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Pack Meeting #186

Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting! OOC Rules and LOA rules have been updated.

Meeting Notes

  • Shukie & Skydancer become spirit siblings!
  • OOC Rule: Due to the recent influx of negativity in our channels we’re implementing a 0 tolerance for it. We welcome visiting wolves and members to vent and be able to express themselves, but we ask that you please take it to PM to someone you’re comfortable talking with if you need to vent.
  • LOA Rules: We’re no longer having “time period charts” for members, assessments, pledges etc. in regards to LOA’s. It’s far to confusing and to many wolves have taken LOA’s that have lasted for half a year. When your wolf is gone for so long you will be displaced because so much has happened during your absence. You’ll need to re-integrate your wolf back into role play after being gone for so long so it only makes sense that you would need to re-pledge yourself. So moving forward wolves can request a LOA up to 3 months. If your wolf fails to show up or give us notice that you need more time then you’ll be demoted back to a visiting wolf. Once you return you are more than welcome to re-pledge again once you’re able to be active. This goes for members, members I-T, Assessments, and Pledges.



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    +Shakira +Nishanti
    Fianna Freki Kwa`ani Raesing Nalani


    Pack Meeting Log Begins


    * Atraya would shift her paws beneath her, moving with a grace and determination in her paws. Slowly reaching the alpha’s rock she would ascent it until she reached the edge where she looked out momentarily to anyone who was within. She took well a note of the scents. It was there she’d let loose a low howl for a gathering and for a pack meeting to make it’s beginnings.
    * Noxion would only with some delay notice that a lot of wolves gathered within the clearing. With a twitch he wakes, then raises his frame, gazing about to see who had gathered.
    * Kwa`ani rolled over then back pawing at the air as wuffs materialized having fallen asleep earlier after nipping her sister’s tail now until her mum bellowed out calling everyone forth. She’d turn and move until she was within the group of wolves.
    * Lockewlf ‘s ear perked to the howl, the emerald elder shifting a bit to sit upright in the patch of grass, his head swivelling to look around for a moment before turning his gaze to the Alphess.
    * Ayaka ran her frame momentarily along Kova’s in a fond hello, before she chuckled as Fianna popped awake and ran toward Atraya and the alpha rock. Pups seemed able to go from zero to full speed in a blink. Shaking herself she nudged Kova and began moving closer to the alpha rock, wherr a meeting had indeed been called. She noted Faolan enter the clearinf as well,
    * Ayaka and should he glance around she would dip her head in greetings and respect as he made his way to the rock. Settling down nearby, she prepared to listen to the pack news. It was good to see everyone, and her silver hues would be light.
    * Freki hearing the low howl approaches the mass gathering around the Alpha’s rock while still keeping some distance from this crowd of unfamiliar scents
    * Skydancer pads into clearing from the western side jher ears flicking forward as at that moment a soft howl fills the evening air and she turns her paws toward the gathering wolves in response to the call picking up her paceto a slow jog quickly covering the distance until she is picking her way between those already gathered until she reaches her chosen spot and sits onto her hind paws.
    * Nightstalker padded slowly towards the clearing, the old male picking his way around the trunks of trees as he closed on the treeline. His ears perked at the sound of the Alpha faes howl, he did not rush as he was just about there and it would take time for the others to gather. The greying midnight pelted elder slipped between the trees and into the clearing to the south and began to make his way towards the gathering wolves for the meeting.
    * Faolan appeared to be just in time to catch the early moments of a pack meeting. The plethora of scents and the far greater number of bodies present in the clearing were enough to inform the deaf of such an event. He would begin towards the rock from the northeast and weave his way through what little group there often was on the outskirts before reaching the alpha’s rock. He would give his mate a quiet glance before rounding the stone and ascending to its surface.
