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Pack Meeting #182 – First Of 2017

Changes, Meetings & Updates

Pack Meeting #183 LogPack Meeting #183 Log

The pack’s first meeting of 2017 came together tonight! We had several things to cover including a promotion. Shakira was advanced from pledge to assessment!

Shakira Advances To Assessment!


 Pack Meeting Log Begins

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<Faolan> The hour was drawing ever on and on as evident in the low flight of the sun against the western horizon. It was soon time to dispense with what greetings were made and move towards the Alphas rock. Once he was there, he would have his mate do the honors of ascending first while he tried to find his brood amidst the eventual chaos they were creating. It just so happened one was on said rock! He’d follow Atraya in time and once atop the alphas rock sound a call for the beginning of a meeting.
* Rune pauses when she notices three figures romping in the snow. She silently scolds herself for not noticing them before and begins to walk towards them, however, she stops herself when a howl from the Clearing’s center splits the crisp night air. Rune offers two chuffs of quick greeting to Beldesia, Rook, and Fianna before trotting towards Alpha Rock, she’d greet them formally there.
* Azaelia allowed her tail to wave quickly back and forth as she met Shakira, “Nice to see someone else,” she admitted happily, “been working on Faolan’s task he gave me.” As she finished explaining she heard a howl, luckily well on their way to the clearing perhaps the call ended the conversation and possibly they padded together. If this was the case Azaelia would eventually turn towards
* Azaelia her friend knowing they still had a bit of a distance to go, “So what do you think is going on tonight?”
* Beldesia at sound of faolan’s deep vocals arises fully audits pricked towards the sound. “Cmon you two meeting time” She churrs lightly, giving the pups a gentle nudge as she heads for the alpha rock and thier family gathered there.
<Beldesia> [crap! sorry runeh] * Shukie hastened her stride at seeing the alphas ascend the rock, unable to hide the brief smile seeing one of the pups atop it. She spotted Shakira and Azaelia and perhaps Nightstalker all heading from the western side of the clearing before she took her place near the front of those gathered.
* Kwa`ani bounced on her paws, “Papa! meeting thingymajiggerstuffs?” she asked quietly even as her paws started to settle.
* Atraya when Faolan would leap up to the rock she would quickly stand beside him and there let loose a low howl in a calling for a pack meeting to begin!
* nalani at the howl right above her head she gives up on sleeping and get’ s up onto all fours turning around and take a few padfalls and bunches hermuscls and leaps up onto the rock aswell going out of her way to bump into her dad io for waking her.
<Rook> See!? the nice Van lady knew how to formally greet wolves. He would offer Rune two chuffs as well just before his papa and mama’s howl caught him off guard. Egads! He would have to hurry to get a good spot to sit. And off he went towards the rock!
* Fianna churned snow, hoping to beat rocky Rook to the alpha stone. Her paws were swift, they were fast! She wouls be sure to leave rook as last! She soon neared the alpha rock and without pausing stride would leap as quick as could be, and perhaps with a bump and a thump, to stand atop the rock, looking fully pleased. SIR Fianna had arrived!
* Shakira nodded to her friends words, making a note to ask more about her task just as a howl scored the darkening day. She quickened her pace as she had heard talk of a meeting. “I heard others talking of a meeting to be had in the coming days, that’s my only guess.” She said, nudging her friend as they neared the Clearing.
* Rune arrives at Alpha Rock and dips her head in greeting to those gathered. Her body language still showed signs of nervousness despite there being a lack of danger present. Rune seats herself on the fringes of the packed down snow around Alpha Rock as she assumed others would gather closer to the rock, she did this hoping not to have others sit behind her where she couldn’t watch them. She would chuff a greeting to Azaelia and Shakira
* Nightstalker would chuff to those near him before moving towards the alpha’s rock at the call for a meeting. The old brute moved to his normally spot and settled upon his haunches to the right of the rock so that he could watch both the lead pair and the gathered wolves. He wrapped his blakc tial about his paws.
* Rune as they came into view before turning her attention to the Alphas atop the rock. Rune’s tail wags slowly when Rook returns her chuff.
* Skydancer ears perk up at the resounding howl reaching her ears from the other side of the forest. did the alpha´s say anything about the meeting? she asks she´d never missed a meeting before but she doesn´t know if she can even move fast enough to get there but then she´d have to leave kova behind and that just Isn´t a good idea.
* Azaelia followed after the intrigue of a meeting piquing her interests to it’s max as well as her auditory sensors as Atraya’s howl proceeded that of Faolan’s. She became quiet and picked up her pace a bit to join the mass most likely in the clearing. As she was greeted by Rune she dipped her dome and offered a chuff back as well.
* _Nova would perk up at the sound of the howl and jump up to trot over to the alpha rock. A meeting! He looked around at the wolves that might have been already there and looked for his maybe future court and chuffs to her as she was greeted by Rune.
<Rook> Balderdash and squirkle cogs!!! He was going to be last?? Well, they never agreed to the terms of said lastness. So, he felt like he was a pile of rabbit poo. He was quick to weasel his way to a good spot between mama and papa none-the-less.
