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Pack Meeting #187

Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting! OOC Rules and LOA rules have been updated.

Meeting Notes

  • Trico becomes a pledge



    @ApacheWolf @Atraya @Ayaka @Faolan @Kova @Kuroi @Shukie 
    Fianna Kwa`ani Trico


    Pack Meeting Log Begins

    <Atraya> “Thank you for those who’re here to attend tonights meeting.” she said with a lightened tone. Her hues reached out towards the wolves who where just now approaching including her mate. She couldn’t help but swing her tail with an excited manner before it stilled. She would once more address the wolves present. “First off… I would like to start with promotions.” it was there her eyes where cast now towards the direction of their newest visitor, Trico. She chuffed for the male to step forward.
    * Kova she looked towards the new wolf Trico and then back to her alphess and awaited what would come.
    * Trico raised carefully, his tail swishing behind him, matching his pace as he walked forward. His ears flickered as he paused in his called position, watching the alphaess curiously on what she wanted to say to him. His black ‘veins’ encrusted in his amber hues seemed to get larger as his attention drew closer, perhaps dilating as his curiosity and perhaps eagerness to know what was going on marked his figure subtly. There, he’d >
    * Trico stand, dipping his cranium in respect to the fae before continuing to snap back into his wary yet attentively curious gaze towards her, tail low but the tip curled softly, dancing feverishly with interest.<
    * Fianna would attune to Rune’s response, but didn’t offer her own righr off as instead she scampered down to where a . somewhat odd sight would greet them. Nestled around one of the clear pools various herbs would stick up out of the earthy gravel as if placed there purposefully. One of these plants, Fianna recalled mama saying was aloe. It had helped her bee
    * Fianna stingies to hurt less. Some of the plants looked to perhaps not be especiallu native to the area, but somehow flourished here nonetheless. Fianna felt proud she had found the place again, completing her designated task at long last, and looked expectantly to Rune. “Mama said to show you this place, where these herbs are you can  use. She said the last
    * Fianna caretaker planted them here…”
    * Ayaka perked, interested to see what the new brute would have to say when offered his pledgeship. It would have seemed Ayaka had not herd his mutterings, as she had shown no signs of it. She watched and waited, glad to see new wolves introduced to the family, but always a bit wary with her giving of friendship, lest the new ones fade away like last years leaves.
    * Atraya when the new male made his way forward she dipped her head slowly before pressing her paws onto the stone. She would await her mate’s approach to the rock and to stand beside her once he was there. She then turned towards Shukie for a brief moment before looking back towards the new wolf. “Trico… you have requested to join WolfSpirits and to join our pack. I would ask you now, is this still your desire? If so… please explain to the pack why you wish to become part of our fold and family.”
    * Shukie paid close attention to the procedings, far more so than normal after having spoken to the alphess a few days ago on her duties.
    * Rune ’s ears would perk with interest walking up to and between the herbs, careful not to step on any. A great number of them puzzled her as they were completely unfamiliar to the fae, and she wondered if The Elder knew about them and just hadn’t had the time to teach her. The strangest part was that the plants seemed to have been placed where they were on purpose, in separate sections according to the type of plant. S
    * Rune he would take a few minutes to thoroughly inspect the herbs, especially the ones foreign to her.
    * Trico nodded before he opened his jowls to speak, pearly whites concealed behind his lips. “It would not only be an honor but a great experience to finally have a family again – friends to lean on, and most importantly, ones to support you in times of need and defend you in your weakest state.” he paused for a brief second, not wanting to get into the reason why he was here and why he was so homeless… “I would love to have allies, >
    * Trico supporters, friends, and family once more. So, yes,” he paused again, though unnoticeable. “I’d love to be taken into the fold with everyone here – to join the pack with a grateful debt to be paid for all who accept me.”
    <Atraya> “As a pledge of WolfSpirits it will be a time for you to see if this pack truly is where your heart desires to call home.” she paused only a moment before her words once more etched in a serious yet light tone. “Are you willing to uphold the responsibilities that will and may be asked of you as a pledge?”
    * Kova swung her tail slowly behind her as she would remain seated beside her sister, Ayaka, as she watched the events unfold. Curious hues fell to Trico and more so to his response. Actions no doubt would speak louder than words and she’d be curious just how Trico would grow with the pack.