    * Kwa`ani perked seeing the mamma and da papa, ears flicking even as her eyes widened at all the wolfies
    * Atraya watched as the wolves would start to come out of the woodwork so to speak. She would eye each one before her hues fell to her mate as he was among who had heard her call or was already in that direction. She dipped her head to him in turn before she would wait for him to ascend and take his place before she’d start the meeting. She saw Shukie among them and offered her to come closer to the rock and stand just at it’s side facing the others.
    * Fianna felt a pang of longing as she settled by Kwa’ani and looked up at the stone where Atraya and Faolan were. She remembered being up there not long ago. Now, settled in her place among the pack, she quietly resolved to earn her place amomg them, and be ned a lemon pledg soon. Her tail wagged a bit and she nosed Kwa in greeting. “Hiya sis.”
    * Raesing was padding the same pace till the howl reached him at which point the young wolf stopped letting his auditory sensors twitch to the call. It sounded like it came from where he was headed which made him tilt his dome. A howl meant wolves and it sounded to be a purposeful howl. He picked up his pace though now his nostrils picked at the aromas on the wind also with more purpose. He
    * Raesing was panting a bit heavier as he picked up the pace but continued on his way now a lot quicker than he had. It would still take a few minutes to arrive.
    * Shukie perked then dipped her head to the Alphess as she rose padding to the side of the Alpha Stone, turning to face the pack noting all the wolves finding it odd from this angle, spotting two she’d not yet met.
    * Kova nuzzled Ayaka and smiled to Fianna until she heard her alpha’s call. She now started forward and seated herself beside Ayaka looking up towards the rock and to those who took their places.
    * Ayaka felt a bit tense as the scents of Freki and Raesing would be among the others gathered. She figured the alpha’s had scented them as well, however, amd judged by their body language they were not overly concerned, and had possibly already met the newcomers. With this thought, she relaxed a bit and would move somewhat closer to Sky and sit with her and Kova
    * nalani hearing mums soft howl she turns her paws northward and quickly approaches the clearings soutern most edge and when she breaks out into the open she trots toward the gathered wolves until she can spot her littermates hesitating briefly while glancing at the Big Rock before moving to join the others and chuffs softly in greeting., remembering not to pounce them as she sit’s down right before moving to join the others and chuffs softly in greeting., remembering not to pounce them as she sit’s down.
    * Fianna wiggles a bit to make room for the nalani sis and licks her cheek in greeting, trying her best to stay quiet and listen this time. She knew she had to be on her very best behavior so she could learn and advance like the rest.
    * Raesing finally breaks the clearing from the north. As he comes in first thing he notices is there are a lot of wolves gathered and it seemed most were quietly and anxiously waiting. His tail was waving quite quickly as he entered and saw it all. He just sat by himself for now away observing quietly not wanting to interupt should something important be going on. He was thinking it was like a hunt or something and was willing to offer himself for whatever help he could provide. For now his ears stood and his tail brushed still the ground and foliage a bit beneath him as his tail continued to try and wave.
    * Faolan ‘s eyes would pass between his mate’s frame to those of his daughters and subsequently to Shukie as she took her place before the others. For his part, he would simply sit back upon his haunches and observe the others quietly. He would note Raesing’s scent among those offered from beyond the few. Their greeting had occurred already and there was little need for suspicion.
    * Atraya would be well aware of her pups among the fold and was happy to see her daughters. Perhaps it was there she would make note of two scents she herself wasn’t familiar with. Freki and Raesing. If either had met Faolan then she’d no doubt pick up on that scent when they drew closer so her frame was naturally tense before stilling. When Faolan joined her she dipped her head and offered but a fleeting nudge to his shoulder with hers and started “Thank you all for attending this meeting.” she began “First off, I would like to start out with an announcement. There will be some adjustments to our ooc rules as well as our leave of absence rules.” she would wiggle her forepaws some in thought before she continued “OOC Rule addition’s. Negativity: We enjoy everyone’s company and we enjoy conversations that are brought up in the ooc channel, however, as of late there has been nothing but a slew of negativity. While we are here to listen and offer comfort to our friends and packmates and to allow you to vent real life frustrations, it’s become to much to the point it’s bleeding over IC and making others feel that negative strain. So moving forward if you’re having a bad day mentally, physically, etc. we’re here to listen but we ask that you please seek an ear in PM. You’re welcome to ask to PM me or anyone else to whom you might feel comfortable sharing or venting with. If you continue to show negativity in our channels you’ll be kindly asked to please stop. If it persists, and that’s all that can be contributed, then we’ll ask you to leave.” she paused and waited for any reactions before she continued. “Are there any questions?”