* Ayaka shook her head a bit, gesturing to the other side of Kova should the fae want ro lie there. “Faolan only asked if there was anything Kova and I wanted to ask in the meeting, or address, so he would know since we are staying here. I’m sure they will understand you being absent as well, since you are injured.” She had long since cleaned her own shoulder wound
* Ayaka as well as could be, the hunt had caused it to bleed a bit more than it would have done otherwise, but perhaps that had cleaned it of infection as well. It seemed to have crusted over now, and just ached a bit when moved.
* Beldesia as paws bring her ever closer to those gathered dips her maw in silent greetings to those near and takes a place among them.
* Shakira chuffed to the she-wolf, Rune, as they approached the Alpha rock, deciding to sit beside her and encouraged Azaelia to sit with her as well. Her shyness made its presence known as she became aware of the other wolves gathered, her ears lowering and her tail swishing nervously behind her.
* Kova her eyes would close once more as she let loose a low huff as she did her best to avoid the pain. She would feel the warmth shared and would no doubt pull closer into Ayaka. The wind would no doubt cause her discomfort everytime it dared to whisper across her visage.
* Azaelia did sit next to Shakira as she extended a chuff to Nova hoping him to realize she wanted him to come and sit with herself and Shakira. She had turned her gaze afterward back to Shakira noting her anxious behaviors recognizing them instantly. She gently nuzzled Shakir’s jowls with her snout hoping to ease some of her tension.
* Rune acknowledges Shakira with a small dip of her head. As the tawny fae did not sit down behind Rune, she felt no urge to stand and back up a pace. Rune looks to Nova as he had chuffed to Azaelia, she hadn’t seen the Member in Training for a while but she was sure that was probably her fault. Rune then looks to Azaelia, curious to know if the fae would be made a member this evening.
* Skydancer flicks her ears slightly sounded like faolan might be expecting her to find her way there, she can be wrong ofcourse, still.. hmm maybe I should go.. she isn´t looking too happy and at kova´s shiver she lowers her ears. think you can get toward the forest kova? she asks it is a lot more sheltered there. she say´s not jsut thinking about the wind.
* Faolan would quiet his howl and look to the approach of those that heard it. A good number of wolves were in the clearing and a good number of scents remained a promise of more to come. The disquieting presence of his eldest son’s scent gave him pause. Surely his senses had been mistaken? Met and well met those of our kin and those upon the journey. The days grow longer and thus offer us a chance at a new and brighter future. We start with news and not all good nor bad. With the departure of the mountain lion came a vacuum of presence and chance in the hunting grounds. Our hunters were attacked by a wolverine and will require our diligence in the hunt and in our patrols. For that reason, Ayaka would wish for us to make ready a hunt for musk ox as soon as possible. A hunting party of my mate, Ayaka, Fianna, Rook, and nalani were successful in bringing down a blacktail. Meat is to be had, but we require more. He would turn to his mate and have her words be heard, or, if she preferred, to progress the meeting forward.
* _Nova would smile as Azaelia responded back. He sat down on the other side of Azaelia right before Faolan started to speak. He nuzzled her with his muzzle and smiled before paying full attention to his alpha, listenig to what was spoken.
* Shukie quickly looked around, that inner niggle yesterday now more prevelent and with the news realized neither huntress was present, her ears flattening only to perk up again briefly at the mention of the pups helping bring down a deer. Her full attention now on the alphas, fear within her chest over her sister, Ayaka and Skydancer whom she didn’t see. Her tailtip twitched anxiously.
* nalani looks toward rook jumping up on the rock with them and takes a chance and nips at him and then instantly shifts to sitting up proudly at her dad ios praise. yep she’d helped with that.
* Atraya looked to those who gathered for the meeting and dipped her head softly before she felt her paws lightly pull into themselves and there, she seated herself. She now looked towards those gathered. “We will need to keep hold of our domain, but as well, be aware that the herds are starting to migrate further from our hunting grounds.” she added before nodding to Faolan and then resumed her gaze back to the gathered. “Keep your wits about you and your noses sharp. Report to us any potential prey you track our scent if any. As Faolan said, we will need more” when all offered their acknowledgements she would then proceed to the gathered. She saw Shakira among the others before chuffing for the fae to step forward. “Questions can be asked at the end of the meeting but for now, let us continue.”
* Ayaka lifted her head again at Sky’s words. It was true that the trees would offer more shelter than the open would, but she was lying currently on the side the wind came from, to best shelter the fae as she could. “Perhaps movement would be a bad idea right now, causing her wounds to reopen? Maybe she should brave the winds a bit longer in order to let her wounds have more time to close up and stop the blood flow..” she just offered her own take on the situation, wanting the best for her sister.
* Rune ‘s ears shoot back and she becomes tense at Faolan’s first announcement, this was why she had scented blood the previous night. She looks past Alpha Rock towards the Hunting Grounds, then back at the Alphas, shifting nervously in place.
* Shakira belatedly nodded to Nova as he sat on the other side of Azaelia, sitting quietly and listening intently as the Alpha’s spoke.
* Beldesia perked as both faolan and atraya spoke, offering a silent nod to her willingness to aide the pack and that she had hurd them.
