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Pack Meeting #188

Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting! LOA discussed again. Kokuro and Nishanti accepted as Pledges. Requests for ideas and suggestions to promote activity.

 Meeting Notes

  • Date: July 14, 2017
  • Shukie leads meeting with Alpha’s Atraya and Faolan in attendance
  • Promotions to Pledge: Kokuro, Nishanti
  • Review of LOA’s – short periods of time – notify Alphas or Delta, extended with Alphas approval. Constantly being gone and no RP in ongoing, substantive amount is not reason to take/stay on LOA.
  • Questions posed for ideas to help promote activity. Please offer suggestions to Alphas and/or Delta.
    Ideas offered at meeting:
    Larka: contests centered around various skills and training. Setting time each month for activities.
    Shukie: doing more freeform training on skills with multiple times to account for timezone differences.
    Atraya: Would scheduled RP dates/times help with storylines?



    @ApacheWolf @Atraya @Faolan @Shukie @Kova @Kuroi @Skydancer @Larka  
    Rook Kwa`ani Nishanti Kokuro


    Pack Meeting Log Begins

    * Atraya the wind offered up what it would to her in the form of scents and she would no doubt take note of her mate and son moving in from the timber pines and into view. Her tail would naturally wave in the excitement of seeing the pair well. She continued to ascend the rock until she reached it’s edge and there offered her voice to the winds. A howl and calling to those who would heed it of Wolfspirits to come and gather.

    * Nishanti would wake up to a meeting and would quietly and quickly head towards the group of wolves and sit down near the edge listening

    * Larka woke up to a meeting starting and would pad over to the rock and would sit and stare up at the alphas waiting for this to start

    * Kuroi nodded to her. “Yeah, although sometimes I can’t resist the heat that does come these days…” He answered. “And there is quite the number of wolves today.” He said as he looked around, still sensing those smells until he then heard a howl. “I guess we already have the answer.” He said with a chuckle as he went towards the Alpha Rock.

    * Larka woke up to a meeting starting and would pad over to the rock and would sit and stare up at the alphas waiting for this to start

    * Kuroi nodded to her. “Yeah, although sometimes I can’t resist the heat that does come these days…” He answered. “And there is quite the number of wolves today.” He said as he looked around, still sensing those smells until he then heard a howl. “I guess we already have the answer.” He said with a chuckle as he went towards the Alpha Rock.

    * Shukie took in a deep breath letting it out slowly standing beside Atraya on the alpha stone. Lifting her head she would then call out in steady tones, her howl signaling the call to meeting of the WolfSpirits then would await for any coming out of the woodwork still before actually opening things up.

    * Faolan would pad through the grass of the clearing and to the edge of the alpha’s rock before turning to Rook and gesturing for him to remain below. It had been a few meetings now that they had been forced to remain with the others and it would likely be a great number more nwo before they would venture a thought to ascend it again. He would nose at the lad’s scruff and quietly place two ‘stones’ upon the alpha’s rock surface before making a silent gesture to his mate and their packs’ delta.

    * Kova heard the call and howl of her alpha and saw her sister up on the rock as well. She swung her tail quickly behind her before she would nose Kuroi “Seems like a gathering is called.” and it was there she started to close the distance between herself and the rock. Seating in the tall grasses. She took note of how few wolves where present.

    * Atraya when the meeting would be called, she would dip her head to Shukie, allowing her a place to stand closr at the top of the rock to indicate she too would be leading the meeting. When Faolan would join the rock, she would swing her tail across his ascending frame before offering a gentle nuzzle to his cheek before stepping back allowing Shukie the chance to start the meeting.

    * Kokuro would be standing rather relaxed as he watched his mother’s call. Seeing his father and younger brother he had barely seen since the first time, he would give a respectful nod before listening to his mother,

    * Larka is now known as larka|brb

    * Shukie dipped her head to Faolan taking note of the two stones then turned to face the pack. “Good evening all and thank you for being here this evening.” She paused not expecting responses. “First, I would like to offer up to any wishing to Pledge to the Pack to come forth.” her tail wagging, slightly level with her back.

