Pack Meeting #188

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Pack Meeting #188

Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting! LOA discussed again. Kokuro and Nishanti accepted as Pledges. Requests for ideas and suggestions to promote activity.

 Meeting Notes

  • Date: July 14, 2017
  • Shukie leads meeting with Alpha’s Atraya and Faolan in attendance
  • Promotions to Pledge: Kokuro, Nishanti
  • Review of LOA’s – short periods of time – notify Alphas or Delta, extended with Alphas approval. Constantly being gone and no RP in ongoing, substantive amount is not reason to take/stay on LOA.
  • Questions posed for ideas to help promote activity. Please offer suggestions to Alphas and/or Delta.
    Ideas offered at meeting:
    Larka: contests centered around various skills and training. Setting time each month for activities.
    Shukie: doing more freeform training on skills with multiple times to account for timezone differences.
    Atraya: Would scheduled RP dates/times help with storylines?

Pack Updates

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Pack Updates & News

In Character News:

The north continues to hold an eerie mist that’s plagued the lands beyond the mountains for several months now. It’s been determined that there’s something amiss and a new adventure for the pack is on the horizon.

As of late the lull and quiet nature of the season has kept the clearing in a stagnant state. With the changing of seasons, the pack hopes that those who’ve gone missing and absent will once again return to their beloved home, for a great challenge is on the horizon and the pack members will be needed.

OOC News:

There has been little activity for the past few months but we have a feeling it has to do with the holidays and summer break! We expect things to pickup fairly soon once school is back in session again! Also we’re looking to launch a new storyline and look forward to having as many participate as possible!

A pack meeting and hunt will be announced as well and I’m hoping we can start making it a regular thing!

 Pack Website Updates

There’s been several wolves who’ve been absent with no word on their disappearance. We’ll be removing some wolves from membership(s), member IT and Assessments. You’ll be able to re-assess as soon as you’re able to make it back and be active once more!