* Shakira ‘s ears perked as the Alpha female called her forward. She lifted herself and, keeping her ears and tail respectfully lowered, approached the rock.
* Azaelia turned her gaze to Shakira offering a very low chuff, “Go,” she saidd as quietly as she could muster. She was there to support her and stood up hoping for her to have something to look at from the front. She did all this as Atraya seemed to chuff to her friend.
* Rook heard his name called after nalani tried annoying him to sleep! snoozers! He would wake right back up when it came time to call the weirdos forward one by one. He loved this part!
* Shukie simply nodded to the Alpha’s as she watched the fae she’d recently tracked, eyes constantly diverting towards the hunting grounds. With a slight shake of her head she forced her attention back to the meeting.
* Faolan would look to Shakira and quietly watch her approach. What was to come next was to be spoken by his mate. He could feel some movement between his not so small pups and a quick cast of gaze should be enough to have them settle down.
* Fianna listened to the tail papa told as if hearing it for the first time! There had been blooood everywhere! Wheeehoo. Then she gave a nod chest puff puffing as she looked down upon Shakira as the woofess came forward. Oooh! What next? Flying flames of judgement? Snicker snackers of higher platues? Obviously she hadn’t quite placed this next part in her mind. Still, it sure looked serious. She stared vigilantly.
<Fianna> (Tale*)
<Fianna> (Plateaus* xD)
* Skydancer hears ayaka´s words but her instincts are pretty strong and they´d kept her alive before. It´s not just the wind I´m concerned about. she replies wanting to ease her right front as has become her habbit but with most of her weight on it that isn´t happening. other predators are around too. and what if that wolverine comes back? she replies making an attemptat getting up when it fails she half  flops back into the snow maybe she´d eaten a bit too much.
* Rune watches as Shakira is called forwards, having no doubts that the fae would be made an Assessment tonight. Rune leans away from her when she stands to walk forwards, not wanting the moving to cause accidental contact.
* Kwa`ani sat perfectly still, ears up as she remained mute, showing awesome manners, only her tail moving just a bit. Drat it all! she’d missed a hunt. Blast it. As the hunt news irritated her, it was the realization somones had been hurted. But what the heck was a wolverine? Must be a mean wolf since it had wolf in the name.
* Ayaka had considered this as well, watching Sky with some concern as the fae didn’t seem able to move much. “I doubt the wolverinv or any other predator would have a much harder time, as our scents would be just as strong within the treeline. But yes, line of sight would be a bit less.” She looked to Kova. Perhaps when next the fae awoke, she could decide what she wished?
* Atraya as Shakira took a step forward she dipped her head before offering. “Shakira, you have been a pledge with us for sometime now and I would like to first ask you, do you still desire to call WolfSpirits your home? Do you wish to continue on the path of finding your paws to settle with WolfSpirits?”
* Nightstalker silently watched as the fae was called forwards by Atraya and approached the rock. The old male shifted his gaze from the fae to the other gathered, watching each wolf a moment before turning his gaze back to Shakira.
* Shakira lifted her gaze to the Alpha’s and the pups atop the rock, steadying herself before answering. “More than anything, yes.” She said lowering her gaze once more.
* Atraya dipped her head to the fae’s response before offering her own “As an assessment of WolfSpirits you will learn and cultivate what it means to be a member of this pack. You will become familiar with the creed and members to whom you desire to call your own, and to call family.” her paws shifted only a little before she continued. “Are you willing to do what it takes to see yourself come to fruition within this pack? To embody the meaning of an assessment on your journey to join us?” her eyes would fall to Shakira, awaiting her response with a half smile and curious hues.
* Kova shifted yet again against Ayaka and now Skydancer who was no doubt still next to her. Her leg was swollen and the blood not cleared from the wound, it would be tough to tell where it ended or started. Her chest was not throbbing as bad but still the gash would be evidenet across her features – at least until the fur grew back.
* Shakira heart beat rapidly as the Alpha spoke, her mind clearing of everything except the duty she would take on to join the pack. “Yes, Alpha. I accept.” She said, glad her voice sounded stronger now.
* Skydancer dips her muzzle in agreement to yaka´s words. anything to make it harder for them is a good thing. she say´s adding we´ll just have to wait and see though. shifting her attention toward kova for a moment and then heaves herself up right  hobbling over to kova trying ot hide her injury though the severe limb won´t fool so much as a pup and settles her frame down next to the larger fea supressing a sigh of relief.
<Rook> More mints for the butt! He wondered when he could advance towards being a member…or maybe he already was and just didn’t know it? He was up here afterall. The view was quite nice up here…crowded with goobers, but nice.
* Faolan would listen to Shakira’s answers and then quietly dip his nose. There was nothing more he could add. The fae would progress and be judged by her interaction with and in the pack. A time for deed awoke and he hoped that the fire it kindled would remain with her until the time of her naming as member.
* Kwa`ani didn’t have any thoughts on the subject as she assumed they were of the pack and needed no formalities to proclaim it, at least in her youthful mind. She watched quietly as Shakira came forth to be put on the chopping block, with all eyes upon her.
