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Pack Meeting #183

Pack Meeting #183 LogPack Meeting #183 Log

Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting! We had a few exciting events happen including naming Shukie the new Delta to the pack and Ayaka as Lead Huntress. Lobo & Tundra Become Pledges!

Shukie Advances Delta (Beta In Training)

Ayaka Advances Lead Huntress






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    Kwa`ani, Rook, Fianna, Nalani, Lobo, Kokuro, Tundra


    Pack Meeting Log Begins


    * Kwa`ani spotted the mumzie leaping up beside her licknibbling her chin fur in greetings “mumzie!” her tail waggled excitedly
    * Rune ‘s ears perk to Atraya’s howl coming from somewhere in the Clearing. She was nestled beneath a fir tree a few paces in side the edge of the Clearing. The white and rust colored fae stretches, yawns, and shakes out her pelt before heading towards what she assumed would be a meeting. The Caretaker’s paws had healed up significantly and while they no longer made her limp they were not completely healed. The damage done to her front right shoulder however, did still give her the slightest of limps.
    * Kova had been settled just within the confines of the clearing when she heard the howl. A slow wave of her tail was made and she rose to all fours and would make her way towards the center. Once there she seated herself and smiled; eager to hear of the events.
    * Shukie shifted at the alpha’s approached and her howl to gather moving further south of the alpha rock after dipping her head to the alphess wondering where her mate and the other pups were hiding at.
    * Rook heard mama’s howl, being closer now to the clearing than the days that preceded today. He had seen some shtuff, that was for sure. He had seen how the sausage was made and now was the keeper of such secrets that bewildered his mind. By the look of his entrance into the clearing one might say that he had seen the ghost of potato trees past.
    * Skydancer having drunk her fill she turns around and wades back to shore where she gives herself a good thorough shake before perking her ears while looking toward the clearing, uhoh se thinks as she hears the sumons and set´s of at a lope along the Lakes northern shore barely slowing as she reaches the forest  which as of no still fairly sparsley grown still it does slow her enough she falls back into a trot as she follows a
    * Skydancer  well known path quickly moving closer toward the clearing.
    * _Lobo would lift his cranium a few inches, his ears perking at a familiar howl. The alpha females howl, actually. Giving a small huff, the brute lifted his mighty frame from the ground.  Now ambling stiffly towards the howl, he came into view of Alpha Rock just a few bounds away. His tongue would lol out only slightly, exposing a mere sign of grogginess after sleeping a long time. He’s tail would sway only a little as he approached. Gently sat down, grooming himself in an attempt to wake up to his full extent. It was easier, however, since he was sharper and more alert as wolves gathered around him. His posture wouldn’t tense as much as before, but it was still slightly visible. He was still adjusting, and it was showing, too.
    * Ayaka would have spent the last few hours already within the clearing, and so would have heard Atraya’s howl as well, the sound causing her to perk, and then rise to move toward the rock where it seemed a gathering would commence. She found a place beside Kova, settling down with a smile and a nuzzle to the fae.
    * Kova saw her sisters and swung her tail happily behind her. She would nuzzle Ayaka in return before her hues turne to Shukie and chuffed softly to her as well before she would now look towards the stranger wolf, Lobo?
    * Faolan was a padfall behind his son in entering the clearing. He did so to the sound of his mate’s voice and knew that he had not yet missed a meeting. A light nosing would go to his son’s shoulder as a bit of reassurance before he quickened his pace towards the alphas rock.  You will be fine, a mic. It won’t follow us here.  His tones were calm and quiet as to not give the usual eavesdroppers a chance to cut into a moment between he and his son.
    * Ayaka would take note of the other around, and stiffened a bit as she seemed to see a new brute which she hadn’t see before. Her guard went up, but she found a greater curiosity, than a sense of danger for now. She grinned to Shukie and would nuzzle the fae if she was close enough.
    * Rune takes seats herself close enough to Alpha Rock so that she would be able to hear, but she was still positioned to be at the back of the group. So far it didn’t seem that too many wolves were here, and the ones that were were either ranked, an Alpha, or a pup. But wolves slowly started to join them, such as Mayko or the white brute whose name she never caught. She decides to devote her attention to the stranger tonight
    * Rune  and she glances to and from the Alphas atop the rock.
    * Atraya as the wolves began to gather, heeding her call, she would look out now towards the direction of the forest. She saw her son, Rook, emerge and swung her tail but it was the visage of her mate that spurred an excited tone in her ‘gruuung’ chuffing bark in greeting. She paced back and forth a few times along the rock before she would still. Where had he been?? She would wait for Faolan to reach the rock and be a top it before she’d continue with the meeting.
    * Fianna would have been a bit of here, and a bit of there, as she snooped and learned new things, one of which was she had a mirror twin which liced in the lake. Sky had told her the truth of such things.. but it was more fun to think of it as her twin. After all, it could walk on water! But what ho? A gathering? Mama and papa? What? She raced forward on flying paws to breach the southern fringe of the clearing as she heard mama’s howlio. She saw all the gathered woofs, happy to see sissies and that stinky stone Rook. She chuffed a squeaky hello to them as she raced closer to the rock, intending to clamber on up.
    * Mayko would sit amongst the gathering throng of wolves chuffing at those he knew and nodding to those he did not, a mounting excitement growing within his chest.
    * Rook took in his father’s words quietly and wouldn’t do much more than follow after him to the edge of the alpha’s rock. By now he was fairly grown…not all the way, but big enough that he knew better than to try and fit himself upon the rock with his parents. By the looks of it his sisters hadn’t given thought to that fact.
    * Skydancer as she approaches the clearing she slows to a walk and then pauses right on the edge twitching her nose cautiously just incase trouble had found it´s way there again, despite the others apparently gathering there, incluiding that onebrute  who´d been less then polite when she met him she takes a few more moments to make sure before pushing out into the open and moves into a jog ears angling to the side as she appoaches the Rock where she slows to weave through those gathered there until she is near near the front both ears angling back fora moment as she sit´s onto her hind paws.
    * Ayaka noticed Mayko join the group quietly, as it seemed was his nature to be. Glad to see him, her ears perked and she offerred him a chuff. Feelings and tensions would be very muddled at this point with all the gatheted fae’s and brutes present, and she began to feel a bit of anxiety creep over her, causing her to fidgit a bit on her haunches.