    * Kwa`ani listened to her mum and the brute she had not yet crossed paths with. Another lemon pledge it seemed. A lot of them seemed to just come and go, yet few remained all too often it seemed. Would this one be any different she wondered internally as she listened. Her fur was starting to dry more from her recent swim in the lake, nearly dry but not quite.
    * Fianna watched Rune for several long moments, then moved and lapped from the pool to quench her aquired thirst. Her task complete, she suddenly felt a longing and loneliness for her mama and papa,  wondering wherr they had been and what amazing things they must have found and seen amd understood, and what stories they could tell her. She began to move back in the
    * Fianna direction she’d come, away from the mountain. “I wanna go home now!” She called to Rune, not one to beat around the bush, or waste time. “I miss mama and papa!” She added in explanation. “Wonder what they all doing?” She would glance to see if Rune followed, but would be obviously planning to continue on even if the caretaker should stay behind.
    * Trico listened to the fae attentively, giving every word she spoke of to the greatest attention and logic he would etch. He’d nod to her words; “I want to be welcomed into the fold and join the pack.” he replied, “I’m willing to keep promises and uphold rules given to me, as well as orders and solemn responsibilities.” he ended, his tongue curling upon his muzzle in a slightly nervous manner to what was to come.
    * Faolan watched and listened to the exchange from near the edge of those involved in the meetings. He had yet to meet this new wolf, but gathered that a new pledge was to be added to the pack. It was a safe bet that he had been greeted.
    * Rune lifts her head up from a thick patch of herbs just early enough to see the pup disappear over the hill. The Caretaker quickly takes off after Fianna, loping after the pup till they travel side by side once more. “I’m coming with. Thank you for bringing me here, Fianna. This is very useful.” Rune does her best to nose the pup as they walk before returning her attention to the path.
    * Ayaka would have found the scents of several well known wolves approaching after the meeting had begun. Their scents carrying many different ones and offering a hint of tales to be told. She glanced over her shoulder toward Faolan, who it seemed had arrived home at long last, from whatever tasks had taken him away. She was glad to see him, and perhaps the very
    * Ayaka slightly smaller form which was nearby? She then returned her attention to Trico and Atraya, refraining from a greeting which would interrupt the proceedings.
    * Kokuro was sitting comfortably observing his mother’s handling of the meeting. Noticing his father, he would dip his head respectfully.
    * Shukie glanced about the assembly taking note of Faolan’s arrival as well, nodding briefly before her gaze returned to Trico.
    * Atraya would dip her head towards Trico’s response before her gaze then fell to all the members present as well as visitors. “As all have witnessed Trico’s words and creed to joining the pack, I would like to have the honor of naming you a pledge of WolfSpirits, Trico. You may now introduce yourself as such to those you cross paths with.” she gently rose her paw up and like a gavel, she would stomp it on the surface of the stone.
    * Kova would wave her tail at the new pledge and dip her head, letting loose a gentle chuff/bark towards the males direction before perking an ear towards the alpha males approach.
    * Trico smiled gratefully at her words, forest-fire hues gleaming feverishly. Etched into his orbs, the black veins – or ‘Trees,’ seemed to dilate to the fullest extent of his coloration, excitement flooding his veins. “Thank you, Atraya!” he said, dipping his cranium in respect towards the fae before returning his gaze to the gathered wolves, tail wagging visible behind him. Perhaps it was a sign of him being thankful yet releasing his built-up anxiety. His heavy black coat floofed as his enthusiasm overflowed like water in a dam.
    * Ayaka chuffed in congratulations to Trico as thr male was named pledge, and tail giving a single wag before she stilled it, and leaned over to nose Kova softly, fondly, still watching the proceedings.
    * Shukie tap tapped her front paws in welcome and congrats, chuffing quietly before growing still again, ears forward as she watched the male.
    * Fianna would be moving at a lope, starting slowly so Rune could catch up but then increasing in speed to what the fae seemed comfortable with. “You’re welcome. It was fun! I don’t get many tasks from mama.” Indeed she felt important, to have been given one. “I do wanna hear about being a pledge.” She guessed the whole lemon thingy had been stinker Rooks pure imagination. She resolved to drop the term, since it seemed to only spawn utter confusion. Would take a southern path, trying to move as directly toward the clearing as she could.
    * Kokuro lightly taps his paws in congratulations as he continues to listen. Seeing Shukie, he would lightly smile before waiting his mother’s next words.