* Atraya would look to her mate a moment before she turned back to Shakira. “As all lay witness to Shakira’s pledge to the pack, to her desire to be with us still, then I would like to have the honor given to me by Kovo and our ancestors, As your Alpha, I name you Shakira assessment to WolfSpirits! May your path be true and strong.” it was there she lifted her paw up and gently slapped the surface of the stone in which she stood upon.
* nalani listens to the grown up exchange the words she’d heard a lot now and frowns in thought and looks questioningly to her dadio trying to nderstand the other were asked why isn’t she Oor her littermates. is it a grown up thing..?
* Azaelia continued standing as she listened and her auditory sensors flicked a bit as Shakira became more confident. She knew the female could do it and lifted her snout perpendicular to the skies above as her song rang for the newly named Assessment.
* Rune offers two congratulatory chuffs to Shakira, the tawny fae no longer a Pledge. She wags her tail, the white banner sweeping the snow behind her. Rune eagerly waits for Shakira to return to her spot between herself and Azaelia, the wolf one step closer to joining the pack.
* Shakira ‘s tail wagged vigorously behind her as the Alpha spoke of her advancement, a large wolfish grin breaking across her muzzle. “Thank you, Alpha’s. I won’t let you down.” She dipped her head one last time before returning to her place beside Azaelia and Rune.
* Nightstalker listened as the fae was named assessment, he would tilt his muzzle heavensward and let out a low howl for the fae. As his muzzle lowered and his voice drifted away upon the air currents, his tail would thump the ground lightly before stilling once more around his paws.
* Shukie lifted her head into a low short howl of congrats to the new assessment, tail wagging briefly, eyes going east for a bit.
* Beldesia allows her head to fall back as song brings forth her joy for shakira.
<Rook> This part was great too! He loved trying to stamp on the rock like mama and papa. It didn’t sound as cool, but he did it anyway. The question was shared amongst his siblings along the radio wave it seemed…nannooo nannooo this is Rook, come in goobers; over.
* Fianna would chuff chuff as well for the new ass..signment, assminto? Something like that. Anyhew, chuff chuff! She looked at her sibs and scooched closer to them if she could. “I wanna be one!” She muttered, her whisper perhaps not quite as soft as she intended.
* Kwa`ani watched the fae, Shakira and in tradition she’d stompy stomp stomp before settling again. She was eager to pester her sibs on what they did in the deer hunt.
* Faolan would stamp his own paw against the stone surface of the alphas rock in solidarity for the newly named assessment.  There are no more promotions at this time, but I will reiterate the need for others to pull their weight in the hunt, in the helping of our caretaker, and in the scouting of our lands. Should this be done, then a great prize awaits our efforts.  He turned to his mate to see if she had any thoughts to share or discuss?
<Rook> Cylons…the lot of em…but, if they could read his mind then…Curses!! He was a toaster too! He couldn’t help but whine a little at the thought but that was truncated by Sir Fianna’s exclamation.  I wanna be uh…I wanna be a guardian!  he whisper yelled.
* Atraya when all had settled she would smile to Shakira and allow her to return to her place. She couldn’t help but chuckle to her pups amusements and excitement over the advancement. “OOC: I am still currently working on the pack’s website. I am hoping to get it some what finished by the end of next week hopefully! I’m currently migrating everything over ( save for the history which may stay on the same page for a bit ). While I’m on the subject, is there any changes or suggestions anyone would like to offer?”
* Kwa`ani nipped the disruptive brother, ‘shhhhh! you too loud for rodin stuff” then instantly went silent when mum crowed again asking weird stuffs.
* Beldesia nods as faolan again mentions the need of extra aide. As soon as the meeting was over she would find shukie and compare there scouting endevors and mayhaps ask if she knew where to find ayaka.
* Azaelia had something gnawing at her she wanted to ask but was unsure if this was the right time. She slowly looked back and forth a bit shaky and nervous, “I have a request,” she said aloud, “I mean if you are hearing them now?” She sunk back a bit nervous unsure if this was the time for that or not.
* Atraya looked towards Azaelia “Is this for the website?”
<Shukie> Atraya: Set up like hyper links for clicking on various things like Alphas, beta,s pack etc. instead of only being able to scroll down to those sections.
* Atraya would nod to Shukie’s suggestion and smile “Of course. I can make ‘anchors’ or buttons at the top that can scroll down to the corresponding topics.
<Rook> Make a page devoted to the ballad of Sir Rook and the Potato trees strut strut strut
* Azaelia tilted her dome, what was a website? She just kinda stared, “Um perhaps this isn’t the time,” she really sunk low waiting for the right time.
<Beldesia> Also, could the pictures of the wolves be linked to thier bios after clicking on them?
* Atraya dipped her head to Azaelia “Yes, You can make your request after this topic” smiled
<Atraya> Beldesia: Yes. So with WordPress it has the ability to allow you to login with your own username and edit your own “profile” if you will. I just need to figure out how to customize it to our ‘look’ and template! So I am hoping that all you can do is login and you can edit it yourself. The profile images will link to your bio! Also the ability will be enabled to send messages to other wolves as well. So another means to get in touch with me or Fao if need be besides email / irc.