    * Rune would eye the other faes gathered, her skin starting to get in itchy, prickly feeling. She licks her nose nervously and sits very tall and straight, her eyes flicking to them if a sudden movement or movement towards her was made. The russian fae looks to Faolan who had Atraya very excited atop Alpha Rock. This had Rune thinking, she hadn’t seen the brute for some time, where had he been? Thus, she decided Atraya was thinking the same.
    * Kwa`ani found her own excitement growing in part for the mum’s and that of seeing the papa calling out to him in excited greetings until she spotted boogerboy and her fishface sis coming trotting over opting for a flying leap to perhaps tackle her brother
    * Faolan would pass through a small gathering of wolves on his way to the stone, where he would nose his son’s shoulder once again. He would do the same to Fianna and gesture for her to stay with the others. It was time they began to learn and earn their place in the pack. That didn’t mean he was a grump about it, of course. Once upon the stone he would turn to his mate and give her a subtle gesture to do as she originally planned. It was she who called for a meeting.
    * _Lobo displayed very attentive behavior, however. His piercing oculars would study each significant mark in the environment. Along with observing all the wolves, of course. His tense posture soon relaxed as a wave of calming sounds rushed in his ears. He’d be fully awake in a matter of a few minutes of grooming. He’d rise up, collecting himself with high posture as he sat comfortably on his haunches. His absence seemed to be nodded to. Suddenly, a wave of anxiety swept through him for only a split second before he returned to his normal, calm demeanor. As pups gathered, he’d stiffen. With a rush of feelings, he’d move away from them a bit and keep his distance. A behavior which would probably go noticed.
    * Shukie leaned over an nuzzled Ayaka as she was near as well, noticing the arrival of a few more in the past few minutes, now giving her attention to the alpha’s, ears forward
    * nalani ears perking at the mumzies howl she sit’s up with a big , long yaawn and looks around curiously until she spots her sis tackling there brother, lovely idea  she near leaps onto her paws and charres in too trying to get a hold of her rook so she can use him as chew toy
    * larka would be near the alpha rock as usual and would notice alot of woves gathering and would sit up and stretch looking around at all the excietement
    * Atraya watched the exchanges between her pups and smiled. She would be well aware of the wolves present. She would quickly brush her muzzle along her mate’s as she’d missed him. Time for inquiry would be later but now her gaze cast long to those gathered and she offered.” Wolves of WolfSpirits… thank you for being here this evening.” she began before she continued. “We have a few things to cover this evening and so, I will begin. Promotions.” she turned momentarily to her mate to catch his gaze and smiled before turning her hues now towards that of the wolves. “Firstly I would call to those wolves who desire to join the pack to step forward.” her gaze fell silent to each wolf but mainly those wolves to whom she knew only as a visitor.
    * Fianna looked at dadio as he gestured for her to remain upon the boring earth, rather than fly to solid stone. What madness was this? She was born of alpha wasn’t she? Surely this entitled her to a hop skip and a jump or two ahead. After all, she aspired to be alphess. Still, she obeyed, her face darkening in confusion and displeasure momentarily, before she noticed rook jumped on by Kwa. She laughed and went for a tackle as well.
    * Rune would observe all the pups gathered. She can’t remember if there was a missing face from within the litter or not, it was so long ago that they had all been introduced to the pack. Regardless, they were definitely not the small pups that needed looking after when the pack went to hunt a cougar. She had no doubts that they pups were nearing the last of their growth and they were definitely rather large at this point. Rune would watch as even more wolves came to join them but for now she sits alone, and she had no issues with this.
    * Fianna spotted the elusive nalani sis as well and veered away from the already tussling two and tried to get nalani instead. (Sorries I missed it sis!)
    * Rook kinda just stood there and took it, residing somewhere in the land of annoyance and bewilderment. He heard his mama’s words, but if he was on the ground near the stone then he at least did his part in keeping the goobers here like papa wanted.
    * _Lobo wanted to join the pack, though he hesitated if it was the right time – and the right place, too, to come forward. His hesitation was painfully obvious before he finally stepped forward. His posture was nearly stiffened, but he decided to remain calm. Now wasn’t the time to slip into a panic attack. However, he hid his true anxiety very, very well.
    * Fianna suddenly seemed to realize she should be quiet now, arresting her motions before she’d really tackled anything, and plunked her butt down in a prime spot by rook to watch the protomotions.
    * Kwa`ani settled down as her mum began speaking, ears perking at the mention of joining the pack. Was that something she, her sisters and brother needed to request, or were they pack already? she wondered.
    * Kuroi was entering into the clearing, having took some time checking the territory around after that intruder came in and they chase it away then. His golden eyes were scanning the clearing in front of him as he wondered what could happen today.
    * Mayko noted with interest the anxious wolf that stepped forward, before his attention was momentarily distracted by the pups tussling nearby.
    * Ayaka settled a bit more comfortable for the time being, turning curious hues toward _Lobo as the brute stepped forward, the promotions beginning. She was excited to see who would be advancing within the pack, glad it was growing and seeming to thrive.
    * Faolan would look to the lone male that approached to his mate’s request. He had remembered there being many more than just this, but it seemed that in his time away the others had parted ways from the packlands. He would listen to the exchange that followed and reserve his words for if/when they were needed.
    * Rune watches the brute skeptically. She had watched the near-scuffle between him and Skydancer a few weeks ago but didn’t intervene as she was sure the Lead Scout could handle it, and she did. For now she simply keeps her eyes on the brute, watching him on the ground with the pups.
    * Atraya would look towards Lobo as the male took a step forward. She faintly recalled him and considering the season might explain her some what rigid frame and tense shoulders but she dipped her head to the male. “Salutations, Lobo.” she recalled the males name faintly but his scent reminded her. “Have you come to pledge to the pack?”
    * Fianna noticed a new woof. A brute, moving her way toward the front caused her to cock her head. She glanced to Kwa’ani, Rook, then Nalani, and gave a small yip, rising and belatedly moving to stand by _Lobo. She wanted to get this process started! Maybe papa would let her back on the rock then.
    * _Lobo dipped his head towards the alpha, deep respect showing within his eyes. “Of course, Atraya.” he replied back, his softer yet low pitch spitting back at her. A gust of wind would go by, the sound of calming backdraft whizzing past his eardrums. He’d give a smile to the alpha female, his hues studying the fae with great attention. His calm yet sharply alert posture was hardly enough to control his excitement.
    * nalani whines a bit a pleading sort of way as dadio blocks them from following him up the Rock as she’d alway’s done her front paws standing on just the bottom most section of thestone she lowers her ears a bit not realizing the promotion bit had started she looks between both parents,.