    * Kova would perk her ears to her sisters words as it would seem this evening she would be leading the meeting. Her tail swung happily behind her but she would listen with the same amount of respect as her alpha’s. Her ears forward and eyes focused on the trio.

    * Kwa`ani would move to settle within the group of assembled wolves spotting her brothers before giving her attention to Shukie and her parents. That’s odd, why is Shukie up there and apparently leading things she wondered.

    * Skydancer_ as she approaches the Rock both ears draw forward in response to the howl and picks up her pace somewhat quickly closing the distance and sit´s down ears attentatively forward as , shukie? well why not she´s delta now after all, opens the meeting.

    ] <Faolan>  RꙭK  begrudgingly took the task he was giving, dropping the stone with a somewhat quiet “pleh”. What a crock! After all this time and “service” he didn’t get to even get a quarter of the way up? Maybe this was like the yodeler game on that one show? Next time he’d just have to bid “one dollar, Bob.”

    * Kokuro ‘s auds of russet would twitch abit at the Delta’s words. Looking inward to his feelings and the fact he had lingered here longer than he had in the past, something or someone was telling him something. His banner stiffening behind him, he would start to step forward with a hint of something to his amber hues.

    * Atraya would watch Shukie but then her hues turned towards the direction of the wolves whom where gathered. She would wait for anyone to make their steps forward. When no one seemed to step forward and offer up the chance to pledge she would nod to Shukie as if to suggest she may continue on. Leaving the time for one to answer up to her. She would be aware of both her sons now and as well her daughter.

    * Faolan would turn the silent gesture towards Shukie and take a padfall overtop the stones before sitting back upon his haunches. He half expected all of his young to join in a chorus of “me, me!” when the call went out to those wishing to repledge.

    * nishanti|mobile would stand up and pad up “I would love to replace if it’s alright?” She said eagerly

    * Kwa`ani thought long and hard about this step. It’s what she’s been wanting to do but yet, was hesitant as thoughts of wandering had it’s appeal too. She remained sitting where she was for now letting her brother Kokuro have the spotlight. BUt then again, if Kokuro was, she could learn from him as well. Still she hung back, mabye next time.

    * Shukie smiled as she watched the elder alpha’s son approach and Nishanti a sway of her tail. “Kokuro, Nishanti. You are both desiring to Pledge to the WolfSpirits tonight? What has brought you to this decision?” her obsidian gaze went between the two wolves, a gentle smile upon her face. Both wolves has been in and around the pack off and on.

    * Atraya an ear flicked back and then forward to the sound of another who chimmed in. She saw Nishanti and dipped her head to the young fae but when her son stepped forward, she couldn’t help but smile even wider. She hadn’t seen her in sometime but sensed her now and again the past few days. She looked then to Shukie and gave a nod of her head again as if to indicate an ‘ok’. She would allow Shukie the chance to continue with the proceedings.

    <Faolan>  RꙭK  would have been caught pawing at the stone at his paws before he ever realized the call for pledges came up. It was then that he saw a fae and his OLD brother come forward. Maybe his memory hadn’t served him well enough. Wasn’t the impostor a lemon pledge already?? What if he wasn’t? Would this mean that he’d be outdone in his quest??

    * Faolan gave little input into either of the requests, deferring to his curiosity as to how Shukie would handle the requests. He was admittedly happy to see his eldest son come forward and take on the task of joining the pack.

    * Skydancer_ sit´s quietly head now turning toward those that had stepped forward to pledge and waits, curiously, to what their responses might be. strange to see someone other then the alpha´s lead a meeting though she has no doubt they´ll correct shukie if she errs though the young fea is doing alright as far as she can tell.