<Beldesia> nice:)
<Atraya> Anyone else? looked to the rest curiously
<Kokuro> About?
<Faolan> OOC: Any comments/questions/requests on the new website design
<Rune> I asked a question just before Rook.
<Atraya> Rune: My apologies! Yes. I will be working on that as well 🙂 It’s going to take me sometime because the past history is kind of strewn across logs and various older bits of the website. But that is deff. a goal I want to put back together!
<Rune> Atraya: Great! Thank you!
<Atraya> Of course! Anyone else before we move on? smiled
* Atraya would give a nod and nose her mate before she would continue on with the meeting. “Is there anything anyone desires to bring up or offer before this meeting is brought to a close?” she looked out and then to Azaelia. Offering the fae to speak.
* Shukie rose and looked to the alpha’s. “After Azaelia speaks, I have a question or two.” then sat back down.
* Azaelia slowly again raisied her dome attempting to put on her most confident look after her little mishap. Her nervousness had brought it out at the wrong time, “I would like to Court Nova,” she said letting her gaze slowly sway over the wolves gathered and even Shukie since she had spoke up as well, “that is only if you, the alphas will allow.” She dipped her dome as if waiting on an executioner her anxiety matched by curiosity.
* Atraya would no doubt be taken back by the request. Perhaps she wasn’t aware as to how close Azaelia and Nova where, but she did frequent the forests a lot and time sometimes didn’t afford her those insights. She looked to her mate for a moment and then back to Azaelia. She looked among the gathered wolves to see if Nova was present then turned her hues to Azaelia. She waited for a moment to see if her mate had words to share before offering her own.
* Shakira ‘s ears perked as Azaelia spoke up, giving a gentle nuzzle to her friend to offer comfort and support, her gaze going again to the Alpha’s.
* _Nova would be present indeed sittig next to Azaelia. He was surprised she came out in the open like that. Well not entirely. He nodded a yes to Azaelias words and stood there waiting for a hopeful answer that might not come true. Yet.
* Fianna blinkety blinked at the woofies who had taken aback mama! No! It was ‘her’ mama! But then… courts.. hey that sounded fun. She looked slyly at Rook, thinking quickl. Why did it take two woofs to be courts? Why couldn’t she by herself? Still.. “wanna courts with me? Thats sounds adventure!” She would try and whisper still but… well.
* Rune watches Azaelia and the Alphas intently, waiting for Atraya and Faolan’s response. Azaelia had told her nothing about this and it seemed that Atraya and Nova hadn’t been given any clues either, according to their reaction.
* Faolan was just as shocked as his mate. Generally, there are cues as to such an intent. He had seen little, but the duties of pack take the eyes and senses elsewhere for long enough that perhaps Atraya and himself had missed such things?  The right of courtship has been given to those of membership status for as long as memory serves me. Only on special consideration has it been granted to assessments and now potentially to those in training of membership.  He shared Rune’s skepticism, but was more than willing to hear the request through.  I would ask why such a request be made and granted now? What assurances would you give Atraya and I that your alliance in life to each other would lend strength and solidarity to this pack?
* Kwa`ani narrowed her eyes at her sister’s reaction, tho she didn’t know what that was but well, it just sounded so wrong. Both sissy’s comment and from the wolfies in front of her parents. from her parent’s reactions she wondered why the crazy wolfs would ask for something so bad to be done to them.
* Rook just blinked a bit about this court business. He thought a court was this clearing thingy or this meeting thingy. Now it was an alliance? He turned to Fianna and cocked his head Uh, aren’t we already allies? We kill big deer already.
* Atraya her hues fell to Azaelia and now Nova who joined her. She too was curious of their response to his inquiry.
* Rune looks nervously now between the potential pair on the ground and the established pair atop the Rock. Out of the corner of her eye she sees the pups talking to each other, their voices hushed. Rune returns her attention to her friend now, worried now that their request may be denied if she didn’t explain well enough, though Rune was prepared to offer proof of their bond should the need arise.
* Azaelia thought only momentarily before she offered her words with again an upraised dome, “I have no reason to offer why a request such as this be granted now,” she spoke up, “only you can answer that. But as for how this will strengthen the pack, it will tie both our allegiances stronger forging bonds within. I believe this will keep the pack as well as ourselves strong being able to
* Azaelia count on eachother for not only growth but also accountability when we fail as well as support in those times to make sure we move forward afterward.” She stopped speaking looking forward raising her gaze slightly pleased by her words accepting whatever Faolan and Atraya’s decision would be.
* Ayaka shifted a bit, a soft huff of a breath escaping her like a cloud upon the wind. Darkness was cloaking them now, though her white hide would stand out more than some. Yet, it still would blend softly into the snow and offer some form of cover. She snuggled closer to Kova as the winds drew colder upon them. Their position in the open expanses of the hunting
* Ayaka grounds was rather precarious, and as time drew onward, she would grow ever more wary. Stillness, sometimws, could cause one to fret.