    * Mayko turned back to watch the proceedings. He remembered well the time he was in that position, humbly asking to join the pack. It was not uncommon for nerves to interfere. He wondered if the Alphas had given any more thought to his place in the pack now that he was back.
    * Kuroi noticed a few things as he approach to the insides of the clearing, mainly, gathered scents. Only one of them was unknown to the black wolf, but he was not really worried as the other familiar scents were surrounding it, but still, he started to approach to the gathering of scents, as he had some curiosity.
    * Kwa`ani rose looking between her various siblings and her parents, head tilting but not quite moving beside Fianna but had taken a couple steps closer. Why not she thought then closed the distance to her sister Fianna. “Me too!” she yipped
    * Shukie listens to the alpha’s while observing Lobo, small smile at Fianna. Her eyes shifted to see what the other pups would do.
    * Atraya waited for Lobo to respond before she offered in turn. “As a pledge of WolfSpirits you will find during this time that this pack is truly your home. You will get to know our ways but more so, your heart and where it’s loyalty lay. Are you ready and prepared to take on the task of following the path your heart seeks? To ensure that this path follows the one of WolfSpirits?” she would wait for the male’s reply. She’d watch her pups antics and shifted her gaze to them for a brief moment before looking back to Lobo.
    * Rune ’s mind flickers back to the pups, what were they doing on the ground. She looks up at the Alphas, puzzled but the reason soon dawns on her. The russian fae looks to them sympathetically but quickly returns her attention to the meeting. Rune slowly rises up off her haunches when she sees Fianna move towards Lobo and prepares to leap between the stranger and the brute.
    * Faolan did as he intended and listened to the male’s words before turning his attention and eyes towards nalani and Kwa`ani. The embers of his amber hues were enough to suggest to them that they heed the silent language of his form, which while being somewhat lax was firmly in her way for a reason.
    * nalani ears angle back a bit more almost hiding in her head fur now as she back up the two padfalls needed to get her paws off of that Rock even though she is still puzzled,couldn’t she get up anymore the quiestion plain in her eyes though by now she has more sense then to simply voice the question.
    * Fianna listened intently to the odd sounding formal words mama shared with the stranger next to her, Lobby? Lobbo? She gave him an odd and suspicious sideways glance, then looked to mama Atraya, trying to make it obvious she was there to so this pledgy thing too. She noticed Rune’s odd behvior amd glanced her way like.. what?
    * Rook was still firmly in his state of mind to be too much of any trouble. He wasn’t quite catatonic but slightly more than 3 gin and tonics. Somewhere between there was his little mind…too removed to notice all the trouble his sisters were stirring up.
    * _Lobo blinked, dipping his head faintly. “Certainly, I will. I’ve already felt at home here. Very friendly indeed.” he replied back. He’d give a small chuff before swishing his tail slowly. He felt humble enough and very thankful he was in this position. Many others would struggle to get to his spot. Though, one question always went through his head. Did they have it worse than him? Possibly not. Quickly, he snapped to reality to Atraya.
    Kwa`ani had followed Fianna and at her father’s gaze moved back and away a bit, her head lowering in reaction tho only slightly. Once she sat she sighed, a long low exhalation before looking up to both parents.
    * Kuroi was approaching to the gathering spot, using his nose to guide him, as he even start to see figures in the distance. As he approach more, he noticed the Alphas, Rune, Shukie, Mayko and… the pups, which Kuroi had to admit that they have grown up, although the only one he at least could remember was Rook, as it was the only pup that he actually had some interaction with. Then there was an unknown wolf to him… Maybe the unknown scent came from him… He decided to approach more to understand better the situation.
    * Atraya dipped her head before she would look now to all present “As all lay witness to Lobo’s quest to fulfill his path to joining our pack, I would like to have then the honor of naming you a pledge of WolfSpirits. You may introduce yourself as such to all you cross, Lobo.” she would offer a firm dip of her head before she would stomp the stone with her paw.
    * Skydancer ears perk slightly at the pups reaction to being told of, well things  had been getting rather crowded up there so she isn´t suprised at all, shiftingher attention toward lobo she draws both ears a little more forward as alway´s interisted in the wolf bcoming a pledge.
    * larka wagged her tail and let out a howl for the new pedge and teh new wolf she has yet to meet
    <Rook>  Another lemon pledge! The howls and stamping of paws was enough to jog him momentarily from his thoughts to offer a stampy stamp dance with his front paws. He wondered when he would become a multi surface cleaning agent.
    * Ayaka gave a nod as _Lobo was named pledge. She would be interested to see how he melded with the pack’s dynamic. She then smiled as she watched the pups, leaning a bit into Kova as she sat beside the fae.
    * Kova would have dipped her head before offering a few chuff’s towards Lobo their newest pledge.
    * Shukie too offered her congratulation in the form of ground thumping and a dip of her head to the brute upon his return
    * Atraya sets mode: +v _Lobo
    * Faolan would be left in peace to listen to Lobo’s answer. It sufficed to quell what doubt could be by words alone. The brute was early in his journey and the building of trust lay ahead. He reserved his judgement until those events and simply stamped his right forepaw against the stone’s surface underneath him.
    * Kwa`ani offered up a short howl for the male in reaction to the others actions, tail tip thumping the ground.
    * Atraya dipped her head and allowed the new pledge move back amongst the others while her hues scanned the rest who where gathered. She nosed Faolan lightly, still glad to be reunited, and then returned her gaze back to the rest gathered and finally her hues fell upon one of their hunters. It was there she would look to Ayaka and chuff for her to come forward.
    * Mayko would also let loose a celebratory howl to commemorate the occasion.
    * Fianna looked at _Lobo a bit of a stink eye, but gave him a sloppy smile and a tail thwapping as he was named the elusive pledge. Mama and papa seemed to not want to give it to her, so with a small huff, she scooted back a few paces until she was by Kwa`ani, glancing at her with a frown. “I wanna be da pledge too..” she whispered.
    * Kova would perk her ears as she heard a chuff and saw Atraya’s hues directed to her sister, Ayaka. She tilted her head but her tail began to wave slowly behind her. What would be in store? She eagerly glanced ahead now.
    * _Lobo grinned wildly. His tail would finally wag for the first time in a long while. He was finally accepted willfully by a pack, and it felt great. “Thank you.” he responded, a rush of feelings going over him. If only she could have made it to join him… both of them. He sighed and continued his joyful appreciation. The sound of the wolves congradulating him was nothing more than pure excitement and new friendships. For him, it was everything. He’d dip his head in respect before settling back onto his haunches. His behavior said it all; A friendly, joyful hello. He wasn’t much of a talker, however, he’d make an exception this time.