    * Shukie ‘s ears twitched at the Alphess’ words otherwise continued to sit quietly observing the gathering, glad to see so many
    * Nishanti qould wake up to the meeting and would immediately sit up and stare up at the alphas listening to what they said. drama? she was confusedd but uhnderstood what was being said. she awaited for waht was to come next
    * Raesing didn’t have any questions though a silent apology was in his demeanor near the end of when he was playing Azaelia. Other than that the male still seemed happy and content his tail still flattening the brush he sat upon. His auditory sensors slowly relaxed and gave a nod of his dome. A sign he understood.
    * Skydancer dips her muzzle slightly in understanding and agreement.
    * Fianna shifted some, sitting up tall and perking to mama’s words? What was this mysterious OOC? Was a quest in order? Was it in the land beyond the mountains? Was it under the sun? Or at the end of a rainbow? She wouldake mental note to go in search of it at the nearest opportunity. Perhaps she could drag a sis or two along. In any case, she took note too, of
    * Fianna mama’s words and her serious tone.
    * Ayaka gave a dip of her head to Atraya’s words, taking them to heart. She settled her tail around her,  feeling the comfort and happiness of pack all together, and continued to remain silent as she listened for further instruction.
    <Atraya> “I’m not saying that you can’t say anything ‘bad’ about your day but just please keep it to a minimum if you can. If you really need to just vent or unload, feel free to PM.” she added. Considering no questions where raised, she would proceed. “LOA adjustments. Leave of absences are still being taken and granted, but we’re getting rid of the lengthy, un-needed explanations for ‘time  frames’ and to who it applies to. Moving forward when you request a LOA you’ll be given 3 months and if we don’t hear from you we’ll drop you and then you can request to re-pledge. This goes for assessments, members in training, and members. As a member if you feel like things are just to hectic, please let us know and we can discuss it but this will apply to everyone.” she said in low tones. “If you are flat out gone and we hear -nothing- from you be it your a pledge, assessment, or member you will be dropped and asked to repledge. The reason for this is because 1. The time frames for LOA’s granted are going on for months and months and when a wolf comes back so much has changed that your wolf will almost be displaced and will have to RP getting back into the fold. 2. Hopefully this will prompt people to notify us that you won’t be on instead of flat out disappearing. There’s no excuse for leaving and not telling someone whats going on and expect to return and all be right with the world. It’s common courtesy to let someone know if you’ll be going somewhere or life gets in the way you can’t be on to let us know. You can request a LOA on the website by filling out the request form. You can PM myself or Faolan, or any member for that matter if we’re not on and let them know. You can poke the group on FB. So there are plenty of avenues to let us know you’ll be away.”
    * Lockewlf eyes eyes looked up at Atraya, raising his paw a bit. “I would like to complain about this new policy against complaining. I’m like a million years old, i often complain about you pups today and your rap music.”
    <Fianna> (XD)
    * Lockewlf raises a paw again at the next part. “So if we are in contact via the Facebook group, does that count as an unexplained absence? i often disappear for long periods of time afterall.”
    * Larka takes her place by lockewlf and nsoes the old fart gently as she listened to all that was going on
    * Raesing tilts his dome and just listens, he had no problem while away dropping in to OOC on his good days. He just nods once again and remembers to stay logged off if he can’t say anything good. He shoots a glance at Lockewlf somewhat with his question and squints a bit, ‘That one is gonna learn to lighten up…’ (XD)
    * Shukie listens quietly as the instructions are rather clear to her, casting a sideways glance to the elder trying to hide her chuckle.
