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Bison Calves Are Appearing

By April 10, 2017News, Pack Hunt

After Atraya scouted into the hunting grounds she was greeted by a herd of bison cows who have migrated into the hunting grounds and territory of WolfSpirits. The time of year for them to give birth to their calves has begun and some already guiding around a couple week old and early calves. Atraya had managed to make quick work of one calf, felling it and providing a quick meal for the pack but the potential for more continued meals would be introduced into the pack! Though winter is the domain for wolves to hunt and have full bellies, spring also provides an entire buffet of a younger generation to hunt.

General Information On Bison – Bison Facts –

Known for roaming great distances, bison move continuously as they eat. The females, or cows, lead family groups. Bulls remain solitary or in small groups for most of the year, but rejoin the group during mating season.

Bison are adapted to the extreme weather conditions of the Great Plains, from summer heat to winter cold and blizzards. In winter, bison can dig through deep snow with their heads to reach the vegetation below.

Bison often rub, roll and wallow. Wallowing creates a saucer-like depression in the earth called a wallow. This was once a common feature of the plains; usually these wallows are dust bowls without any vegetation.

Bulls and cows do not mingle until breeding season. Dominant bulls “tend” to cows, following the cow around until the cow chooses to mate. During this period, the bull blocks the cow’s vision so that she may not see other competing bulls, and bellows at males striving for the cow’s attention.

Mating Season: June-September, peak activity in July-August
Gestation: 270-285 days.  Calf is born April-May.
Litter size: 1 calf

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