    * Shukie perked when Ayaka was called up even more alert than before, her obsidian eyes full of curiosity
    * Skydancer as lobo is named pledge she lifts her muzzle slightly and joins in the howling session for a brief moment before shifting her attention back to the alpha’s
    * nalani hearing her sisters mutterings she adds a “Me too.” she agrees softly and eyes kwa’ani to try and figure what her sister thinks.
    * Rook wasn’t quite back in the zone yet when he heard his mama chuff to one of the cool huntresses. Were they going to be named lemon pledge too?? He would wait and find out.
    * Ayaka perked in surprise as Atraya called her forth, her paws responding instinctively by rising and moving the paces forward necessary to bring her before the rock. She remained standing, and after first dipping her head in respect to both alpha’s, she then looked up at them in curiosity. What was going on?
    * Kuroi heard the howl that came from the gathering, and by what it seemed… Yeah, it seemed that a newcomer became a pledge. The black wolf would be watching the scene from a bit of distance to the group, although anyone would sniff him or notice him if they want.
    * Faolan had an inkling of what his mate had in mind when she called Ayaka forward. His interest and attention now lay solely upon the proceedings. No amount of inner monologue would give away the secret before it was spilled…
    * Skydancer swivels her head toward ayaka figuring out in that exact moment what is likely planned, likely doesn´t mean she is right and she carefully keeps her thoughts to heself as she watches the huntrees approach the Rock then shifts ehr attention so she can watch both ayaka and the alpha´s at the same time.
    * Rune eyes Lobo when he becomes a Pledge but chuffs in a congratulatory manner. She then looks to Ayaka, confused. What could the Alphas have in store for her, she was already ranked.
    * Atraya when the fae approached she would dip her head as she remained firmly a top all fours. “Ayaka” her tone light and offered great welcome “You have been a member of WolfSpirits for a long while now and through great skill and fruition, you’ve grown into a strong fae of this pack. You have exhibited the attributes of one who was born to offer more in a role you currently hold in our pack as huntress. As such your skills and experience as well as heart has earned you a great light in your alpha’s eyes. We would like to offer you the position of Lead Huntress of WolfSpirits.” her tail waved ever so lightly before quicky stilling behind her. Anxious and curious hues would fall to Ayaka and more so to her response. “Is this a position you would be willing to uphold?”
    * Kova eyes would go wide but her tail softly brushed across the earth. She would let loose a gentle whine but would stow her excitement for now. Her eyes darted quickly towards Ayaka as she would curiously look to her and more so to her reply. What a great honor, she thought, and no wolf more deserving.
    * Shukie grew still as she looked at her sister then Ayaka and Alphas as a broad smile spread across her muzzle while awaiting Ayaka’s response, tail swaying against the sprouting grasses.
    * Rune ’s ears perk forwards and she watches Ayaka with intense interest and a hint of excitement. She glanced over to Kova who seemed to be just barely containing her excitement for her sister.
    * Mayko perked up suddenly upon hearing of Ayaka’s opportunity. This was exciting news indeed! He watched intently to see what would be her response.
    * _Lobo observed the wolves as one was called up. He’d keep his posture high and proper, head lifted in a near salute-looking manner. He held himself to the lowest respect compared to everyone else. It was part of his wise and humble nature. He’d rather take care of others than himself, and that kind of nature bolded itself immensely. He’d smile greatly as the wolf was offered a higher position, showing appreciation towards the ranked wolf.
    * Kuroi was watching the gathering as hesaw then Ayaka walking towards the rock now and being offered the position of Lead Huntress. “(Guess that it’s actually something similar to what Sky is… Only this time is Hunter thing…)” He thought, although he shrug and just keeo continue to watch.
    * Faolan ‘s quiet demeanor did nothing to betray the line of thoughts that followed his mate’s words. He, himself, had a few words to offer, but his own mind was set upon listening to the fae’s response. It was a lot to ask of her. In truth, she had already been doing the job…
    * Kokuro slowly drifts into view as he finds a spot to observe. It had taken him longer than he thought it would to get back.
    <Rook>  There were lead role thingies?! That was it…he was resolved to be lead lemon pledge! Thankfully, he had the wherewithal to at least wait his turn.
    * Ayaka felt her posture stiffen in surprise for the briefest of moments, the weight of te offer falling upon her. She felt a swelling of gratitude and pride that the alpha’s would bestow such an honor upon her. She didn’t respond immediately, her first thoughts of Kova. She glanced at the fae, who seemed nothing but excited for ber, which offered her a bit of relief, for she didn’t wish to be elevated above her sister, who’s own skill could contest that of her own. Yet, she couldn’t and wouldn’t argue with the alpha’s decision, and so bent her head in deep respect as she finally reaponded. “I am honored you have chosen me for this responsibility. It is one I will glady and wholeheartedly accept, should you wish it. I have grown to love being a huntress for this pack, and all that the duty entails.” She could say more… but she was still surprised, and excited! She chose to finish her words there, and looked back at both alpha’s.
    * Kwa`ani wondered what this ‘lead’ stuff was, it sounded heavy. She didn’t move but she did focus on the goings on instead of her siblings.
    * Atraya couldn’t help but smile to the fae’s response both vocally and physically “Any lead role in this pack is one of great importance. It takes a special wolf to hold such a role for a lead role are to be a guiding light to others in the same role or members of the pack. You will teach the young, you will learn from the old. You will lead the pack into hunts should your alpha’s be absent. You will continue to breathe life into the pack both in our bellies and in our hearts.” she said with a soft gesture. “Under the guidance of myself and Faolan, you will be nurtured into your role. One you fit well already. Your responsibilities will be explained and the fulfillment, I have no doubt, will be made. Are you willing to accept the responsibilities that are asked of a Lead huntress?” she then turned towards her mate and allowed him to offer words as well while Ayaka would respond.
    * Kova watched still with greatness in her eyes for her sister and the advancement in the pack. If her sister, Ayaka, was to be lead huntress she would gladly follow in the path of her steps and alongside her in stride. She would respect her position as she would the Alpha’s of the pack. She watched with intense concentration as she would be near Shukie as well, no doubt. She leaned in to her sister softly as she listened.
    * Shukie ‘s frame rubbed against her sister, proud to see Ayaka promoted though cast a glance at Kova but said nothing as her gaze quickly darted back to Ayaka and the Alpha’s. The fae had definitely proved herself as had her sister.