    <Atraya> “So from now on there won’t be half year LOA’s or even 5 month LOA’s. If you can’t be here, you can’t be here, and that’s fine. We understand completely but we also want you to understand that your participation is important as well as your presence here and if you feel like you’re going to be gone for half a year, then, you can drop and re-pledge.”she then paused and looked to Lockewlf and chuckled giving a nod “That is a suitable form of communication.” then returned her gaze back towards the others and refocusing on the previous point. “This LOA rule also applies to wolves who have Alts here. If your alt is not active for 3 months they’ll be dropped. Does everyone understand?” she waited now to offer clarification.
    * Freki can’t help but agree with Lockwlf’s statement rap music, but aside from that has no problems
    * Freki is all clear here
    * Lockewlf nods to the Atraya. “Thank you for the clarification.”
    * Kova perked her ears to the words offered and grinned, nodding with a light wave of her tail.
    * Raesing now has a question and wanders closer with his young bark he chimes in, “If you stop in OOC to constantly check in will that count?” He decided the question to be valid as he wondered if his LOA from before was valid through the new rules as he tried to still come around.
    <Faolan>  No, you’re going to need to be a part of the pack in some meaningful way rather than just hopping into ooc. The reason we have this LOA and re-pledge rule is for those who are gone that long from IC to re-evaluate whether they want to be here.
    * Atraya looked to Raesing and gave a light nod to his question “The rule is in place to promote and encourage people to come on and role play. To interact. If you come into OOC and chat that’s fine but as Fao mentioned, you’ll need to interact IC. We already have a slew of idlers who come in and don’t role play.”
    * Raesing nodded his dome to the wolf that had welcomed him, the alpha Faolan. He slowly sat back upon his haunches his tail beginning to wave beneath him once again. He now was closer to the group of wolves and possibly putting Atraya’s mind at ease as she would scent Faolan upon him from where he sat, most likely.
    * Hutch wakes up to see a gathering by the alpha rock and gets up quickly; he tries to slither his way in without being noticed much, finding his court, Nishanti and decides to sit next to her.  “How are you, Mon Amour?” He asked in a yawn.
    * Ayaka dipped her head again, acknowledging the next words spoken, understanding and agreement within.
    * Shukie would rise and look to the alpha’s to add in a comment if she may
    * Lockewlf ‘s gaze shifts to Shukie, a smile crossing his muzzle as she steps into her role rather nicely.
    * Atraya saw Shukie and dipped her head and offered her a chance to speak.
    * Fianna lifts her head a bit amd glances to the delta in curiousity, with the song “I have the powah!” Running through her mind.
    * Faolan would not halt Shukie’s wish to add to the discussion. She should be given the opportunity to stretch the newfound power afterall.
    * Shukie nodded to Atraya then turns back to the pack, “Active, meaningful rp, not just a minute here or there and/or just for meetings, major events like hunting. It’s a common thread in rp’s. If your character is not routinely, actively engaged with the pack, it might be time to re-evaluate your membership and step back as a guest, etc until such time regular rp resumes.” *steps back*
    * Atraya listened to Shukie’s words and gave a slow nod in agreement. “Aye. Meaningful is key.” she grinned before she would dip her head and look towards the group gathered. While Shukie was forward she would offer “Shukie and Ayaka. You’re training will continue in the coming days and I look forward to working with you both.”  she glanced now to the Delta and Lead Huntress. She wanted to reassure them she’d not forgotten them nor their positions. Especially Shukie’s.
    * Ayaka perked to her name, and lifted her gaze to meet her alphess’s in acknowledgement. She looked forward to learning how to better her own skill and knowledge in the tasks assigned to her, and gleaning the wisdom the alpha’s had to offer.
    * Shukie nodded to Atraya and Faolan again, her eyes casting a quick glance to Ayaka very glad to hear of the training soon to start once again giving her full attention to the meeting and the alpha’s glad for the questions from the pack as well.
    * Kova swung her gaze to her sisters and smiled, her tail swung loosely behind her before she stilled it.