    * Kokuro would slowly pad forward defering to the other as they had spoken first. Seeing the one sib that come to accept him as her brother , one amber would fall into a impish wink. There was still a little bit of the rouge left from his youth before those scars on his hinds had made him a more serious adult. Stopping before the rock, he would give a respectful nod to his parents before falling into a bit of a smirk to his younger brother. Then familial duties and greets out of the way, he would turn serious. Ambers staring to the Delta. “Yes Delta I would like to rety the bonds that have been broken by time and a wandering soul of youth. ” The brute now had formed deeper ties this time and perhaps this time the knots would hold. The draw of younger siblings to teach watch grow up had driven nails into those wandering paws of his.

    Atraya would look to her son and smile to his offered words of pledgeship and desire to join his birthpack. She swung her tail lightly behind her as she gently nudged her shoulder into her mates as she watched Kokuro with careful hues and to his words in which he would offer.

    * Kova watched Kokuro approach the rock and request to be put into the fold of their family. She smiled and watched with careful hues. she perked and listened.

    * nishanti|mobile would look to shukie, I would love to because this is my family and though I went missing foe some time I wanna rejoin my family, I plan to be awake more and join in activities. I know alot of you already and i wanna get to knoa the family i was born into. I love this place I call home” she would say on eager paws.

    * Faolan would lightly nod in recognition of his son’s words and the vow that was silently placed between the words spoken. He could guess as to Kokuro’s motivation, but would not go further. Whatever brought his son to this conclusion was one not coerced.

    * Shukie let her glance stray briefly to the Alpha’s before continuing, nodding to each of the wolves, Kokuro and Nishanti. She too had been surprised the yearlings hadn’t clambored forward to lemon pledge themselves. “As a Pledge of WolfSpirits, this is a time that not only each of you will come to decide if this pack is right for you just as it is for the Pack to decide if you are right for it.” She paused again letting her words sink in then continued, “As you reacquiant yourselves with the ways of the WolfSpirits, learn of each of the members and the packs history more fully. A time to look deep within and make your decisions where your loyalties lay. This is the first step upon your paths to becoming one with the WolfSpirits. Are you ready to take this journey?” again she looked to each. Though nervous a bit, she was confident, her tones serious as her gaze was steady upon them both.

    * Nishanti nodded to shukie “i am willing and ready” she said with a tail sway

    * Atraya would look to Shukie and nod to her offered words to the wolves before she now turned back towards Nishanti and Kokuro. She would await their responses in kind.

    * Kokuro would faintly smile ” Aye Delta, I am ready to come.. or should I say more ‘stay’ home . ” The only real hints of what was passing through the brute’s thoughts were the twitches to those russets auds.

    * Kwa`ani tilted her head as she listened, noticing slight differernces to how Shukie spoke, still not sure why the fae was up there and she couldn’t be. Fidgiting only slightly she remained quiet and respectful for a change, taking a quick look around to see who all was there or recently arrived.

    <Faolan>  RꙭK  listened for probably the 4th or 5th time in his life in the semblance of silence. He had heard enough responses to these kinds of questions to know it was serious business, but most of the responses were fairly similar. Would his be the same? Would he take a journey all the while being expected to stay home?

    * Atraya swung her tail lightly towards her son before looking then to Nishanti for her own response. she would once more offer a nod to Shukie, allowing her to proceed with initiation of the wolves into pledges once more.

    * Kova eyes fell between the two wolves who where desiring to pledge then she looked back up to her sister and smiled. She would listen intently to the words offered by both.

    * Shukie nodded to both Kokuro and Nishanti’s responses. It was at the Alpha’s slight nod that she continued. “Those present of the pack are witness to your declarations. The efforts you put forth shall determine just how quickly or slowly you progress. Not everyone progresses as the same pace.” With a dip of her head, “It is with pleasure that I name you both as Pledge of WolfSpirits. You may now introduce yourselves as such to those you meet.” Her expression was a mixture of seriousness and excitement for the new Pledges. She dipped her head to each wolf in Welcome as her paws stompped upon the stone.