    * Fianna shifts up taller, watching curiosly, pledges forgotten for the time being. Leaders? Was that next step from pledge? It sure sounded fun! And maybe hard? Mama made it sure soumd difficult. She listened closely to the words spoken, trying to understand it all.
    * _Lobo would grin to the wolf supposedly named Akaya. It sounded remarkably like Atraya, who he’d have to note. Mixing up names wasn’t something common in him, but sometimes there were occasional slips. He’d wag his tail, it brisking across the surface. Dipping his head, he’d show respect to the ranked wolf. He could not only see her excitement, but feel it too.
    * Rune would observe the pup’s confused expressions and she could almost see the gears working in their heads. She wonders what had been explained to them, what they had worked out, and what they had incorrect assumptions of. The russian fae decides that she’d try to answer some of their questions after the meeting, though she wasn’t sure if she would be able to pin them all down.
    * Kokuro would find a quiet spot to listen to his mother. Seeing his younger siblings about, he would allow a smile to come before going back to watching his parents.
    * Ayaka listened closely as Atraya outlined some of the things that would be expected from her in her new position. “Yes alphess, I will accept them. I will gladly continue learning from my elders, and do my best to pass on the wisdom I am still learning to the young. I will strive to be what you see and hope fore to achieve in this position.” She dipped her head once more, her sole focus now upon the alpha’s and their offered words.
    * Faolan would offer what smile a wolf’s countenance could to Ayaka’s answer.  You stand within the tracks of a fabled few; a line once broken but now made whole by your and Kova’s efforts. Pride will give way to wisdom, and with it your deeds will write their own fables for those bright eyed dreamers to follow after. You have learned the way of the scar and bear the creed of the hunter within you.  His words took a momentary pause as he looked to few others gathered. Finding only Kuroi among the named guardians he turned his attention back to Ayaka  I add what weight your diligence has already suggested you can bear by giving you domain over the guardians until such a time that one among them or the others shoulders the mantle of their kin.
    * Mayko grins hugely at Ayaka upon hearing her answer, though she probably doesn’t see it with her focus elsewhere.
    * Atraya would smile to Ayaka’s response and to the response of her heart and desire to fulfill the role asked of her. She looked to her mate and then towards Ayaka in the added weight of his words. She would look to Ayaka and to anything she desired to add before she would proceed.
    <Rook> Yeah, this lead stuff sounded cool and the rapid sway of his tail told as much of his interest in these moments. He wanted a lead role too…Sir Rook of the lemon pledges. Yeah, that was pretty catchy.
    * Tundra sniffed the air, many scents of wolves came to her nose, more than usual, all fresh, and all coming from the Alpha Rock, she stiffened as it hit her, the pack meeting was this day! she raced toward the alpha rock, panicking, she didn’t want to be late, she felt how her heart raced and sped up even more, and soon many figures of wolves came in sight, she slowed down just a little so she wouldn’t crash into any wolf.
    * Rune perks her ears as far as they can go without appearing aggressive. Ayaka was taking over the Guardians as well? Rune wonders if there was someone who was in charge of her in such a way that Ayaka now headed the Guardians. The white and rust colored fae gazes upwards at the Alphas with interest and confusion.
    * Kuroi keep listening to what was being said on the meeting as he notice for a moment how Faolan look at him for some moments, as he keep with his words to Ayaka, although something really take his attention
    * Tundra slowed to a walk as she entered the ranks of other wolves, it seemed the meeting had already started and she quietly whimpered in embarrassment, her ears went low to her head in an un-aggressive way, her tail close to her legs, she looked around, nervous.
    * Ayaka waa struck by yet another surprise nestled within Faolan’s words. She hadn’t spoken much with him since the bear incident, but no doubt this would have come as a surprise even if she had. She felt the burden grow as another responsibility was places upon her, and wondered why it had been her they had chosen. Her heart was full of duty and a desire to keep the pack fed, safe, and well, but surely the others of the pack had this heart as well. In any case, she would embrace any responsibility the alpha’s deemed she was ready for, and after a long pause to let the words sink in, she gave a deep nod, unable to say much for the moment. “Yes alpha, it will be as you say. I am only happy to serve my pack in any way I am able. I thank you for the honor, and I try to uphold it as best I can.” The world had seemed to drop away for a time, her focus upon the rock.
    * Mayko sat up even straighter at Faolan’s words. The guardians too! What an honor! He wondered if there was more to this story than met the eye..
    * Faolan would gladly explain his thoughts when the proper time came. This, however, was not that time. Her answer was sufficient to provide yet another smile from him. True, he had not spoken with her or Kova since the last time, parting in more favorable and hopefully inspiring terms. Now, she could be the one to inspire. He would look to his mate and listen to what she had to offer in closing.
    * Atraya would watch Ayaka’s reaction before she dipped her head and now addressed the rest of the pack, her tone would reflect a swollen pride and joy at the announcement she is to make. All words needed to be said would have been.  “Then all lay witness to your creed and to your pledge to uphold the duties asked of you as a Lead Hunter of WolfSpirits. I would like to have the honor and the privilege to name you Lead Huntress of WolfSpirits! ” she would rise a paw and stomp it before she let loose a long howl for their newest Lead huntress!
    * Kova felt the pride well in her chest as she rose to all fours when the finalization had been made for her sisters promotion. She would let loose a low howl in honor of Ayaka’s newest position! Her voice would offer tones of happiness for her!
    * Skydancer muzzle opens slightly in a wolven smile as ayaka get´s promoted to a lead position and waves her banner slightly as she listens to he exchange between the alpha´s and the potential huntress to be at faolan´s words she perks her ears slightly in suprise, smart move actualy the guardians needed a lead too so that  was very neat solution but then she didn´t expect any less of her alpha´s. noticing ayaka´s reaction she makes another swish with her banner and offers her a look intended to be encouraging before lifting her muzzle and letting out a strong clear howl in congratulations.
    * Kokuro would allow his banner to wave in happiness for her but withheld a howl for now as he still only knew a few of the wolves in the pack nowl.
    * Rune lifts her head in a dark, low-toned howl. She was happy for the white fae and wished her luck in her new position!
    * Faolan would off up his voice to the chorus already present upon the wind; a low voice that offered congratulations to Ayaka.
    * Kwa`ani lifted her head and howled for the wolfess, bouncing on her front paws as she’d done upon the stone
    * Shukie moved in tandum with her sister, rising and singing out in a loud howl of congratulations to Ayaka. The fae had earned her position in her mind, tail wagging excitedly for her sister’s sister. As her song ended she dipped her head in deep respect to Ayaka, a hushed congrats when she was near enough to do so.