<_Nova> [21:08] * _Nova would look up to faolan after having doubt he would say no. He pondered a bit in his mind and got a quick speech together. “I also believe our bonds can and will help us learn a better understanding on how to treat another so we can apply those good wills to others than ours. Through that I and her believe well that support from us can be provided as well in times of need.” He said, lettig Azaelias answer have most o
<Azaelia> (Cut: letting Azaelias answer have most o…)* Faolan would look somewhat bewildered. Did he need to have “the conversation” with the two in front of him? He would lean a little forward and down so as to offer to them words of wisdom.  You mistake me for someone else. I can garner your support without your courtship or you would not be trying to become members. I ask again and in simpler terms…Tell me why it is you wish to become courts in the first place.  His tone spoke of the seriousness of their request and of the coming answer should they not convince Atraya and himself that they actually were trying to develop a meaningful bond. Too many times had such a bond been granted…too many times had those bondmakers be whisked to the winds of forgotten memories.
* Fianna shifts a bit, considering Rooks proposition, weighing the two options. Allies… or courts? Hmm… hard decisions. She huffed, then grinned, having completely forgottwn about the other goings on now. She gave a firm nod. “Ally of rock and bear. So it shall be.” She was, if course, trying to emulate her papa and mama in their serious tones when makinf
* Fianna something so. Then she would stomp her foot against the stone conducting her own ceremony.
* Atraya her hues fell to Azaelia and Nova and then back to her mate. She would then look to Nova and Azaelia. She was as well curious to the response as to ‘why’ versus what it can do for the pack itself. She would look to her daughters and sons before looking back with light hues towards the two curiously.
<Rook> Bearstone! He whispered loudly and triumphantly. Of course, that was before the air around these parts got really still. Who cut the cheese?? Probably nalani. He didn’t want to wait to smell who dealt it; so, he scooted on closer to Fianna.
* Shukie continued to fight the anxiety of wanting to go check upon the injured, paws kneeding the snowy, soggy earth even as she scolded herself for her mixed attentions, ears perked towards two desiring courtship. A serious step indeed.
* Nightstalker listened silently as the pair were questioned by the alphas and began to wonder if the two of them took it seriously. He glanced to the lead pair before he stood and faced the pair in question “The vow of courtship and mateship is not something to take lightly nor is it to make the pack stronger. Those vows are to be taken when one cannot see themselves living the rest of their
* Nightstalker life without the other by their side, no matter what happens. Only when you feel incomplete without the other at your side do you even dare to ask for such permission, those vows are not to be taken lightly.” It would be apparent that this topic meant much to the old male, it was not often that he would step over his bounds during a pack meeting being lead by the lead pair, but their lack
* Nightstalker of proper reasoning for taking such sacred vows angered him.
* Kwa`ani shifted as her brother did so head tilting. So courts were working together for the betterment of the pack. BUt we do that anyways, there was a rank for that?
* Kwa`ani shifted as her brother did so head tilting. So courts were working together for the betterment of the pack. BUt we do that anyways, there was a rank for that?
* Azaelia realized what was being asked of them the first time and began to think a bit longer. Her head slightly tilted off to one side though it seemingly untilted quite quickly, “I noticed over my time here we had a bit in common,” she started, “from there we noticed both what we liked and possibly what we didn’t like in eachother accepting flaws and strengths alike. Nova’s persistence was one of the strengths I really liked and is one of my reasons I’d like to see him succeed in this. We both are in this together whether you think we are ready or not. If you decide not to grant this it won’t stop us from wanting to be together and I can guarantee that Nova as well as myself will persist till it is granted.” She rested thinking she may have said enough but dipped her dome to show submission and would put it on hold for now till the Alphas deemed it as appropriate.
* _Nova would sit there and wait for Azaelia to speak after them failing the first time. If you could see through fur youcould see that he was blushing. He smiled. “I am happy to say the same about her. I admire her strengths and also want to be there for her. Her care for others is very admirable as well.” He began, going through his head what she said again and shifting his paws as he did. “Like she said we wont give up until you
<Faolan> (cut: give up until you)
* _Nova (cont) grant it, and even if you dont, well, fellings will still carry on, just not at a large level.” He finished, now realising how many wolves were here for some reason. ‘Here comes the nerves.’ He thought to himself…
<Faolan>  As the warden of your safekeeping, Azaelia, I would caution you on wielding ultimatums towards the occupiers of this rock.  If rebellion was offered for the purpose of stirring his ire, then the fae might just have it yet. As it was, Nightstalker spoke true enough of his own thoughts. He would gesture towards the male  As one that has loved and lost he speaks well the matters of the heart and of the committment that such a bond should take. We hold each other at varying lengths through the common ground you have spoken of, but I have not heard word from either of you to convince me that this is nothing more than a bond of convenience only to be tested and strengthened later should the fates will it. No, I will not do disservice to the path nor would I  sully the honor of and committment of those that ventured upon it. Find the flame to test and temper your bonds and come back to me when such a committment has been hardened and set.  He would lean back and look to both of them before looked to his mate. It was, afterall, a two-way vote.
* Ayaka shifted a bit as she heard Kova’s murmer, turning to lick at the fae’s cheek and ruff a bit. She shook her head, “no, not much. A meeting is in progress still I’m sure, but I don’t know otherwise..”