    * Faolan would continue to listen to the responses and found no fault or cause for apprehension in them. So, when Shukie rightly gave them the title of pledge, he too stamped his paw against the stone surface.

    * Nishanti smiled and dipped her head and let out a howl before moving back to her original spot

    * Skydancer_ ears flick slightly as bug decides to bug them at just the wrong moment as shukie speaks up and as the young delta stomps her paws she lifts her muzzle slightly and lets out a gently congratulatory howl.

    * Atraya when Shukie offered her words to the pair, she grinned and dipped her head. Her paw came to rise up and then lower upon the stone as if to solidify the decision and acceptance of the pair as pledges into the fold.

    * Kova would let loose a few barking chuffs to Nishanti and Kokuro for advancing to pledges of the pack. She looked forward to seeing them once more grow even deeper into their fold.

    <Faolan>  RꙭK  would begrudgingly stamp his paw against the dirt. He had some catching up to do!

    * Atraya dipped her head once more as Shukie would initiate the pair into pledgeship and smile. She would take a deep breath before offering “Congrats to you both.” she then allowed them to step back into their places before looking to her mate then back to the wolves present. She would lean in and nose Shukie lightly “Next activity.” she would reassure.

    * Kokuro would stif;le a laugh at his brother'[s reaction as he knew he had to stay serious. Then he would pad over to sit beside his sister.

    * Shukie would take another deep breath, waiting on the congrat’s to be given then would continue. “Tonight we have a few things to review. First being the removal of the Members in Training, Assessements and Pledges, which Atraya has already seen too. This is due to inactivity and/or extended LOAs. If one is going to be gone for more than a month, then a demotion will occur as too much can transpire during that time. This also will apply to pack as well unless otherwise approved by the Alpha’s.” She paused here as she glanced to Atraya and Faolan before continuing. “Things come up, life, school, work, many things. Remember to reach out via email, here, etc so we know.” Here she did stop in case the Alpha’s had more to add on the topic.

    * Faolan had little to add to the observations. It was old hat by now and largely preaching to the choir. Those that weren’t here…weren’t here.

    * Atraya would offer a nod of her head to Shukie’s words. She too had nothing to add in regards to the demotions and would hope that soon their activity would pick up and those lost wolves would soon come around.

    * Shukie relaxed somewhat as she would then continue, “I’d like to open up the proverbial floor to everyone and get your input on things you’d like to see the pack doing, what would help make rp more interesting and help increase activity that wolves want to come in and rp as we all have lots of other things we enjoy doing too.” 🙂

    * Larka let out a chuff “i may have an idea.” she said standing up and moving forwards

    * Atraya would swing her tail before she would perk her ears towards Larka. She nodded allowing her to offer her thoughts.

    * Larka would look to the alphas and the others “well i know its important to keep family ties, and keep up with our training and skills, so what if we were to have an contest to put our skills to the test and see whos the best, like whos the best hunter, or fighter, or fastest, things of the sort. it would help us keep up our skills, and bring us all closer together. once a month might be helpful?” she hoped this would make sense and she looked back up to the alphas wondering their thoughts on this.

    <Larka> and the winner of each gets the best piece of prey caught???

    <Larka> and we can set a time each month like we do with meetings?

    <Larka> it might pick up the activitiy?

    <Faolan> trials and the like sound fun. I think the achievements that we were starting with could be a good place to start with that.

    * Kokuro nods perhaps

    <Shukie> *nods

    <Larka> thats what i was thinking

    <Shukie> i’m looking at starting a tracking of prey/predator training. freeform, non bot. it’d transpire of periods of time and could be scheduled dates/times, allowing for alternate days for those in other timezones too.

    <Kokuro> last one would help the most

    * Faolan nods

    * Faolan nods

    <Faolan> I have one issue with that…the frequency of success.

    <Kokuro> yeah

    <Kokuro> end up with sub pack feeling

    * Skydancer_ struggles to stay awake

    <Shukie> tracking one thing, hunting another altogether. tracking would simply be that. more of ranged tracking that all participate in at one time or another, various locations.