    * Nightstalker sat silently at the back of the gathering, listening to the meeting giving a nod here and there as points were made. The old male periodically scanned those gathered from behind before turning his full attention back to the Alpha’s rock.
    * Kwa`ani remained respectful listening most of what was said beyond her with these OOC creatures and Alts stuffs. Crazy fluffs.
    * Atraya shifted her paws yet again before offering a gentle nod to them. “Does anyone else desire to bring up a question or comment on the subject before I continue?”
    * Raesing thinks he understands plain as day and just continues his normal wave of his banner beneath him still halfway pinning it as he sat there.
    * Lockewlf shakes his head lightly, his question having been answered.
    * Freki , having no objection or concerns stays quiet
    * Atraya looked to her mate for a brief moment before she now cast her gaze towards the wolves who where there. She brushed her shoulder momentarily against her mates and then offered “If there are any new wolves amongst us who desire to pledge to our pack, to join us, please come forward.”
    * Freki steps forward
    * Raesing continues to stay in place, he wanted to learn more before he actually pledged. Perhaps it was his youth or the fact he wasn’t sure how much help he would be? Whatever it was the year old did not go forward not out of angst or anything just too curious for knowledge what he himself would be pledging to. So he declined the invitation forward but he definitely wasn’t saying he was
    * Raesing uninterested in the offer at this point.
    * Lockewlf ‘s gaze flicked to the movement out of the corner of his eye, to a wolf he has never seen before. he would nudge Larka lightly, leaning in to softly murmur “Have you met them yet?”
    * Fianna as usual perked up at this point and rose, moving a fee timid step forward as she glanced at the other new wolves. She wanted to pledge of course, but knew by now that was mama and papa’s ultimate decision. She was trying to learn stuffs!
    * Atraya would watch as Freki approached. She hadn’t met this wolf yet and so the visible tension of the new wolf would no doubt reflect on her visage. She watched for a moment longer and when no other wolf emerged to step forward she peered now to the new wolf, Freki. She would dip her head slowly “Salutations. I am Atraya, Alpha female of WolfSpirits. I will have your name please.” she wiggled her nose to see if she could pick up on any other scents on Freki. Had this new wolf met others of the pack.
    * Kova watched Freki and shifted her paws with an almost uneas way. She didn’t know who this wolf was and observed with curious hues.
    * Larka shook her head and replied quietly “no, but they look decent enough. we will see though” she said as she turned back to the alpha and those that stepped forward
    <Freki> I am Freki, I was brought here by the gathering that I noticed. I have traveled for many moons from the south.
    * Fianna plunked her butt back down then as mama turned her attention first to Freki. She eyed the weirdo woof with a a mix of curiosity and unease. After all, papa had said careful, but not unkind. Well, he was still weird..
    * Faolan would look the approach of a new male. The silent questions, soon to be asked, were very much there. While it was not unheard of, there weren’t that many times a fairly fresh wolf came to pledge. He would await the lad’s answer before offering his own voice,  First things first, Freki. You have yet to be welcomed and have yet assured us that you bring no trouble with you into our lands. When I have this assurance, then you may proceed.
    * Ayaka watches the proceedings with interest, her gaze sweeping Freki as she considered his scent as well as his words. She watched him closely for his reaction to Faolan’s words, wondering about him.
    * Atraya she would watch this wolf carefully and when Faolan spoke she would listen. It would obviously be foolish to do anything that would threaten or harm a member of the pack, especially being surrounded by a good number of it, so she judged the wolf’s reactions. Of course Fianna’s movements didn’t go unnoticed either and she glanced momentarily to her daughter then back to Freki. She dipped her head in agreement to her mate’s words. “Allow us to get to know you and at the next meeting then you may request to pledge.”
    * Skydancer watches the stranger curiously ears swiveled forward even as both alpha´s talk with the stranvge wolf. that onecertainly jumps in with all fours.