    * Trico gave a small, high pitched yippish bark in excitement, perhaps sounding like a yelp. This, however, should not be confused with fear, as it was overwhelmed excitement at the very least! He’d smile before dipping his cranium to everyone, especially the two alphas, and would return to his spot if needed to see if the meeting had anything else to offer to add more to his excitement.
    * Rune “Well, when wolves want to join the pack they don’t become members right away. Your parents want to make sure that new wolves know the pack is right for them before they join all the way.” Rune pauses. “The first step in joining the pack is called Pledging, this usually lasts 1 cycle between meetings. Wolves in this stage are called Pledges. Next you become an Assessment, and this usually takes two months. Whe
    * Rune n you are an Assessment you get to know the pack, the territory, and the pack’s history. After that you become a Member in Training, where you are given a mentor that teaches you things and you stay in this stage until Atraya and Faolan think you are ready to become a full member.” She relays this information to the pup as best as possible, simplifying it and hoping to hit the main points as accurately and clearly
    * Rune  as possible.
    * Atraya as the excitement would settle she would dip her head before looking towards the other wolves gathered.”Does anyone else have anything they desire to add before I continue?” she would now look to those who where gathered after Trico took his seat.
    * Kokuro ‘s russet tipped auds twitch abit in thought.. before shaking his head. Next time he thinks as he still had a few things to get done with his sisters and others.
    * Faolan would tap his own paws in the dirt to the tune of Trico’s pledgeship. Another journey started…He was behind and away from the action and the rock. So, there would be no assessing his position. He had nothing to say or add and was quietly taking in what observations he could to better equip himself for those changes in the pack that he had missed.
    * Fianna listened as intently to Rune’s description as she could while still keeping herself from falling on her face or going the wrong way. They would find and follow the stream which wound through the upper portion of the hunting grounds, following it as it curved into the forest ehich separated those grounds from the clearing. She thought the structure Rune spoke
    * Fianna of waa curious, wondering why her mama and papa did it that way, but thinking that they always did the best things. She resolved not to worry too much over it, and just focus on her understanding. Finally, the distance between them and the clearing would draw to a close, and Fianna entered the last stretch of forest, splashing through the river towards the
    * Fianna opposite bank without qualm. “Thanks Rune. I will try to learn all the things so I can be a member one day.” She couldn’t yet distinguish scents from within the clearing itself, but her auds would soon begin to pick up the sound of voices from within.
    * Atraya her tail shifted high behind her as the world seemed to go silent as her words hung on the air after her request. When it seemed as no others would step forward she would dip her head slowly. She would be aware of her pups present. Soon they will be full adults in a few short coming days and she had often thought on this very thing. It was there she looked towards the others and offered again “If no others desire to step forward, then I would have a few more announcements before we conclude this meeting. One being I would like to start hosting regular meetings. Twice a month perhaps as well as hunts and lore nights.” her tail swung softly before she stilled. “If no one has anything else they desire to add then I would like to conclude this meeting.”
    * Trico seated himself upon the ground, poised briefly on his haunches as he looked up towards the alphas, ears erect and tail curled around his figure. Perhaps the tip of his tail was flicking and lolling feverishly as his excitement attempted to die down. Despite this, he continued to listen carefully, nose twitching vigorously, as well as the occasional tongue-flick on his own muzzle.
    * Rune speeds up to keep pace with Fianna as they near the Clearing, her nose starting to distinguish between the different scents there. There were a handful of them, about average for a normal evening she thought. The Caretaker was less than happy to splash through the river, and takes the time to shake out her pelt before sprinting to catch up with Fianna who was very eager to reunite with the pack.
    * Shukie nodded at the mention of additional meetings, hunts and more lore nights. She looked forward to learning more of others and the packs history. With the meeting closed she stretched a bit, though she was still standing again glancing about taking note of who was here and who wasn’t. Surprised at a few that were not here but then not everyone was always within earshot of the howls for meetings.




    Meetings End

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