    * Rook was just about to stampy stamp like his papa always did when he noticed that he didn’t stamp. Whoa…this must be something important. So, he offered up his own voice. He hadn’t been practicing and it probably showed.
    * Mayk-feeding-pups-dinner howled excitedly at the recognition Ayaka was being awarded this night
    * Kuroi was still having thoughts on his mind, about the recent events happening… Quiting that surprise look of his face, he still continue to stay where he was… Although he didn’t howl and he kinda prefer to leave.
    * Tundra was sitting down now witnessing the howls, she felt more comfortable now, no-one seemed to care that she was late, or that she was even there, but it didn’t bother her, she was just a wolf in the pack territory wanting to become a pledge, but feared she would have to wait till the next meeting, but she would enjoy the rest of this one.
    * nalani tilts he r head a bit listening and realizes the promotion is a bit more then the usual thing and with even her dad breaking into wolf song she too starts up a howl of her own, maybe she can out  howl everyone else?
    * Ayaka would feel a swirlinf of emotions and the strengthened weight of responsibility as she dipped her head once more in respect to the alpha’s before turning to regain her place beside Kova and Shukie. She had caught a look from Skydancer, and was gladdened by the encouragement she found there. It would take some time to sort out her thoughts on this matter, andso for now, she would embrace the feeling of excitement and pride she felt and return the nuzzle from Shukie and Kova as she seated herself once more, the pack howling around her.
    * Fianna wouldn’t understand half of what had taken place, but she did know a song when she heard one! She lifted her own voice to join in, her tail beating along too.
    * Faolan would watch Ayaka return to her position within the gathered few before his eyes caught hold of Shukie. He had noted his eldest son amidst the group as well, but would offer a chuff for Shukie to come forward.
    * Atraya would allow her voice to fall to the ears who would hear it and allow Ayaka to return back to the place among the other members of the pack. She would dip her head and look towards those gathered and perhaps caught sight of Kuroi’s own reactions. She would make a note before she once more addressed the pack when all settled. She now looked to Shukie and offered a smile.
    * Shukie was slow to rise when Faolan called her name, her obsidian gaze looking first at her sister Kova, ears folding back then forward as she rose and moved to stand before her Alpha’s, dipping in respect, her tail tip twitching nervously from its fully lowered position. “Alphas?” only the last syllable would give hint to her inner trepidations.
    * Kova waved her tail happily behind her and when Ayaka returned she quickly nuzzled her along her cheek! She then blinked hearing Shukie being called forward and swung her tail slowly behind her before it stilled. It would seem that her sisters would be heeded this meeting and her eyes now refocused.
    * Kokuro ‘s auds would perk at the mention of Shukie and grow more alert. Noting his father’s glance , a respectful nods would be given.
    <Rook> Hey now! Who was this imposter taking -his- eldest claim??? Potato nabbin, flippy cape havin’….kinda cool lookin dude. He had darker hues like Rook, but wasn’t completely black. Still, he kinda knew this bloke…maybe? Was he after his lemon pledge role too?? hmmmmmm
    * Skydancer ears perk with interest as shukie is called forward there aren´t that many options avaidible for a promotion, or maybe an isgnment of some sort, who knows what is in the apha´s their minds.
    * Ayaka ‘s thoughts would soon be arrested as Shukie was called forward! She watched with growing interest as the fae moved forward, then nosed Kova, landing an excited lick upon her cheek.
    * Tundra fidgeted, growing uncomfortable with so many wolves there, and none of them even taking notice of her, she recognized a few wolves, but didn’t want to move to speak to them, feeling it would disrupt the meeting in some sort of way.
    * Kwa`ani shook her head wondering why they had called the blabber mouth up. Were they gonna have her talk them to death? She was starting to get fidgity but managed to settle some as she listened like the others.
    * Fianna watched Kwa’ani fidget, finding herself feeling similar. “Which important woofie does you wanna be like when you grows up?” She asked quietly, voiced hushed to she wouldn’t get “the look” from mama or papa. All the while she tries to keep an eye as the blabbery woof, the scout Shukie goes up to the important rock.
    * Faolan awaited Shukie’s approach and listened to the tone of her voice as she asked for clarification on her beckoning. It gave him time to recollect on the past and with it a swell of breath was exhaled with those memories.  There is but one name that the world calls to us by; just one when all else falls silent. Only a few have given as much in deed to have heard it and fewer yet to the extent  that the stone itself speaks it to others that would listen. Atraya and I have listened…  He would not pause in the stride of his words, but fluidly offered his mate a light glance before continuing.  Once again another wolf stands before us in the shade of those who came before, but she is her own and she gives hope to another broken line.  He would quiet his tones and allow his mate to offer the question.
    * Fianna looks at Rook and nalani and asks them the quiet question too. “Who does you wanna be?” She figured Rook would of course be like papa. Just like she wanted to be like mama.
    * Mayko took note of a wolf that had joined the group a little while into the meeting and chuffed a barely audible friendly greeting toward the fae, giving her a smile, happy to share the joy this night.
    <Rook>  Oh man…the mean bus lady better not get his lead lemon pledge role or he’d be mad!! He was fidgety too only because he didn’t wanna lose hope that he could one day be the best of the lemon pledges…a fact that he would whisper to Fianna in regards to  I’m gonna be the best pledge ever.
    * Atraya would cast an equally fluid glance to her mate and dip her head before her hues fell to Shukie as she offered in light, but serious tones. “The pack has not known higher leadership then the Alpha’s, the Beta position for some time and it is a position we feel has finally found one to call forth to see to it’s calling. The position is one not to be taken lightly for much falls upon the shoulders that are named Beta but there is great spirit and great heart within you that Faolan and I have seen that potential and we would like to see it fulfilled by your spirit and your heart.” she paused for only a moment as she continued. “We would like to offer you the position of Delta. One to walk the path to becoming Beta. You will learn our ways more deeply. You will become rooted further in the soil of those who’ve come before you. You will fulfill the paws of others who’ve come before and in doing so, you will make your own marks and your own path. Do you accept this role? To be trained as Delta in hopes that you will follow in the path of those who’ve come before you and be the second paw of the Alpha’s as Beta?” she’d wait with great patience but eager eyes for Shukie’s response. This would be no light task nor light request.
    * Tundra swiveled her ears as she heard silent greeting, and turned her head to the sound to see a wolf smiling, she didn’t know if it was meant for her or another so she leaned a bit closer to the fae and looked at her, a questioning look on her face.