    * Atraya tucks Sky into bed

    <Atraya> get some sleep sky :3

    <Faolan> If they weren’t all successful or didn’t all lead to prey, fine. But as a gm I can tell you flatly that the coercion to succeed is great.

    <Shukie> but yes, not all will be successful, that’d not be realistic at all.

    * Atraya would rise her hues upwards in thought before looking to her mate and then to Shukie. She gave a light nod of her head. “A contest hummmm…” she would repeat before shew ould look to Larka “Or perhaps there could be one of each in a group so that there is particpation from all ‘groups’. Not all of our ranked have been present.”

    * Kova thought as well on the mention of a contest. She would construct the image of it all in her mind before looking to the alpha’s and Delta. She would be curious as well to their response at the proposal.

    * Larka nods “thats what i mean. the best in each team, and it helps those that wanna become ranked members can all have a chance to hone those skills” she said with a tail sway. it sounded like an awesome idea

    <Atraya> “Interesting. We could think on how to construct this. Also on the topic of such, would it be helpful to start posting role play ‘times’ and days? it seems like we get attendance when we ‘schedule’ things.”

    <Faolan> Details can be flushed out. What else are people wanting but not getting (insert thoughts here)

    * Shukie nodded to Larka’s suggestion liking it and the comments flowing. “Everyone’s idea of what’s fun and enjoyable will differ.” Glancing to Atraya, “Aye, specific times might help for planned activities.”

    * Atraya nodded in agreement with Shukie’s statement as well. “AYe it will but maybe if we have a starting point, that might help alleviate some of the stagnation? Also I know storylines help bring on attention and activity. If we have scheduled times and such.”

    * Shukie smiles to Atraya and clears her throat, “think upon things” she glanced over to Faolan having noted the stones and what their purpose was or if he intended to speak upon them or just didn’t have time to stash them. “Faolan, Atraya, any other comments or are we ready to close the meeting for tonight?”

    * Nishanti liked the thoughts of these words and a contest would be a good idea, she had wanted to try hunting and perhaps scouting or guardian but this would help her discover what she wanted to contribute to the pack when her time comes

    * Shukie (completes first thought to all in general: “Think upon things and make suggestions as things pop into minds” Then glanced to Faolan…)

    * Atraya looked to Shukie and nodded. “I’m ready to close for the evening.” she offered to Shukie and smiled.

    * Faolan would chuff to Rook and have the lad bring up the last of the “stones”. He had little else to add to the meeting proper other than the renouncing of a certain vow they had taken on behalf of the pack. The “stones” were small fist-sized objects that fit in the grasp of a wolf’s jaw fairly easily…their story was something far from normal.

    * Larka would stretch as the meeting came to a close and would sit there wondering what to do next

    <Faolan>  RꙭK  would just kinda huff at his older brother’s antics. HE was the one with the rico suaveness, thank you very much! Be that as it may, he did what his papa wanted and plopped the stone up to papa’s reach before taking his leave of the alpha’s rock.

    * Nishanti would sit there a bit before standing up and walking towards the others wondering what to do next

    * Atraya would look to her mate and then to her son. She tilted her head at the ‘stones’ they carried. For what? She would look towards Shukie and dip her head that she herself had nothing else to say and the meetings end could be made.

    * Shukie nodded towards Atraya with a dip of her head, “Thank you all for attending.” With a soft howl she closed the meeting.

    * Atraya smiled and dipped her head before offering her voice as well to the sky and for the meeting’s closure!

    * Faolan would listen, in silence, to the chorus of voices being raised while he arranged the three stones before him.

    * Shukie would shift her position after a glance to the new pledges and the rest of the pack then turned to get her assessment of how she did handling the meeting or if it’d be discussed later, perhaps catching Faolan’s movements though it was quickly growing darker with each passing moment.


    Meetings End

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