    <Freki> I understand your concern, I have no intention of causing trouble in this place, nor could I in the condition I am currently in. Rather than pledge I would be happy to have with your permission to stay while I attempt to recover my strength.
    * Atraya watched Freki as he would move back among the fold. More proper greetings would be had to both him and to Raesing. When no others took a determined step forward towards the rock, she would dip her head then to Freki’s response “As long as no trouble follows in your wake.” her eyes light and her tone equally so.
    * Freki steps back after dipping his head in response “Thank you for your generosity”
    * Faolan would make a quiet gesture towards Freki in response to his grattitude. It would be the usual dip of his nose before he too looked out upon the gathered. What news he had was not yet ready to be shared, but he would continue to listen as the meeting continued to unfold.
    * Freki returns the gesture to Faolan before taking his place again a short walk away from the newly discovered pack
    * Kwa`ani listened quietly watching her parents, blabber mouth who seemed unusually quiet for a change and the others nearby wondering where her bratty brothers were off hiding at. Ahh well, they snooze, they lose! she thought as her ears twitched
    * Atraya would look to the gathered and offered “I would like to now open the meeting to anyone who desires to speak or offer news.” she seated herself now beside Faolan.
    * Raesing sat in bewildered wonder how up front a stranger had been. He was a bit anxious as he saw it thinking that conflict would break out. When it hadn’t the male relaxed and even let his tail sway gently still pinned beneath his sitting form. It was time for him to just show up and get to know this pack now. They seemed very accepting after what he had just witnessed but he wanted to find out why. Curiosity was his biggest motive right now.
    * Fianna scooched back a bit, releasing a small sigh as she once again settled by Kwa’ani. It seemed she wasn’t quite ready to lemon pledgy. But she would be oh SO ready when her turn came! She puffed out her chest a bit. After all, just today she had learned to bite the head off a fish. Surely that earned her some kudos, right?
    * Shukie again rose moving to stand before the alpha rock with a sidelong glance towards Skydancer for her to join her.
    * Ayaka shifted as she noted Shukie go forward and glanced to Sky. She waa curious now, and wondered what the two had in mind.
    * Skydancer ears perk up as the young beta gets up and quickly pads to join the other her banner low but swaying gently and touvhes her nos ebriefly to the other should as that is the easiest place to reach for her.
    * Shukie smiled at Skydancer after dipping her head again in respect to the Alphas. “Long ago when Kova and I were mere pups Skydancer helped Kyara look after us. Since our return, she has guided me, trained me and taught me much of what it means to be pack and helped me to assimilate into the pack. During our many adventures and even misadventures our bond has grown and changed to which I now look at as a sister. If Skydancer feels the same, I humbly request to formalize our bonds as spirit sisters.” her gaze going back and forth between Skydancer and the Alphas, letting her shoulder press into Skydancer’s shoulder despite the height difference. “I take bonding very seriously and see it as only with the person share and not extended beyond the individual” her tail wagging only slightly raised ears alternating between forward and flattening, then perked up as she awaited Skydancer’s decision and the Alphas’ approvals.
    * Lockewlf ‘s ear perked as Shukie proclaims her intention to Sky, apparently Miniwulf was very important to the young Delta, and he made a note to learn more later.
    * Lockewlf ‘s ear perked as Shukie proclaims her intention to Sky, apparently Miniwulf was very important to the young Delta, and he made a note to learn more later.
    * Nightstalker perks as Shukie makes her request to bond with Sky as spirit sisters. His old mind drifts back to when Iceblink and he became spirit siblings many many years ago now. He hadn’t thought about the fae in sometime and now realizes how much he missed her, missed so many of those who have come and gone, and soon he would follow those who had come before.
    <Faolan>  The request was one not mentioned to them before, but also one not in the least bit surprising. In the early days of her time in the pack, Shukie and Sky certainly endured his wrath. There was certainly no hint of disapporval in his hues, but they moved to lock unto Skydancer’s eyes.  And what say you of this request? Is this a mutual request?