* Ayaka shifted a bit as she heard Kova’s murmer, turning to lick at the fae’s cheek and ruff a bit. She shook her head, “no, not much. A meeting is in progress still I’m sure, but I don’t know otherwise..”
<Rook> Ok…so by the sounds of it one of the weirdos asking for said alliance cut the cheese. He saw papa lean back from them and say some pretty strong words. Man, that must have been one bad SBD!
<Kova> “Do you know of what?” she whispered, still cuddled close to Ayaka and Skydancer.
* Atraya looked between the desired courting pair. She listened to their words and what each other had to offer. She shifted her paws in quiet thought as she allowed such words to pass through her mind and process. It wasn’t until Nightstalker stepped up and offered his own words on the way of courtship and the seriousness of it. Not only for the heart but as well for the soul. What it meant to be courts. She would garner some of that from Azaelia and Nova’s words to one another before she shifted her paws yet again to get comfortable. She also knew and understood not all wolves had the capacity to fully express oneself in words so perhaps this was one of those occasions. Actions meant well and true to the heart. She let loose a low breath before offering in the wake of her mate’s own thoughts. “If this is the path you two desire to seek, then, I offer up this task to you. When it is completed, request your courtship again.” she paused momentarily before she responded with clarification. Oh, a quest eh? “Azaelia and Nova. As you have requested to become courts, I as well feel that the heart has not yet fully expressed itself. So… on this quest I send you both. To the far north, just before the great crossing there is a large river that banks left and right before pooling into a fairly large lake. You are to go there and find a pair of stones that match in at least some way but as well differ. Bring those stones back, together, and let us see if this venture has allowed you two to become closer together.” it was there she turned to her mate and gauge  his reaction to her quest proposal. Perhaps such a thing can help illuminate those hidden words.
* Fianna would nose Rook softly, excited for the bearstone alliance. They would rule and conquer worlds together. Heck. Yes. She would then feel a bit sleepy and lay down on the rock. Bored of this loong meeting. Sleepy time!
* Faolan would lightly dip his nose to his mate’s quest. He felt that maybe throwing a couple rocks at these two’s noggins might jar some emotion and feeling, but he was a patient wolf.
* Nightstalker hadn’t taken his eyes of the pair until both Fao and Atraya had spoken. He turned to the lead pair and bowed before speaking “I apologize for stepping beyond my bounds”. He backed to where he had been seated before and once more settled upon his haunches, wrapping his tail around his paws as he tried to settle himself.
* Rook would nip at Fianna’s scruff before the narcoleptic goober fell asleep. Well, there goes half of the bearstone alliance! He would turn his attention to the old black wolf and look in awe. This dude knew all about the love stuff. He must be some sort of…love guru or something. Maybe he was the studly van driver?
* Azaelia dipped her dome to Faolan as he spoke also now acknowledging Nightstalker’s words. She offered a quick glance not completely understanding yet the actual meaning. As Atraya offered a quest she looked to Nova quietly then to Faolan. As she saw him dip his dome to Atraya she looked around to all gathered and offered words once again, “I accept.” She again let her gaze fall onto Nova waiting for him to accept or decline.
* Kwa`ani smirked as her two sisters passed out. Tsk tsk tsk. No staying power. She was starting to fidget some but manged to mostly stay still, eyes mostly open as she breathed quietly.
* _Nova would have now known somewhat  about what Faolan meant… Should have waited, but its a start! He nodded to the quest that Atraya gave them. Guess a bonding excersize…
* Shukie hoped the Alpha’s didn’t forget she had something to ask, though it probably should wait, but. She’d been thinking back to past trainings adn the mention of things at the start of the meeting.
* Atraya would wait for the pair to either accept or deny the quest. When their answers where given she smiled at the pair. Honestly she wished she had ventured on a quest when she requested to court for she’d enjoy the opprtunity to get to know the one she loved even that much deeper. A good start indeed. “Then may you both find strength in one another, learn from one another, and grow closer. I look forward to your return.” she grinned and dipped her head, gently stomping the stone. She would be eager to see what they would bring back!
<Faolan>  It was better they go on his mate’s quest than on any of his. The whole trust exercise was nothing compared to being sent into a bear’s den in hopes of finding the shiniest droppings. There was always next time…He was happy enough in their response to give this another try when they could muster some emotion based on shared and common trials.
* Shukie would rise and take a half step forward in hopes of catching the Alpha’s attention, If they looked her way she’d request to speak.
* Atraya would mentally thwap her mate if she could but all in all, she couldn’t read minds. She would dip her head before offering the pair to retreat to their seats before she continued “Does anyone else have anything to bring up before we close tonights meeting?” she looked towards Shukie, remembering the fae wanted to speak? She saw her step forwad and she smiled “Yes, Shukie?”
* Rune rises to her paws and without a word turns around and starts to walk west slowly. The odd gnawing feeling was back and she didn’t want to make her nervousness too apparent to the others, she had no doubt it would spread to them or make them suspicious of her. Unless she was called back Rune would come to rest at the Clearing’s western tree line, watching around herself carefully.