    * Mayko nodded encouragingly, his hazel eyes glinting in evening light
    * Rune ’s eyes widen and she stares at Shukie. If someone were to look at her they may be able to distinguish some awe in her expression. ‘Well done Shukie!’ ran through her mind many times over and she couldn’t wait to congratulate her. She starts to wonder how much her relationship with the black fae would change after this promotion and the white and rust colored fae glances down at her paws.
    * Kova ‘s eyes would slowly go wide and her mouth slightly a-gape. Not in horror or disbelief, but perhaps surprise; in a good way. She had her own ambitions and her own dreams. Her own desires for perhaps what role she would play in the grand scheme of the pack for her dreams and thoughts offered them to her but for now, she would be content in seeing her sisters grow slightly taller in their own position among stones. She gently swung her tail a few times before it stilled. Frozen on Shukie and the alpha’s.
    * Shukie didn’t move at all except the nervous twitch of her tail tip as Faolan spoke, her obsidian gaze shifting between her Alpha’s. Lowering her head as her eyes closed even as her ears folded flat at their words which she knew were not offered unless earned. The responsibility was indeed great for the pack as a hole beyond that of a Scout would be hers to handle. Was she ready for such a position? Would the pack accept her.. glancing to those present before returning to the Alpha’s as her head lifted fully. “It humbles me that you should consider me for this position for the responsibilities are great. You would not offer such if you did not believe me ready.” With another dip of her head, “I accept” She knew words were just that, words. It would be her actions that showed if  she was truly meant to be Delta, perhaps Beta in time. “With your patience and guidance I shall do all possible to ensure the Pack’s continuance, history is passed on”
    * Ayaka ‘s eyes widen and she feels a gladdening, a lightening in her tension and swirling thoughts. She was glad the fae had been offered a position that she could see the fae filling well. It was surely deserved, and she listened intently to Shukie’s answer. She would glady accept Shukie as a delta, and willing follow her lead, as she was sure she could learn some from her example as well.
    * Skydancer ears swivel forward as she looks toward shukie. what would the youngere wolf say, not even aware she is holding her breath until she lit´s it out after the younger wolfs response and her banner swayes slightly in approval and feels atleast some of the burden she´d been feeling for sometime fall off of her shoulders though she is well aware of how the other must be feeling giving her friend a friendly look full of encouragement and then lifts her head slightly in a howl to congratulate the younger wolf.
    <Faolan>  The earth does not idly whisper names, Shukie. With your own patience and diligence you will carry such promise beyond my days and grow into such a sound wisdom that will further move our pack towards prosperity. I have no reservations to this appointment and eagerly await the trials of your naming ahead.  He would dip his frame low enough to nose at the crown of the fae’s head before  reclaiming the regalness of his stature.
    * Atraya when Shukie offered up her acceptance of the position she would look to her mate and smile, dipping her head before returning her gaze back to Shukie. She would be well confident in their choice and would no doubt enjoy the path they would all walk in their knowledge and learning of one role to the next. To pass on the wisdom of the pack to Shukie and to all. She glanced momentarily up to the skies as if some how she felt that her mother would be watching. The pack growing ever so. She returned her hues then to Shukie. “As all have lay witness to Shukie’s words and to her oath in learning the ways of the pack Delta in hopes to fulfill the role of Beta, I would like to have the honor of naming you Delta of WolfSpirits Shukie.” she smiled before she too lowered her muzzle to  offer a quick nosing to Shukie’s crown then back up again. Her chest welled once more and there she would let loose a long howl for the newest Delta of WolfSpirits!
    <Rook>  Good, she wasn’t getting to be the lead pledge. That meant his time was about to come! He’d be named pledge of citrusness!
    * Kova couldn’t contain her excitement and when the paws where stomped and the howls made, her heart would burst and her howl was given. She let her song sing for her sister and the position she would accept! She would follow both her sisters leads and examples and soak up what wisdom they would share and offer. Her song continued for a long while before she lowered it, brushing up against Ayaka lightly as she awaited Shukie to rejoin them.
    * Kokuro would now waves his banner and howl for one he was acquainted with.
    * Ayaka was glad to allow her pent up excitement and heart full of pride out in a glad howl for her good friend and pack Shukie. She pressed her shoulder against Kova and grinned to her as she too, awaited Shukie’s return to offer closer congratulations.
    * Kuroi continue on his place without moving an inch, and if Ayaka’s promotion wasn’t enough, the next one sure would be. He had a real surprise look on his face after hearing what was told to Shukie. For a moment, it felt like time went slower and he could hear his own heartbeat strongly on his chest… Even the howls that were done by the other wolves seemed not to arrive to his ears as he was processing the info in his head…
    * Mayko responded to the black fae continuing his smile, “I’m Mayko”. “After the meet we can talk, I just wanted to welcome you to the group.” He would give a friendly wink before moving his attention back to the proceedings. “It is an exciting day for the pack!”
    * Faolan would once again offer his voice up to the chorus that gave congratulations to Shukie.
    * Mayko would then lift his voice to join in the joyful howling in recognition of Shukie’s new promotion!
    * Shukie felt the enormity of the position at Faolan and Atraya’s description, the brush of their muzzles to her crown sent a brief shiver for in that brief contact she looked up letting her gaze answer for her at her understanding of what was now her responsibility. As the howls began to sink into her head she turned and dipped her head in respect to all whom gathered for now their safety and continuance was as well in part her responsibility, to see that each grows for their full potential. Turning she moved back to sit beside her sister turning to face the alpha’s once again.
    * Atraya when the howls would subside she would dip her head towards Shukie and allow her to take her place amongst the pack once more. The majority of all things to cover this evening would have been made and it was in this instance she would look out towards the wolves and offer forth a chance for discussion on what needed to be said before the meetings close. “Before we conclude tonight’s meeting, is there anyone who desires to speak?”
    * Kova would quickly nuzzle Shukie under her muzzle as she rejoined them. The excitement for her new position still welling within her but when she heard Atraya’s voice she promptly regained her posture and listened.
    * Mayko would glance toward the new fae and tilt his head in question. He would not intent to pressure the fae, but merely let her know of her opportunity here.
    * Tundra nodded and smiled, then turned back to the pack, she heard Atraya’s last words, and slowly stepped forward, nervousness growing withe very step “I don’t want to disturb in any way, but I would like to be pledged if its not to late for that” she lowered her head in submission and embarrassment.
    * Rook heard this fae say she wanted to be a lemon pledge. Nuh uh! Not no way, not no how!  I wanna be pledge! he blurted out to his mama and papa before making his way a little closer to the front of the stone.