    * Atraya would look between Shukie and Skydancer for a moment before rising a soft brow, but a smile simply replaced the look. She would now look towards the lead scout and gauge her reaction and more so if she was to accept as Faolan offered the very same in response to what she was about to offer.
    * Kova would be seated beside Ayaka as she watched the alpha’s pups a moment then to Shukie and Skydancer as they both rised. She tilted her head, caught a little by suprise, but she was happy for her that she had connected with another fae like she had connected with Ayaka. Her tail gently swung as she waited to hear the response.
    * Skydancer listens patiently for shukie to finsish speaking though she could´ve blushed she would´ve at this point as it is her ears angle a little back and she keeps her lowered for a little and leans agains the proffred shoulder banner waving slightly and possibly brushing the others hindpaw. ¨as faolan locks eyes with her her ears drop back instictively  though she doesn´t back down and draws them partialy forward again. ÿes it is alpha¨she response her voice firm and unwavering ¨over the past year I´ve had many adventure and yes¨she glances toward shukie then return her atention back to faolan. ¨misadventures with shukie and each one has proven to be a building block in our relation so that I now feel as if we´re sister even if we aren´t blood related.¨she answers without hesitation.
    * Ayaka perked and grinned as fbe meaning of their stepping forward was revealed. She loved both of her packmates and was very happy they had bonded in such a way with each other. For sure, having a spirit sister was as good as the real thing. She had learned so much from the process, and from Kova, and was the better for it.
    * Raesing tilts his dome, what was a spirit sibling? More questions for his curious brain to think on. Perhaps at a later time when Alpha Faolan wasn’t busy he could inquisition him to get some of the answers for the questions plaguing his curiosity. He stood letting his tail wave, it sounded like something he may be interested in if he did indeed decide to join after he got some of these
    * Raesing questions answered. As of now he had more questions than answers. Would this family be more accepting of his aloofness? It wasn’t a secret he liked to wander, loved to play and seemed to lose interest in things quite quickly. Perhaps with age this stuff would improve.
    * Kwa`ani just shook her head at this spirit thingy. Was it like ghosts or something? hrmm was all she could think. Leaning over, “Do we need to do the spirit sister thingy?” she posed to her two sisters in hushed tones.
    * Atraya would look to her mate and then back to Shukie and Skydancer. It was a question asked of all wolves wishing to join in any sort of bond. She would look to them with gentle hues.
    * Fianna glanced at Kwa’ani, then back to the proceedings, listening to papa and mama and the two packmates words. “Maybe we do? But we already sissies. We gonna be ghosts?”
    * Shukie smiled at Skydancer, tail still swaying gently. “It does not take blood to be bonded. Skydancer is to me as an older sister to which I look up too. A bond that goes beyond that of simply being friends and packmates. I would that all see us as sisters in spirit. Our bonds will continue to grow deeper over time, a connection that cannot be broken for distance or even death. What is
    * Shukie felt in the »»
    <Shukie> »» heart and soul is not something that can be explained by words for it is far beyond that.”
    * Ayaka felt the tug in her heart at the truth and eloquence with which Shukie spoke. She looked up to both fae’s and was eager to watch their relation deepen and grow. She leaned a bit into Kova, her shoulder brushing the fae’s. She was glad her own spirit sister was here beside her, and looked forward to exploring and running with her again.
    * Benjamin (DovahWolf@sorcery-qvk55u.764m.146r.05b0.2001.IP) has joined #wolfspirits
    * Kwa`ani whispered, a talent she was still perfecting, to her sisters, “She sure can ramble on and on, can’t she?” as she kept her attention upon the two faes and her parents. There was her pretend brother too as it seems he managed to make it. Better late than not at all was her thought.
    <Larka> …
    * Kokuro has drifted into view of those that might have seen him. But with all the focus on the Alpha rock, he slips quietly into place to watch.
    * Kova couldn’t help but smile as she felt the brush of Ayaka’s frame and Shukie’s words. She nuzzled Ayaka gently and smiled as she now waited Skydancer’s response.
