the branches.
    * Atraya when Kwa`ani offered up her agreement to her words and to what it meant to be a pledge, she would smile and dip her head before rising her paw lightly and responding. “Then, it is my honor to offer you, Kwa`ani, the title of pledgeship amongst your family and your pack. May your path be true and full of heart as you continue your journey in becoming a Wolfspirit.” she would stomp her paw down and smile as she looked to their newest pledge. She would wait for the howls to die before proceeding with the meeting
    * Kwa`ani had seen enough other wolves request to join but didn’t see any of them now. Trying to remember what they did she gave up for it had been a long while. In youthful exhuberance she howled excitedly and began to prance about then got a grip on it and settled to return to the group, then spotting her 3 siblings having thought they’d all been eaten by kitties or bears. She was glad to see them all, but where was big brother she wondered belatedly. *Weeeee! I gets a pretzil!* Prancing happily back to the pack she settles with a nose lift at her siblings
    * Skydancer panting slightly she listens to the exchange her banner swishing along the ground and then despite still being somewhat out of breath due to the long run she lifts her muzzle and howls in congratulation.
    * Rook  somewhere along the way, had lost his pine cone bow. Orphan Annie no longer, he too followed the path into the small gathering and quietly watched the proceedings with interest or impatience as he wanted to tackle mama. Where had she been?? Kwanzanini was a lemon pledge now? Where had he been?? Was this real life?
    * Kova would smile happily to their newest pledge, Kwa`ani! She would be excited to see what path the fae took and resumed looking to those gathered.
    * Shukie tapped her paws upon the earth in congrats to Kwa`ani and the start of her journey. As with all pledges, time would tell where her path would lead her, howling along with the others. She wondered if the others would join or not, noticing Rook’s entrance along with Skydancer’s. Once her howl faded she gave her attention back to the meeting, her tail going still again.
    * nalani rushes along what seems like a game trail allowing for easier movement and then, suddenly the forest ends and she runs even faster and as she approaches the stream she runs toward in and gathers her paws beneath herself and jumps spotting the gathering mid jump. “uhoh”she say’s even as she lands with quite the splash and a few paw paddles later comes out head and ears low not having wanted to disturb anything. still paw deep in water she shakes the worst off of her frame then panting harshly makes for the outer edge staying a little bit away to keep from causing anymore noise for the rest of the pack.

    * Atraya swung her tail happily behind her before it stilled to the resounding howls and happy excitment to their newest pledge. She saw her son explode from the treeline and grinned to him before she would re-adjust herself and continue the meeting. “Next I would like to discuss a few more things which we’ll now be moving to OOC”


    OOC Conversation – #WS_OOC

    Topic 1: Storyline’s & Role Play Times

    <Faolan> We’ve broached the topic of scheduling set rp times before, and it’s obvious how much that works via what we see for every meeting. We get more people rp’n. There are a few stories that need to be played out and set times might help us all get on the same page and ready to rp.
    <Shukie> *nods. it’s worth trying and a matter of scheduling
    <Faolan> It’s worth noting that it doesn’t always have to be Atraya or myself that leads those things. If you have an idea for a story that you’d like to head, then run it by us.
    <Atraya> Aye 🙂
    <Atraya> Anything to keep interest and spark some motivation
    <Atraya> Would it be better if I put up a survey for good times/days to RP?
    <Shukie> finding a common time weekly will be the tough part
    <Atraya> Obviously we would maybe do weekend(s) rp for those over seas 😉
    <Skydancer> not sure if it´s my sleep deprived brain talking, but..
    <Atraya> We don’t wanna leave you out Sky or Noxi
    <Skydancer> yay.
    <Shukie> Atraya: yes. i’d first send out requesting what times/days then narrow down from there
    <Faolan> we can setup a survey to see when there’s overlap
    <Skydancer> ..maybe something with lots of foxies orso those salmon are bound to atracked all kinds of critters..
    <Atraya> Alrighty I will set one up and post to twitter/FB/here etc.
    <Faolan> It might be helpful to have a calender to show when certain rp sessions are going to be held.
    <Skydancer> mhm
    <Shukie> Skydancer: yup. bears, scavengers, eagles etc will all be going after the salmon
    <Shukie> i’ve used the calendar on the website a little bit over the summer.
    <Atraya> I have a calender on the website now 🙂 just need to fill it in
    <Atraya> I can have it on the front page as well so people can see what’s “up-coming”
    <Skydancer> lets not forget the corvids
    <Faolan> A bit more visibility would work
    <Shukie> the calendar actually puts i blurp on the bottom of the homepage i think
    <Faolan> Skydancer: Yeah, something as simple as running into bears and the like. No need to make anything more than a one-shot event out of it.
    <Atraya> Mk I can do that 🙂
    <Atraya> I’ll put together a survey so keep your eyes out for that

    Topic 2: Demotions

    <Faolan> Well, that’s all I had on my end. We’ll get a system started that can get folks excited about rp again.
    <Atraya> Next topic: Demotions
    <Atraya> I’ll be removing the inactive wolves / pledges from the website and offer them a chance to re-pledge at the next meeting or gathering. We’ve had a number of wolves who haven’t been active well beyond half this year and as it is, we’re sticking to our guidelines and expectations for activity.
    <Atraya> Please remember to submit a LOA request if you need one 🙂

    Open Floor

    <Atraya> Alright that’s about it for this meeting! Going to open the floor if anyone has anything they’d like to say/announce/etc.

    No other topics where discussed and meeting was ended


    Meetings End


    Please fill out the role play times/days that work best for you!

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