* Shukie dipped her head to the Alphas, “In light of your initial reports and such, did you have assignments for everyone on what and how you want us to do in prep of the hunt?” pausing a bit, “I recall our trainings where we were paired up into teams and things to learn to work together better.” there was much to be done and would lend to much confusion if all went helter seklter
* Beldesia perked as her mentor rose up to speak, ahh just the wolf she had hoped to find. Hopefully she could keep track of her upon the meetings end.
* Faolan would nod to Shukie and chuff to Rune as he saw her slowly depart.  We do require a watch of the north. Just west of the frozen falls is a trail that leads to the northlands. I would like to know if any lay claim to that land. We should first honor our hunters and secure a musk ox. That is where our caretaker, Rune will play a vital role. Kova is injured severely and needs attention. Follow Atraya and my path back to her and see that she mends. All else falls to the guardians and lack thereof.
* Atraya would nod to her mate and then to Shukie. She would gauge her reaction lightly as she kenw the fae didn’t know of her sisters injuries. She would nod in agreement.
* Beldesia at mention of need for a watch shifts to rise and pads slowly forth. “i will go with shukie to the north if needed.”
* Shukie nodded to both alpha’s, “As you mentioned the hunters being injured in the initial part of the meeting, would a slight delay heading to the falls be permissable that I may see my sister and the others whom have been injured?” she had also noted Skydancer’s absence. In seeking clarification, “Are you wanting me to just observe from our territory or move around within the areas there beyond?” She had recalled Faolan mentioning a few weeks ago he had task for her and presumed this was possibly, perhaps a part of it.
* Rune did not make it to the Clearing’s western edge. She paused when Faolan chuffed and took a few tentative steps back towards the meeting, but fully rejoining upon hearing her name, rank, and services were needed. She trots past where she was sitting, venturing closer to the Rock. So it was Kova’s blood she had smelled last night. “Faolan.” She says, hoping to respectfully catch the Alpha male’s attention. “I’ll go to her immediately, where is she?” Rune’s brow furrowed with worry.
* Atraya would look to Beldesia before she nosed her mate. She nodded in agreement “Shukie is your mentor and as such, you should learn and be guided as well. I have no reason to deny you the chance to accompany her. In fact I encourage it.”  she would look to Shukie and to her request “Please, see your sister.” Her hues fell to Rune and she’d allow her mate to offer a response as well.
* Faolan would also dip his nose in agreement with his mate  Go and tend to your sister. Knowledge of the northlands can wait until you are assured that she is well. Once that occurs I would have you move into the northlands and check for scent boundaries as well as sign of predators. Do not let yourselves be seen.
* Beldesia nodded with understanding and took a silent place beside shukie. Glad she had offered and been allowed to accompany the fae, she to would go see kova for worry of her friend.
* Atraya would nod in agreement to her mate and would let Beldesia and Shukie set off before looking to Rune. “To the hunting grounds, north from here. You will see my tracks along with mine. Ayaka and Skydancer are with her. Go and attend to her.”
* Kova would be nestled beside Ayaka and Skydancer. Her leg still shivered and shook everynow and again but the cold would cause her frame to retailiate. Faolan and the others did well to keep her comfortable tho, and that was important. It no doubt helped the healing process.
* Rune nods then turns to Shukie. “I’ll grab some herbs on the way, I’ll meet you there.” She says to the black fae who she was sure was worried sick about her sister. Without waiting for a response she takes off towards the lake clearing that lay just southeast of the Clearing, hoping the roots she had stored weren’t lost in the snow somewhere.
* Shukie nosed Beldesia very briefly after nodding to both Alpha’s, “Aye, my Alphas.” relieved to have opportunity to check and assist her sister some. She perked to the location given by Atraya so she didn’t have to fumble and waste time searching, committing her instructions into memory. Stepping back she partially sat with a whisper to Beldesia, “once the meeting is adjurned, we’ll head to those injured” then faced fully forward to hear of other assignments not that they’d make much difference for her own, but knowledge was always helpful
* Rook steadily continued to doze off until he finally fell to his side and started snoring. Man, he was good about making so much ruckus…somewhat. He’d dream of felling deer and furthering the great bearstone alliance!
* Beldesia churrs softly and noses her mentor silently in turn. nodding to her words as she to awaited anything further from the alphas.
* Kwa`ani laughed silently as she watched her brother join her sister, dozing off. “What me do, mumz? dadz? Me help hunters? Watch over htem?”
* Faolan would turn to their remaining and awake daughter  You get to help watch after the clearing with us. Tomorrow I will have a task that needs to be seen to. That will be your reward for staying up later than the others.
* Atraya she would dip her head before peering to the sky. The time was now late and the meeting had gone on well enough. She nosed her mate lightly before she would gently paw the stone and offer “Thank you all who’ve attended tonights meeting. It is good to reconnect and connect once more. I look forward to the next. Enjoy what is left of our night.” it was there she dipped her head after concluding the meeting. (( my tracks = Faolans )) She heard her daughters inquiry before she nosed Kwa`ani gently.


Meetings End

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