    * Fianna wiggled a bit, growing tired of sitting still and antsy to go out an explore her world some more, and perhaps even conquer it. Yes, that sounded good. Queen Fianna. She would need minions of course. She slid her gaze to Kwa’ani, nalani, and last Kokuro who seemed to be late. What a stinkerFluff
    * Skydancer dips her muzzle slightly in agreement to shukies first words  and angles her ears slightly back at the next ones a good thing she isn´t able to blush or she be lightling up the clearing by now. ¨she is right blood isn’t all that important what you do is she has saved my tail a number of times already and these sort of things often make bond grow and in our case I now feel that despite our many diffrences we ar
    * Skydancer e as close as those born to the same parents.”she replies carefully picking her words thoug hshe doesn’t feel as if she comes close to being as elequent aobout it as the younger wolf
    * Atraya would look towards Skydancer and then to Shukie. She would smile at their union and words offered from the heart. “As Shukie said, spirit siblings aren’t taken lightly nor should they be. You’re voice has been heard and your hearts loud.” she would add to her mate’s own before looking towards Faolan and then back to Skydancer and Shukie, nodding. “As all have witness Shukie and »»
    <Atraya> »» Skydancer’s words to one another and their bond.” she now looked to her mate and smiled.
    * Faolan would approve of both fae’s statements and simply look to his mate as the seal to their bond. He would stamp his paw to the stone beneath him and look to the two former…albeit still present…troublemakers.
    * Ayaka lifted her muzzle and howled in low tones for her packmates knew kinship. She was happy for them, and always relished the chance to howl with her pack. Her tones would issue forth softly, and her tail waved a few times
    * Lockewlf stamps his paws within the thick patch of grass he hid in with Larka, sending out a congradulatory chuff
    * Kokuro taps his paw as he watches the two he knew the best since his return.
    * Larka would smile for her sister and shukie and slap her tail against the ground for there newly found bond
    * Atraya would offer her own gently paw stomp and grin, offering then a few barking chuffs in happyness towards Skydancer and Shukie.
    * Shukie leaned in after the Alpha’s acceptance of their bonding as sisters in spirit nuzzling and quicklicking her sister eartip (easiest to reach) smiling from ear to ear. She felt bad in that she’d not mentioned this to Kova first but their duties and paths had not crossed before the meeting to forewarn her and get her blessing, hoping she’d not be offended ignorant of Faolan’s silent
    * Shukie thoughts. »»
    <Shukie> »» She too lifted her head in a loud howl for all to hear of her happiness of the alpha blessings. In time she moved back beside the Alpha rock and let her gaze seek Kova`s to sense her reaction.
    * Kova` would smile and couldn’t contain her excitement. She would let loose a low howl, quick and eager, as she was very excited for both Shukie and for Skydancer. Shukie no doubt seeing this in her expression as soon as she looked her way.
    * Raesing observed others lifting a howl for the spirit siblings and threw in his own tones with. Yeah, it had felt pretty good giving his congratulations through a howl with the rest. Another thing his inquiring brain wanted an explanation for. His pack had only used howls for getting each others attention never for celebration.
    * Skydancer_ tilts her head up though not intime to avoid the lick and noses her spirti sister her banner swaying happily at the approval and lifts her muzzle to howl along side the much bigger wolf.
    * Kwa`ani howled along with the others casting a glance towards her phantom brother then back to the `rents atop the stone
    * Fianna was considering the implications of her coming queendom and how she will best govern her minions, when howls and stamping began, causing her to perk. What ritual was this? She howled too, her voice high and smooth with a bit of inquiry lilting through.
    * Atraya she would dip her head before offering to the rest. “With that, I think it is time we conclude our meeting.” she would look to her mate for a moment then back to all the other wolves. “Thank you to those who’ve attended and congratulations to Shukie and Skydancer.” she smiled to hte newly bonded wolves. “I look forward to our next gathering and as well hunt.” her head dipped and she gently pawed the stone to conclude the meeting.


    Meetings End

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