    * Atraya would hear a tone emitt from the crowd of wolves and saw Tundra among them. She tilted her head but would remember the fae from a while ago. She shifted her tail slowly behind her and would be about to speak before tilting her head to her son’s outburst at wanting to pledge. She turned to look now at Faolan. Brows rose before she turned then to Rook “Do you know what it means to be a  pledge my son?” she then turned to Tundra, calling the fae forward.
    * Kokuro arches a brow at his younger sibling and shakes his head. Trying to decide whether … no.. the time was not right.
    * Kwa`ani had drifted off until the howls awoke her fully. She didn’t know what a Delta or Beta was and would soon be harassing her mother and father for that and about their own place in the pack. When her brother asked and the pretend brother said no she grew confused, why wouldn’t Kokuro want too she wondered. “Me too! I wanna be one of those pledge thingys.” not about to be out done by her brother
    * Tundra stared at the alpha’s her body tingling with nervousness and she stepped forward, ignoring the young pup, she wasn’t trying to be rude, he thought the pup was being funny in a cute way.
    <Faolan>  The near combined voices of his offspring would follow after Tundra’s request to be named pldge. He would look between the lot, his eyes echoing his mate’s question. Though being a pledge was not as much weight as those roles that came before, they were not to be taken on lightly.
    * nalani looks up at her brothers words and then even more interisted as her mumzie response up until now there had been no replies to such things, now that it came though she isn’t about to be left behind and she get’s up. ,It mean we learn how to be pack and know others, . I.. we know the pack.” she say’s joining her older brothers side. “how can we not now such thing?”  she asks pretty much barging in.
    <Rook> Yeah! Ditto! the goober was right. They knew the pack and if it meant having to do something to get to be a lemon pledge, then he’d do what he could and was asked of.  You say you need guardians. I do that. You say lead thingies need wisdom. I do that! I do what I can.
    * Kuroi keep walking away from the gathering, not really knowing which direction he was taking, but the black wolf didn’t care much about that. Right now, his mind was…… he didn’t really know how to explain it with words, it just something that didn’t feel well in his inside. Was he jealous? Was he mad? Was he frustated?…  He sighed as he kept going.
    * Shukie gave her attention to Tundra and the alpha’s once again after brief nuzzles with Kova and Ayaka whom she sat between unable to keep from smiling at the pups. Her mind was racing over everything tonight. Only her sister might feel the sudden twitching of her skin beneath her fur, which disappeared as quickly as it had overtaken her.
    * Kova perked her ears to the pups and smiled to their antics and to their inquiry. It wasn’t until movement seemed to catch her eyes. She looked now towards the guardian, Kuroi, and tilted her head. Something seemed off about him and a frown only momentarily drew across her muzzle. No doubt she’d inquire to see if he was alright.
    * Lockewlf grumps as he wakes up from napping in a random thick patch of grass, the ancient wolf’s head poking out of the bushes to look at the ongoing meeting.
    * Atraya their pups would soon be a year old in a few months from now and they would be able to make their own paths if they desired. It was always this time she feared, as a mother, because mostly her son’s would wander off as was natural for them to do for the urge to perhaps start their own family and pack was well within instinct but there where those who wandered but returned. She took a deep breath before responding to her pups in kind after nodding to Tundra as she approached. “To be a pledge is to know the pack yes, but, it is also a very serious gesture. It means that you wish to call WolfSpirits your own. To become one with those here as family and to work on the path to truly joining the pack to stay.” she’d look to her pups with still hues. “When you reach closer to the age of one and you feel you are ready. You will learn what it is to be a pledge and then you may ask it of your mother and father.” her head dipped slowly. The pups still had much to learn and she would be more than happy to bestow it upon them but those where conversations and teachings to be saved beyond the confines of a meeting for there was much more depth that needed to be shown. She turned to her mate to see if he had anything to add.
    * Kwa`ani whined in a pout as her excitement wained at her mother’s admonishment, sitting in thought as she looked back at Tundra, a wolf she’d scented but not met yet. When did they turn this magical 1 she wondered even as she listened.
    * Faolan would not be the last bastion of hope for his pups. Atraya had spoken his own mind and they would see to talking with their young about such a decision in the near future. Still, he was gladdened to see initiative in them. He was sure they would make good pledges in time.
    * Shukie had noticed her friend Kuroi had moved off, her ears flattening briefly in thought as to his odd behavior before she too refocused upon the alpha’s and Tundra. She’d seek him out later on to find out what was wrong, if anything.
    * Atraya would look to her pups and offer each a nudge to their little crowns. She too agreed that they would all make fine pledges and would want nothing more then for them to stay with her and Faolan. In their birth pack. To grow and foster whatever place they would be fulfilled with. For now time would offer them a little more patience. She then turned to Tundra and dipped her head “Tundra…  you have requested to join WolfSpirits. I ask you now, is this still your desire?”
    * nalani lowers her ears and let’s out a sad whine dropping her head slightly at the adonishment, why can’t they be pledges now.. clamping her jaws shut on the retord that she wants to make though her expresion say’s it all and retreats aswell  she can tell there is no swaying  her parents on this point, stupid rule she thinks quietly to herseelf she knows the pack and the responsibilities. she’s heard thenm often enough she isn’t a little pup anymore.
    * Tundra stepped a little bit closer and bowed her head “it is, I will make my life in the pack, I will help when needed, and do what is requested if I must” she said full of honesty and respect to all the wolves there and the pack.
    * Atraya dipped her head to Tundra’s response before offering one in turn. “As a pledge of WolfSpirits you will know further the ways of our pack but more importantly you will find out whether or not your desire to stay here is true. If these are acceptable and you agree to them, then, I would like to have the honor of Alpha of WolfSpirits to name you a Pledge of WolfSpirits.” she gently  stomped her paw “May your path reside with us!”
    * Lockewlf grunted as he rose to his paws and stomped his paws in congratulations to the new pledge, his gaze shifting to look around the pack now that the haze of sleep has started to disperse.
    * Faolan would listen to Tundra’s answer and offer a stamp of his paw to her initial steps on the journey to become a member of the pack.
    * Shukie too tamped her paws to the earth in welcome to the pack for Tundra, tail wagging to see the pack continuing to grow
    * Atraya when the offered congratulations where made she would dip her head before she let loose a gentle breath and a sway of her tail. A productive meeting indeed! “I think that will conclude tonight’s meeting. Thank you all who’ve attended and a fond congratulations to those who’ve been seen to promotions tonight.” she gently pawed the earth and would end the meeting!





    Meetings End

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